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A New Family Reunion. Part 2

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Ellen woke suddenly, late at night. She looked at the clock, and noticed it was nearly four in the morning. The next thing she noticed was she was nude, but that was nothing new. Since she and Michelle had moved in together, they had quickly taken to sleeping naked in the same bed together, with Sugar usually curled up between them. This night, though, he was asleep at her feet. Fredo, as usual, was sleeping in the corner bed.

Ellen was about to wake him, and then noticed the sensation of wetness between her legs. Reaching underneath the covers, she felt her labia with her fingertips. She was dripping wet, and she had no idea why! As she pulled her hand out from inside the covers, she brushed against Michelle's stomach, her finger's glancing off her roommate's milk-full breasts.

"Noriko!" Ellen whispered, then it came to her. Noriko, one of her students, and whom both she and Sugar felt strangely attracted to. Just yesterday Sugar met her, and was so aroused looking at her that he barely contained himself just looking at her!

Looking at Michelle's sleeping form, and wondered why she felt so attracted to her student. Noriko was young but very pretty. And a fetish for girls in uniforms was nothing she had never heard of, but nothing that had aroused her before, either. It had definitely aroused Sugar; he nearly wore both his women out after Noriko left.

The memory of how thoroughly she and Michelle had been fucked sent a shiver through Ellen's body. It was at that moment that Michelle shifted in her sleep, and the smooth warmth of her legs rubbed against Ellen's.

Talking on AOL

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Girl2: I'm here ....how are you?

Girl1: good...was getting worried..

Girl2: you were on earlier

Girl1: 6-6:30...got back on about 7:30

Girl2: OK I see

Girl1: what's going on?

Girl2: not much.......got the peanutbutter

Girl1: be right there...

Girl2: OK

Girl1: how big is your shep?

Girl2: about 85 lbs

Girl1: things nice and quiet?

Girl2: they are

Girl1: his name is champ, right?

Girl2: yes

Girl1: where is champ now?

Girl2: here next to me on the floor

Girl1: what kind of mood are you in?

Girl2: hmmmmmm.... well very horny

Girl1: what are you wearing?

Girl2: sweat pants and shirt

Girl1: what kind of chair are you sitting in?

Girl1: still there?

Girl2: yes we'red you go?

Girl1: never left...just closed the room so I wouldn't be interrupted..

Girl2: I see

Girl1: what kind of chair are you sitting in?

Girl2: swivel computer chair

Girl2: no arms

Girl1: can you strip down to your shirt?

Girl2: OK hold on....no panties?

Girl1: no...just the shirt...keep the panties handy though...they are the "token"

Girl2: huh??????

Girl1: this is the start of champs training...if he tries anything without the offering or token, tell him "NO"

Janet Gets Lucky

zoophilia bestiality


It was spring break. Janet's husband and daughter were on their normal schedules, so she was home alone. Enjoying her much needed respite from the relentless demands of college, she was sleeping late on a Tuesday morning when Mr. Coffee began its classic hiss and gurgle.

The smell of coffee finally roused her, clearing the fog from her sleep addled mind. After lying in bed for another ten minutes, she finally pulled back the covers and swiveled around, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Janet's nipples rouged beneath the ultra thin fabric of the teddy she wore to bed. The erect buds were plainly visible lumps on her double D cup tits. The teddy was short and reached only low enough to barely conceal her cleanly shaven pussy. As she stood, the rings through her pussy lips clinked together, then picked up a familiar rhythm as she strode into the kitchen.

With nobody home, she didn't bother with a robe. Standing before her coffee maker in her teddy, the corners of her mouth turned up into a smile as the cool morning air chilled a runnel of cum, deposited by her husband the night before, as is slowly dribbled down her thigh.

Without thinking, she reached down and scooped up the slippery reminder of last night with her finger and slipped it into her mouth, savoring the flavor as she gently suckled her finger clean. As she poured coffee into her cup, she became certain that she'd have to masturbate soon. There was no way she could hold out until bedtime for her husband to take care of her renewed desire.

A Proud Mother of Puppies

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It all happened one afternoon when I came home for launch and I was in a good mood cause I got my boss to give me 2 hours for launch. Anyway When I came threw the door my dog, a 3 year old huskie about 52 pounds, jumped on me and started to lick my face I told him to get off of me and when he finally did I made a sandwich and sat down in the living room to watch some TV

While I was watching TV Jeff, my dog started sniffing my pussy. It felt good cause I haven't been laid in almost a year cause my boyfriend is in the war.

Even though it felt good it was just wrong to me though the zoophilia stories I read turn me on I still pushed Jeff away and he came right back so I pushed him away again but he came right back and by now I was getting horny so I figured what the hell I don't have to work for another hour so I pulled up my mini skirt, by the way I have a body like Shania Twain except my tits are a little bigger and are really firm, after I pulled up my skirt I pulled off my silk lace panties.

Jeff was still there and went right back to sniffing my pussy suddenly he started to lick my clit and it drove me nuts, I always heard that it felt good, but I wasn't expecting this.

He started licking fast I could feel my hips start to rock back and forth I started to scream out "Oh god, Oh yes lick my clit" and then from out of the blue my orgasm hit me and it was so powerful that my legs went to Jell-O and my vision went totally blurred.

Colorado Cabin

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It was summer, and that only meant one thing: watching my aunt's cabin up in Colorado! I had already backed my bags a week before school ended. I was so psyched to go. I had just ended my junior year, and my parents trusted me enough to let me go alone this year. Well, they also won a trip for two to Las Vegas, so they didn't really want to miss out on that either, my older brother was away on his trip to Europe, so I was going to be left alone at the cabin! Actually, not alone. My aunt had two dogs that I would be watching too. One of them was a huge St. Bernard/Great Dane mix, Caesar.

The other one was a wolf/Siba mix, Conan.

At 4:00am I had loaded my last bag into the bed of my '89 Chevy Silverado. I was so glad to finally be out on my own. It would be a long, one day drive from Wyoming to Colorado, but I was happy about it.

I drove all day long only stopping for lunch and to use the can. I finally had time to think. I thought about how I'd be all alone... well, I could probably have some guys up. The thought of the made my pussy tingle. I decided that right there and then, this summer would be one huge fuck-feast.

I drove all night until I reached her cabin. It was about 3am, and I was beat. I unlocked the door to find two very happy dogs licking me and wagging their tails.

"Hi Conan. Hi Caesar. I bet you guys are happy to see some one."