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Kelly Turns Full-Slut

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Kelly needed a cock in her. Sucking Ron's cock had turned her on and she needed to get fucked badly. She turned to the shower and put the water on as she started to strip out of her French maid's outfit.

"What're you doing?" Ron asked, zipping his pants up. He wanted to clean up this mess and get her home before her parents got suspicious.

"What am I doing?" Kelly asked, getting into the shower. "No, what are you doing? You said we need to clean up, so unzip those pants and let's get clean."

"Kelly," Ron said with some concern. "This isn't a good idea."

"I'm already wet, Mr. Blackwell," she said purposefully. "You might as well come and join me." She peaked out from behind the shower curtain. "What are you waiting for?"

Ron couldn't resist her any longer. He hadn't had the opportunity to have sex in a long time and he needed to take it. He removed his clothes and headed toward the shower.

"That's better," Kelly said with a smile. As he got closer, she reached out and grabbed his cock, pulling him in with her. She looked even hotter to him with the water cascading down her body. Her hair was wet, and she looked sluttier than ever. She turned her back to him and put her hands against the wall. She stuck her ass out and Ron grabbed it. He stood there looking at his hot 18 year-old neighbor. She was beautiful.

His gaze at her was interrupted. "Not to be rude, Mr. Blackwell, but are you just going to stare at me or are you doing to do what you've wanted to do for the past year?"

My Wife and Max

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My brother had go out of town for several weeks and asked me to feed his Rottweiler Max. Max's nickname is boner dog since he runs around with a boner most of the time or is lying down licking his penis. Max is the well hung dog.

One night I asked my brother how long his penis was and we measured it and it was just over eleven inches long and the knot at the base is the size of a plum. My brother lives about 45 minutes and I had been making the drive by myself, but one day my wife Pam wanted to go with me.

Let me tell you about Pam. She is 5'9" and weighs about 140, and has 36dd tits. Pam has always been easy to get wet since she has a rather large clitoris that sticks up about 3/4 of a inch when she is aroused.

As we drove to my brothers Pam was teasing me by pulling up her skirt and flashing her panties at me. After several times I realized that Pam was wearing the black crothless panties that I had bought for her.

Little did she know how much trouble those panties were going to cause her. I reached over and slid my finger into her hot pussy, and as usual she was flowing like a river. Pam gets so wet when she is hot that pussy juice will flow down her legs and into the crack of her sweet ass. I fingered her to several orgasms before we got to my brothers house.

Max was glad to see us and ran around barking, and as usual several inches of red dog dick was sticking out. I fed max and he gulped it down and then I threw his ball for awhile. Pam made a comment on the way his penis flopped when he ran and how it was shaped kind of like a tulip.

He Watched Us

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A year or so ago I was dating a guy I'll call Jack. At first Jack wasn't aware that I had an ongoing sexual partnership with my golden retriever Mike (which I've detailed in many earlier postings). I finally told him about it, and he didn't seem shook up at all - indeed, he expressed some curiosity and interest. Rather than just detail my experiences to him in words, however, I decided - with some misgivings, for I'm extremely careful about who I share my love life with - to invite him to watch us one evening. I have a special small room in my house with a mat and rubberized sheeting on the floor, and this is where Mike and I go to mate. Jack had never seen this room before - but Mike, of course, knows exactly what's up when he sees me naked there.

I'm pretty uneasy about being watched during intercourse, and I think Mike is too. I mean how many of us would want to be observed when making love with our human partners. It's a very intimate time together, a time in which we ideally cast away all inhibitions and become totally there for each other, one to one. Yet, once in awhile I find that it's rather erotic to share the experience with another person. In my case, that's most often my girlfriend Jennie, who also has a canine sex partner that she's absolutely smitten with; sometimes, though not often, we party together with our dogs (see my earlier posting "Three Dog Night"). But the guys that I invite into that room are very few and far between.

My Walk in the Woods

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Today was a beautiful day to go for a walk in the woods. The sky was a deep blue, temperature in the 70s, very low humidity, a few puffy clouds in the sky, yes, today would be a great day, at least I thought it would, not knowing what was really in store for me.

I left the house and drove out into the country, parked my car and headed into the woods. About 30 minutes into my journey I met a hunter who was in the woods with his hunting dog. He asked me if I was aware that it was hunting season and that I needed to wear something bright orange so that other hunters would not shoot me by accident. Since I did not, he told me that he had an extra vest in his cabin. I thanked him and followed him as he led the way.

We had not gone very far when he turned to me and said, "Look, do you see that deer?"

When I turned to look he grabbed from behind and when I started to scream and fight back, his hand clamped down over my mouth, and his dog growled and barked at me. I was petrified and quit struggling. He told me that he was lonely and horny and had plans for me. As long as I behaved, I would not be harmed and when he was through with me I would be free to go. I was afraid, more of the dog than of the man so I felt I had no choice but to go along and hope to survive.

We reach his cabin and he tells me to strip, I hesitate, so he reaches over and tears my blouse off, again he tells me to strip, I reach up and undo my bra. Strangely even though I am scared, the breeze feels good on my nipples and they harden. He notices, and smiles. I continue removing the rest of my clothes and he has me kneel in front of him.

Bulgarian Holiday

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I would like to thank my new editor in chief BriUK for the inspiration for this story. He gave me the sketch of it from a real experience he had as a young man. A BIG thank you to him for the idea and opening my eyes to a whole new erotic spectrum!!

I would also like to thank SOL for having a site like this. Because of them, I met BriUK. He is one of the most wonderful men I have ever 'met'. If there weren't 3000 miles and an ocen between us, I know we could have a love very few people ever experience. As it is, we have a relationship through e-mails, chats and the occasional phone call that many may envy. I love him heart, mind, body and soul. Thank you SOL, for this incredible gift of love and acceptance that grew only because of an atmophere of openess and honesty where none of us need hide our darkest thoughts, fantasies and desires. I love you BriUK!!!! I will be forever in your debt, SOL.

The Lady Morgaine

That said... on to the story!!

Summer was weighing on us in a little town about 150 miles away from London, and my best friend, Chris, and I were looking for something to do. We found out about a short trip to a Albina, on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. We were raring to go and sure this would be a trip to remember. A couple of young guys in an exotic location, pussy was sure to follow, right? Well, not as expected.

The "Luxury Hotel" was a concrete box, crumbling away at the corners. It had partitions for the rooms, and the local "Hot" night action, consisted mainly of "exciting" folk dancing. Not exactly what we'd had in mind. Here we were, looking to score and all we were doing was the do-si-do.! Our only alternative was to hang out at the hotel bar, where we were at least able to pay for sex. It was better than going home, and saying that we hadn't been laid the entire trip. After a few nights sampling the local offerings, the barman, who'd we had gotten to know pretty well, pulled us to one side. He said there was to be a party at his home village on Saturday, which was only 2 days later. He'd pick us up, take us there, wait till the party was over, then drive us back to our hotel, and all for £15 each! It seemed like a good idea, and since we'd already fucked all there was to fuck in the bar, we didn't have a lot of alternatives. We agreed and were picked up on time.