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Start Of My New Life

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I was in bed dreaming of the guy in the bar. He was over 6 feet tall and had blonde hair and blue eyes. We had flirted shamelessly back and forth across the dance floor. Just watching him had made my cunt drip and my panties were completely drenched in pussy juice. I laid there in just my panties and bra slowly fingering my clit.

Every once in awhile I would shove two or three fingers into my cunt. I was very quickly starting to feel the first throws of an intense orgasm in my pussy. Just as it hit full force I felt something wet licking up the juices flowing from my cunt. My eyes jerked open and I looked down to see my very large black Labrador retriever, Mickey. His long, rough tongue was driving me insane with lust. Within seconds I was screaming out as the greatest orgasm I had ever had hit. I had read about bestiality but had never thought I would try it.

It seemed like Mickey couldn't get enough of the juices flowing from my twitching pussy. When I looked down I noticed that he was very obviously aroused. His bright purple cock was hanging down growing larger every second. I knew what I had to do next.

I pushed Mickey off of my twat. He let out a little growl as if he didn't want to stop. I flipped around and grabbed his massive cock. It was nothing like I had ever seen or felt before. I pumped my hand up and down getting used to the size and feel of his gorgeous cock. I bent my head down and tentatively kissed the top. It wasn't what I was expecting. It tasted wonderful. I deep throated it down and just kept sucking. The bulb at the base was growing immensely. I could feel the cum starting to boil up in his balls but I wanted my first time with doggy cum to be in my cunt so I pulled away.

Good Doggie

zoophilia bestiality


I lay there on the couch, waiting for my boyfriend to come over a little later that evening. I had on just my nightie top and had left my panties off as I spread out on the couch for a little masturbation session. I was rubbing my slit as I fantasized about a big cock fucking me as I played with my wet pussy. It was starting to feel real good as I rubbed a little faster now.

I had gotten a big dog a few weeks earlier for protection and as I looked down and saw my Doberman, Butch, watching me as my fingers danced over my clit. I eased my hand out to him to let him taste my juices as I went ahead using my other hand.

He licked my juices from my fingers as I saw his cock began to grow. It was getting hard as he licked my wet fingers. I then turned as to face him as I reached down and took his head, bringing it to my dripping pussy. Would he lick the juices from my cunt, I wondered? As his tongue reached out to taste my pussy juices, I humped my hips towards him.

He began to lick my cunt slowly as he tasted my wetness. He began to lick my slit as I held it open for him. As he licked me, I held my puffy lips wider as his tongue lapped at my fountain. He was doing such a good job as it made me cum while his hot tongue was going faster, licking my cunt and darting inside my wet hole. I was cumming so hard as he kept licking.

His big doggie cock was sticking out as I reached down to take it in my hand. It was so big now and so slick as I felt his hot cock in my hand. I played with his cock as I felt his tongue as it touched my asshole and up to my cum soaked pussy. I just kept cumming as he continued to lick me from my ass to my pussy, concentrating on my wet juices as they flowed. He was tongue fucking me so good as I humped back to meet his hot tongue.

When I Became a Dog I Put Away Childish Things

zoophilia bestiality sci-fi


The idea had been rumbling around in my mind for quite a long time. I mean what does he have that I don't? Everywhere I go the gals just love him and they pay little attention to me. I admit Max is a very well hung and a handsome hunk but he is just what he is - he is my dog! A St. Bernard/German Shepherd cross he is pretty to look at, and his eyes are bright and intelligent - I guess the girls are not threatened by him, and can respond to him in ways they would not dare with a stranger - especially a man.

Thinking about Max, and other things I began my early morning drive to the 'Institute of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics Research' a senior 'fellow' I was in a rush to finish an abstract on my project involving HGHAF (human gnome header activation factor). I had spent the last seven years deciphering human and animal DNA, and trying to establish a link to a possible common gnome activation based on the 'central dogma' of molecular genetics.

"Good morning Don", said Pal my voice recognition compliant computer I now used to run most of the labs functions. "Bd5ch" said Pal "Bxe5" I replied, "poor move" said Pal "I can respond with Qxg7ch! and you will need to resign the game." I mused for a moment, "Pal", I said I have lost interest in chess right now - how did the centies go on the M5 run?" "Very well Don said Pal, but I would start on the sol-gels as soon as you can to get the results." I just wonder I thought to myself as I looked at the plastic cage of white mice - theoretically I could transform one of those into a reptile, perhaps a frog with just an injection. The day wore on, and by late evening I was really weary, so I decided to relax in my chair for a bit - the hum of the centrifuge seemed very soothing indeed as my mind wandered. I could see the output of the DNA sequencing machine in front of my desk ATCGATCGAATAAGA.....What would it be like I thought...maybe I will take a chance next week with a small dose of the K9 serum...just to check it for compatibility?

A Horse for Sara

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My name is Sara and I live out of town on a small farm. There is just my husband and I, along with a young black man who works in the stable areas. I am a little on the heavy side at 220 pounds but am big boned. Despite my weight problem, I am very sexual. I have a very plump pussy which I keep well trimmed. I have a wide ass and like anal sex every once in a while. I love sex in any form and masturbate quite a lot. Usually when my husband is out working.

My husband works on the farm all day and I am alone most every day except when the stable boy is around. I have been fucking Jim, our stable boy, for several years and really love his big black cock. He knows what I like and he likes to please me. A good fucking is what I get from him whenever I want it.

We had gotten a big Lab for a watch dog to have around the farm. Like I said before, I love to masturbate and it was during one of my sessions that I discovered his doggie cock. I was laying there playing with my wet pussy as he came into the room. He must have smelled my scent because he hopped up onto my bed and put his head between my thighs.

I was surprised as he started to lick me! I felt his hot tongue on my wet pussy as I lay back and enjoyed him. He lapped at my fountain for a few minutes until I started to cum. I guess the noise I was making frightened him off me.

From then on, I would call him into the bedroom with me as I masturbated. He would lick me and make me cum. I loved to feel his rough tongue on my slit and went wild as it lapped around my clit. I would hold my lips apart for him as he licked on me. Then one day I noticed his big red cock was growing larger as he licked me. He was pretty big and I knew then that I would have to try letting him fuck me with that doggie cock.

Janice and Richard's First Time

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Richard and Janice had always had a great love for animals. They owned a large farm with several varieties of them from dogs to cow and horses. They even had a few goats and sheep. It was nothing spectacular but they were happy.

Janice had been gone for several days visiting her sick mother in Colorado when Richard decided that he needed to fuck. He didn't have the heart to cheat on Janice though. This left him with a serious dilemma. It was then Cassie, their beautiful black lab came into the picture. She had been outside romping in the summery breeze most of the day. He always let her out to play a lot more before she came into heat so she wouldn't be so upset being locked up later.

Richard had just taken a shower and shaved. He kept himself well groomed at all times. Shaving always aroused him for some reason. It was then he began to think of Cassie in a whole new light. She was laying in the bedroom floor when he came out of the shower. His cock was hard as steel. He had saw a few sites on the net that had bestiality pics and both him and Janice had been intrigued but neither of them had thought they could go through with it.

He called the dog over and told her to stay as she stood before him. She was a very obedient one, always had been. He walked around and looked at her before he gently lifted her tail. He looked down at her little cunt and wondered. His fingers traced around the hole before slipping inside and probing her a bit. She didn't seem to mind it at all as she panted. He got down and knelt behind her. His mind was racing. Was he actually going to stick his dick in this dog's pussy. His hormones got the better of him. He put the head of his cock to her pussy and slowly sunk inside?