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Saving Barbano's Semen

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The operation to implant a stainless steel rod in Barbano's broken rear leg went well, but then a low-grade infection that appeared to be resisting medications. There were grave fears that the horse would not survive and the syndicate of owners of the horse frantically demanded that his semen be harvested so that they could use some of it to sire more horses for them with his champion bloodline.

The rest, they intend to sell to other breeders for huge fees to off-set the costs of the operation and hospitalization as well as put a tidy profit in their bank accounts.

The equine hospital in question was not set up with the proper equipment to harvest Barbano's semen on short notice and the frantic lead veterinarian doctor assigned the task to one of his young assistants, Susan, who at eighteen was planning in the fall to enroll at a local university to study to become a vet herself.

Because of the urgency of the situation, the lead doctor, having determined that Barbano could possibly take a turn for the worse and be gone within 48 hours, was faced with immense pressure to secure as much semen as possible within a short period of time. He called Susan into his office and told her that he wanted her to make sure she "harvested" Barbano's semen a minimum of twice a day and, if possible, three times. Very busy, he didn't take time to elaborate on how she should do this and she was left to her own imagination to devise a plan.

King and Bosco Score with Sonya's Help

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It was a very nice morning today and Sonya and I were outside working in the yard. The sun was filltered by the trees which now had enough leaves to make some shade however the brilliant streams that did find the tiny openings cascated down onto us. Sonya was dressed in a pair of daisy dukes and a very small tank top that allowed her 44DD breast to billow out of. Each time I looked at her I could see the creamy white skin as it rose and fell with each breath she took and also noticed the nice firm bottoms of her taught ass as she knelt there planting new flowers. As I watched my beautiful wife work my cock began to stir with a desire to move behind her, rip the crotch out of those pants and ram my cock deep into her wet pussy. As my passion grew and before I could react a voice came from across the cyclone fence that seperated our property from the neighbors yard. I looked up at the same time my wife did and saw "B" our new neighbor.

We had met her and her two teenage sons and daughter the week before as they moved in. I recalled helping them unload the huge U-Haul truck and place the furniture and appliances in various rooms of the house. I also recalled carrying one of "B's" drawers from her chest of drawers that had been removed so it would not be as heavy to carry. I smiled with this recollection because the drawer I had carried was full of lengerie and some of it was pure sensual. Again my cock started to stir as I looked back at my wife's upturned ass and her huge breasts swaying below her chest. I then glanced over to where B stood and heard my wife say, why don't you come over and we can sit and talk. You can imagine how my heart sank when B said, "I would love to." I was hoping to drag my wife into the house, barn, garage or even behind a bush and fuck her silly. However these plans had to be put on hold.

White Girl's Indian Terror

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Heather struggled against her leather bonds, wishing to scream but unable to because of the rawhide gag that cut into her mouth. She refused to believe that only hours ago she and her 18 year old sister Beth were wrapped hotly in each other's naked arms in the darkness of the wagon when the savage raid began.

Their wet coupling had just concluded when the sounds of arrows hitting flesh started. The shrieking terror throughout the encampment saw men killed and helpless young women seized and violently raped in the open night air by painted enraged savage Apache Indians bent on revenge and bloodlust! Her last sight was of three well muscled braves holding down her helpless sister Beth.


They bound her from the spokes of a wagon wheel and violently fucked the smooth teenage body that Heather herself had enjoyed bring to a wet and juicy orgasm just moments before. The light of the burning wagon played over her sister's body revealing and then hiding the lines of her string bikini as Heather watched in perverse fascination as a huge Indian cock and bloated balls struck at her defenseless cunt.

Even as the distance widened as the horse she was flung across was guided into the darkness by her own captor, Heather heard the scream of her sister as the savage finished shooting the second load of lust enraged spunk into her. Her sister, unable to escape, became the depository for the young brave's battle enraged passion!

KC - The Fantasy Begins

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As I awake, I crawl from my bed half asleep and stumble toward the window. I notice the sun shining and what looks to be the beginning of a beautiful Saturday.

I have no plans for the day and love to go with the flow of where the day will take me. I head for the shower and as I get the water ready, I can feel my body aching for some loving. It's been two weeks since my last encounter with anyone, and I know that perhaps later that day I will go online to see whom I can seek out. I have several playmates that are within the vicinity that are always up for some fun. I wash my body carefully and shave my legs, armpits and last my pussy. Feeling the razor glide over my puffy pussy lips deepens the ache deep within me. I put down the razor and with the water beading over my skin I lean back against the shower wall and gently rub my clit. With the first touch my pussy throbs. I moan softly as I start to rub my clit faster, feeling the warmth of the water as it slides over my skin. I close my eyes and let the feeling of lust envelope me, my thoughts heading into forbidden areas.

I imagine myself walking through a park in the early morning hours when the sun is just starting to peek over the horizon. Heading down a long, lonely path that is engulfed with trees. I wear a long skirt as is my wont. The softness of the fabric touches my legs and the soft blouse that compliments the skirt flowing softly in the breeze. I lift my face to the sky letting the sun warm my skin as it peeks through the trees. I know it's a bit dangerous to be alone in this stretch of woods, but I can not help myself. Being raised on a farm I've always enjoyed the woods. Hearing the sounds of mother nature as the squirrels scampered among the trees, or along the ground looking for their next meal. My mind was filled with the wonder of nature. Unknowingly I have been watched entering the lonely path and tempting those who I would next encounter.

Wishes Come True

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I stumbled into my apartment, carrying a bag of groceries in one arm, my portfolio under my other arm, trying to hold my laptop case, my backpack on my back, and juggling my keys. I was hot and tired and exhausted. It was first semester midterms, in my first year of college, and I was ready to quit school and join a convent. It had to be better than putting up with all this crap! And I probably had a better chance of finding a girlfriend. My social life was down to zero! I thought college was supposed to be fun! Not... work!

The phone was ringing too. So I dropped everything. Because phones rule our lives, don't you know! And ran... Hey, it could have been that girl in my Anthropology class, asking me if I needed a study buddy for the weekend. Lord knows I'd flashed her enough. I'd done everything but take an ad out in the campus newspaper. But that's what you do when you're a 19 year old lesbian still in the closet. Well, not totally, I promised myself that after the tests I'd have to chat her up. The worst that could happen was she'd laugh in my face, tell everyone I was gay, and make me feel so foolish that I'd quit school and join a convent.

Why did all of my thought processes go there? I shook my head and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi, Rachael?" It was a woman's voice, an older woman though, like... Grandma older.

"Yes, I am."

"Oh, hi Dearie. I'm just calling to let you know that your wish has been approved and it should be coming true in a week or two."