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After a hard day at the office, Cherane wasn't in the mood for her usual "gentlemen callers" tonight. She hoped that she could simply go home, take a nice hot bubble bath, and wane her vice-presidential tensions at a gourmet home-delivered meal.

But tonight there was a slight detour from the normal state of affairs. Her friend had called late in the day, pleading with Cherane to take her beloved "puppy" in for the night, because she had an out-of town emergency, and was worried about her "Cappie" being all alone.

"Oh well", Cherane mused. "What trouble could a small puppy cause?"

Cherane arrived at her house with some expectation of what was inside waiting to greet her - probably a perky little dachshund or terrier of some sort. Upon opening the door, she was met with a bit of shocking evidence that "Cappie" wasn't all that little nor even close to a "puppy." Quietly lying on the floor of her living room rug was a basic, full-grown Great Dane of about seventy- or-so pounds. She closed the door and went over to make friends with the new roommate for the evening. The big canine just rolled over and allowed Cherane to pat his tummy.

Obviously, though of great size, this beast was going to be pretty easy to charm. She noticed a tag on his collar that was stamped "El Kapitan." Hmmph! "Cappie indeed, Cherane thought. Nonetheless, this night would be no problem. At least that's what she thought.

Kennel Club

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I'd like to tell you a little about one of my favorite fantasies. Like a lot of other women, I've always secretly thought about having sex with animals. I can remember back in school, I'd get an itch between my legs just watching a couple of dogs screwing in the street... and this was before I ever knew what the feeling was. After I got a couple of years older, I'd go home and masturbate whenever I'd happen to see them going at it. I'd think about how good it would feel to have that big red doggy cock pounding in and out of my creamy pussy.

Then I grew up a bit more, found out about boys, and eventually lost my virginity (officially) in the back seat of a 1950 Oldsmobile. Well, the exploration of a young girl's sexuality from then on probably followed a pretty normal pattern, learning about cock sucking, anal intercourse, and other things. But I still never quite forgot that fantasy of getting doggy fucked. I eventually got married and had a couple of kids. Still, sometimes in bed with my husband I'd imagine that he was a large German Shepard and I was a bitch in heat. This was particularly true when he'd take me in the "doggy" position. Ooohhh, I'd get SO WET and eventually cum like gangbusters! Especially when he'd fuck me hard and fast, just like that dog in the streets with his gutter bitch.

I tried to bring the subject of us getting a dog "for the kids", but he always said he preferred cats for house pets so that's what we always had. I still had thoughts of getting doggy-fucked, however, but didn't have any way to make it happen. Eventually we split after the kids had reached 17 or 18, but then I was living in an apartment and didn't have a place to keep a dog. I still had hopes that one day it might happen, though I was beginning to think it might not. After all, what was a woman in her forties doing with ideas like this running around in her head?

Feeling Satisfied

zoophilia bestiality


This is a totally new experience for me, but when I found your website I had to share it with you. My name is Jenn and I'm 24 years old. I'm 5'7" and weigh 115 lbs. I consider myself attractive so I don't know why I'm dabbling in this fetish.

It happened early one morning. I woke up extremely horny. As I lay there half awake and half asleep I reached down and started stroking my pussy. I kicked the blankets off so I could explore every inch of my naked body. Well, one touch of my finger and my love juices started flowing. I probed deep into my love hole and pulled my fingers out to get a taste. That's when TJ, my 3 year old Rat Terrier, licked my pussy!

He always sleeps with me and has never done anything like that. The smell of my pussy juices must have gotten him worked up. At first I let the waves of pleasure take me as his tongue probed my pussy lips. Then I pushed him away because it made me feel a bit uneasy. The feeling his warm tongue gave me made my pussy ached for TJ to eat me out good. He must have read my mind because he went right back to lapping up my love juices. It felt so good I spread my legs wide to let him get all he wanted.

Just as I was about to explode with an orgasm, I thought to myself, 'What are you doing! This is a dog!' I quickly pulled TJ's head up. He was panting as hard as I was, but I was still uneasy about letting him get me off.

My First Experience

zoophilia bestiality


Every time I think back on my first experience with K9 sex, it gets me so horny and wet I feel compelled to write it down. I hope it will help any other women out there who are contemplating sex with their dogs and let them know how wonderful it is.

It all happened about a year or so ago. On Saturdays, after a stressful week at work, I like to hang around the house naked. That way I can stay aroused all weekend, in hopes of getting laid sometime. This Saturday was no different. I was laying down on the couch, casually watching TV and playing with my pussy, thinking about a lovely lady licking on it. All of the sudden, I heard a scratching at the door. I went and opened it to find one of the dogs that had been hanging around. Lately, I had started to feed it some things and now he was coming over a lot. I opened the door to let him in and he went and laid down in front of the couch. I went back and started to masturbate again. I laid back, closed my eyes and resumed my thoughts. After a few minutes, I was jolted out of my thoughts by a rough sensation on my pussy. I opened my eyes and saw Chance licking me. I was shocked and kicked him off of me. I was shaking so bad I didn't know what to do. I got up and went in to take a shower. While in there, for some reason, the thought of Chance on my pussy was really starting to arouse me. I started masturbating again in the shower and getting more turned on as I went. I decided then to go back and see if I could get him back.

Living The College Life, Can A Party Girl Go To Far?

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First off, I wanted to tell you a little about my college life so far.

I'm enrolled in college in Michigan. I live in Lansing, but I wont tell you what college I go to just in case. I'm in my Sophomore year, and am enjoying a very active social and sexual life. I've slowly became use to my surroundings and am comfortable with my sexuality here, acting like I was at home in Japan. I'm living off campus, I needed a little freedom that the dorms wouldn't allow...

I'm working on getting a teaching degree, either for me to teach Japanese here in the US, or to teach English in Japan. I'm not sure which to do just yet. Both countries have there ups and downs, so that's a decision Ill have to decide on when the time comes.

I party, a lot. At first I wasn't into it to much, I was shy at them and all. My room mate Crissy got me into the party scene, and I got here into some things too. Crissy and I share an apartment, its a bit far from campus, but it provides us a nice place to have to our selves. Its quite and not full of other college students.

Now for the main focus of the story.

Part one

My first few party were pretty simple. It was usually a small gathering of friends of Crissy, and I was there to get to know them. My English was pretty good, so I was able to hold converse with the people there. We talked and joked around, they always had booze there. I was able to hold my drinks very well, the beer here cant hold a candle to some of the things I drank in Japan.