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Old Enough For Max

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Max lay on the bed sprawled out in his usual manner when he knew that sex was eminent. My daughter Nikki, naked, sat on the bed near him and I was also naked as I moved near to my hot little girl.

Nikki was a cute eighteen year old blonde that was growing up to be a real hottie. The boys were already calling her and trying to fuck her. But she put them off. She liked to masturbate and I watched her on several occasions as she pulled and twisted her tiny clit to orgasm. I taught her well. I wanted her to be self sufficient and not depend on men for anything. That also meant sex.

I sat next to her feeling her lovely body press to mine. Her small luscious breasts were firm and excited as her tiny nipples swelled to eraser tips. I made sure that her pussy though already sparse was shaved clean and I saw how pouty those vaginal lips became as her excitement grew. Her tiny clit poked out from its hood like a mini cock ready for play.

I had prepared her for this moment. That's why she was so excited. Every day for a month we sat at the computer looking at hot sex sites showing young girls doing all sorts of unimaginable things to get an orgasm. We would be naked. Her on my lap as we both viewed the sites. I could feel her twist in pleasure at each new site, each hot picture or movie.

Her favorites were the animal sites where girls fucked and sucked dogs and horses. Each time she would have me go to them and get so excited at watching the girls have sex. I would kiss her ear and neck. Play with her nipples and slowly slide my hand to her very wet cunt and rub her engorged clit till she came hard on my bare legs.

My Dog, My New Sex Partner

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Laying in my bed, I had just woken up from a very arousing sexual dream. I could feel the tension in my body needing a release. I turn on my night lamp and reach down and open the door to my night table and bring out my favorite dildo.

I throw the blankets off my naked body, and accidentally throw them over my dog, Sal, waking him up as the blankets hit him. "Sorry Sal," I say, "I did not mean to wake you," and I reach over and give him a pat on the head. Sal moves over closer to me for more attention. "Sorry Sal, I have a need that I have to take care of, but you can watch if you like", as I smile at him and a thought starts to form in my head.

I lay back down with my dildo in my hand and start caressing and rubbing my clit with the tip of it. I spread my legs farther apart as I feel my body starting to respond to my actions. I insert the dildo into my hot wet pussy and start thrusting it in and out slowly. I take my other hand and rub my clit and hard knob of pleasure. I feel the pressure in my body building as I continue these motions, and my mind wonders to thinking of how nice a tongue would feel down there right now.

All of a sudden, a tongue is there, a long, raspy warm wet tongue licking me and my fingers. I suddenly sit up a bit and see Sal. Its his tongue that is licking me, and it feels very pleasurable. "Hey Sal," I say. "That feels good, I think I will let you continue, I was hoping you were going to help me out." So I remove my dildo and fingers, and let Sal take over and finish the job that first my dream and then my self started.

In the Valley

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The two lions walked listlessly through the evening; the sun had only recently set, and the air was still warm with humidity from a full day of the sun's attack against the savanna. They followed an unmarked trail, a male and female, both adults, the male in the lead. His broad muscles rippled beneath his skin as he moved, as did hers.

The male's eyes scoured the valley's floor carefully as he stepped from the green hillside. His mane was well on its way to being full grown, and he flagged his tail behind him teasingly to the lanky female that followed. He had never been this close to a lioness in her season before, and by the way she had nuzzled his crotch and chin, it was obvious what she wanted.

Her scent was overwhelming. She was gorgeous: a long, broad tail...deep green eyes; and the scent of her heat made him want to mount her right then and there. She came close and began to sniff at his shoulder and groom him. Gods, that smell was crazy, like pure need given form between her taught legs.

His paws went to her sides, and he began to lick at her muzzle caringly. She purred in compliance and ducked her head down to his stomach in her grooming. Her lips played along his side until she came to his massive, feline shaft, hanging like a red rod down from between his two dangling balls. Her muzzle pressed up against his crotch and she started to lick his cock. Her rough tongue sent shivers of pleasure through his body, and he struggled to maintain balance.

A New Family Reunion. Part 2

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Ellen woke suddenly, late at night. She looked at the clock, and noticed it was nearly four in the morning. The next thing she noticed was she was nude, but that was nothing new. Since she and Michelle had moved in together, they had quickly taken to sleeping naked in the same bed together, with Sugar usually curled up between them. This night, though, he was asleep at her feet. Fredo, as usual, was sleeping in the corner bed.

Ellen was about to wake him, and then noticed the sensation of wetness between her legs. Reaching underneath the covers, she felt her labia with her fingertips. She was dripping wet, and she had no idea why! As she pulled her hand out from inside the covers, she brushed against Michelle's stomach, her finger's glancing off her roommate's milk-full breasts.

"Noriko!" Ellen whispered, then it came to her. Noriko, one of her students, and whom both she and Sugar felt strangely attracted to. Just yesterday Sugar met her, and was so aroused looking at her that he barely contained himself just looking at her!

Looking at Michelle's sleeping form, and wondered why she felt so attracted to her student. Noriko was young but very pretty. And a fetish for girls in uniforms was nothing she had never heard of, but nothing that had aroused her before, either. It had definitely aroused Sugar; he nearly wore both his women out after Noriko left.

The memory of how thoroughly she and Michelle had been fucked sent a shiver through Ellen's body. It was at that moment that Michelle shifted in her sleep, and the smooth warmth of her legs rubbed against Ellen's.

Saturday Slave

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Sarah shuddered when she heard the knock on the door.

"I'll get that," Mike told her as he got up from his chair.

Sarah, who was standing in front of him, moved aside as he rose. Shrugging past her, Mike went to the door and let the person in.

Sarah stood, frozen, facing Mike's chair. Her already soaked inner folds moistened even more when she heard boots, then the ticking of claws, on the hard wood entry foyer. She swallowed hard as she heard the sounds approach the living room, the clicking sounds vanishing as they reached the carpet.

"Turn around," Mike's voice gently commanded.

Closing her eyes, Sarah did as she was told. She shuddered again as she heard the newcomer's reaction to her attire.

Standing 5' 9" tall, Sarah was a statuesque beauty. Her flowing brunette hair framed her downcast face perfectly as it cascaded over her shoulders. Her heavy breasts heaved as her breathing deepened. Goose-pimples formed over her flat tummy and shapely hips as the thrill of the situation raced through her sexually charged body. Sarah was totally nude, her only adornment was a chrome pair of handcuffs, securing her wrists behind her back.

Lifting her head, she opened her eyes and looked at the newcomer. His eyes traveled the length of her body. She looked off to his left side to see a huge German Shepherd, obediently sitting by his master's side.