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Viagra Dog

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I'm 45 but my husband is 15 years older. He has retired and we live on a farm in upstate New York. Our sex life was always good, but lately he has slowed down and even had some performance problems. He has a prescription for Viagra which works well for him.

An hour after taking it, he always gets a good hard-on. I still go down on him, but he won't do it to me anymore, not that I blame him. It's because now that I've started "the change" my periods are irregular and I'm often spotting. This has turned him off to putting his tongue down there. Oral sex is something that I really miss, I used to get my best orgasms that way. Anyway that's how this whole thing started.

One day when my husband had gone to town, I was out by the pool. I was wearing my white bikini. I'm no kid anymore but I've kept my figure pretty good. My breasts are large and although they sag a little, my husband says that just makes them sexier.

I felt a wetness and noticed that I had spotted through my bikini bottom. I knew I should get them off and in the wash before the stain set. I headed for the laundry room in the basement. On the way I ran into Rocky. He's our Rottweiller.

He walked right up and stuck his nose in my crotch - something he had never done before. "Well," I said, "Hello to you, too. I can see that a little blood doesn't bother you like it does some males."

As I continued on to the laundry room, he followed closely behind.. When I got to the basement I took off my bottoms and started to run water over the stain. I was leaning over the tub. At this point Rocky again stuck his nose in my crotch, only now I didn't have anything on from the waist down. His tongue licked between my legs.

I Am My Doggie's Pussy

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Author Note: This is another one for the ladies who want or have ever thought about having sex with a K9. If you like to read about doggie fucking, this is for you. It is about Ruth, a middle aged lady who lives alone and finds out her big Lab, Bear, wants her hot pussy as he rapes her.


I have lived alone since my divorce several years ago and have a home sort of in the rural suburbs. I work a part time job and have a big Lab named Bear that is my watch dog since I am alone most of the time. I am not a beauty queen and am a little on the heavy side as I have a wide ass and plump thighs. My breast are very large, a 44 Ds and I love to play with them.

I was always into masturbation and love to make myself cum every day, some times even several times a day. I have a good selection of vibrators and dildos that I like to use and even have a mirror over my bed so I can watch myself. I try to keep my pussy well shaven as it turns me on to see my fat pussy lips taking my toys. I am a squirter and love to gush when I cum.

I am also an internet junkie and love to get online as I have several different accounts. One of my favorite things is to chat on instant message with my lady friends and a few men I have met online. I have a cam and love to see another lady masturbating as I do it with her. I will seldom go on cam with a man since they all want just one thing, a lady to show them her pussy. I do like a nice cock and love to masturbate to a lovely cock in a few videos I have.

So There

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I hate the term live in girlfriend or lover but I can't think of a better phrase. So, meet Julie. A drop dead gorgeous lady with piercing blue eyes that are always laughing at you for being so straight laced. At a tall, 5' 8" and 120 lbs. she is lushly statuesque. In addition, she has the sexiest tits I've ever seen. At least from her bras, she's a 37D. Heavy with just a hint of sag, her breasts are topped by large nipples that are always excited about something.

When she goes bra less, she gets a lot of attention. Now, I know this is so much detailed gloating, but the reason concerns Julie's older sister, Darlene, who is the real subject of this story. Although there is two- year age gap, they could be twins; consequently, if you describe one, you draw a picture of the other.

Explanation is hard when discussing their asses. Perfection is always difficult to put on paper; it never sounds quite right. Julie and Darlene add handsomely to the curves of their bodies with those backsides. "So round, so firm, so fully packed," is a jingle that cant be resisted nor should be. It's a family trait.

Even though the mother is in her fifties, there are times when she walks by that my thoughts are impure. Despite the similarities there is a difference in attitude. Julie takes every opportunity to show off her body, preferably nude. There have been times when she has taken off something that I think if I want to keep her chaste, I'm going to be in a fight. That has never happened, and she gleefully skips off to the next escapade. She figures that age will cause various body parts to droop and she's going to enjoy herself to the fullest while she can.

Judy and Me

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I was in the study yesterday morning, reading, naked except for my bathrobe. Suddenly I heard a noise. I looked up and a dog was standing about half way into the room, looking at me. More like a wolf, the animal was very pretty nonetheless. It whined, and wagged its tail. "You must be Judy," I said. She barked. Judy was Nancy's dog.

Nancy had told me about the animal when I moved into her house. "Just until I can find an apartment, preferably close to campus," I had told her. She agreed, seeing as she had a six-room house. She also said she had a dog, who would be no bother, since she was housebroken. "Her name is Judy. She will stay in my room. She hates men." "Oh?", I asked, curious as to why the animal hated only men. "I got her at a shelter. They told me that she had been abused by her male owner as a puppy, and hated men. She will be fine, as long as she is kept in the room with me and never goes out."

I had moved into Nancy's house five days earlier. But in those five days, until just now, I had never seen the dog because she always kept it in her room. But I have to say it was the quietest dog I have never heard. No howls, no barks, no nothing. So, it was a shock to see suddenly materialize in front of me. "Is something wrong?", I wondered. I knew Nancy had gone out early that morning, and for Judy to be out, Nancy must had left her door open, which wasn't like her. I closed my book, and uncrossed my legs. The dog growled. "Easy, girl. I am not going to hurt you, I just want to see if your mistress is all right."

Kellie Gets Tied

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"What are you doing this weekend?" the voice on the other end of the line asked.

This was Kellie's way to say she'd like to come out and play.

"Absolutely nothing! Carl's in Tulsa, so I'd love some company!" I responded.

I'll be there around three. Can't wait!" she giggled into the phone.

"See you then. I replied and hung up the phone.

I was hoping she'd want to get together. It'd been a month since our trip to Cabo and we hadn't been able see each other.

I worked in the garden until two on Saturday, then realized Kellie would be here in an hour. I quickly ran inside and jumped in the shower. As I ran my hands down the length of my body, I stopped at my vaginal lips and found that two fingers slid immediately inside.

I guess I was wet with the anticipated fun Kellie and I would have. I stopped messing with myself and soaped up and washed my hair. I rinsed off quickly and grabbed a towel, drying off and then fluffing up my hair. I then went to my closet and got out my favorite "Be Juicy" tracksuit and put it on, sans bra or panties. The outfit really gave me a good "toe" and was soft and fluffy, rubbing me just the right way. Only problem was, Kelly would know when I get wet; the pink material gets a little darker in those areas.

Oh well, that was kind of the plan anyway.

Kellie drove up precisely at three. As she got out, she was wearing a tracksuit too. Not like mine, but I think they all give you that little cleavage in the front. Probably supposed to.