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My Virgin Experience

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I know it may seem very cliche to start a story off like this by telling everyone reading that it's a true story, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows and understands that it is entirely true. I do not give any false information about anything that takes place, and I'm going to try my best to be as graphic and truthful as I can remember.

This is my first time writing anything like this, so please bear with me if the writing seems somewhat crude at times. I am hoping that whoever reads this enjoys it and wants to let me know. If you wish, e-mail me and I'll reply.

First things first... I am a single, 23 year-old college student; I stand 5'4" tall and weigh about 114lbs. My friends always tell me I'm pretty, and the guys do as well, but I'm not nearly self-centered enough to go along with it... he he he.

And just so everyone knows I'm not a wild sexual being in the least. I have had limited sexual experiences, and am quite socially conservative most of the time. This was the first time I have been fucked by anything except a human being. The idea of canine sex was completely unknown to me until maybe a year ago when I started visiting beast sites just out of plain curiosity. I never once thought of actually attempting it with my own pet. That is, until I started exchanging e-mails with this wonderful sweet girl who has been enjoying her pet for quite some time. Talking with her definitely struck a curiosity nerve in me.


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I knew that it was going to happen, I just didn't know when.

The idea of actually doing it was set in motion when I found stories about women having sex with animals on the Internet. I was intrigued by these stories and after some time, I knew that I was going to do it myself.

The idea wasn't something that occurred overnight, I was interested before I read the stories. Why? One reason was that the act was forbidden by society which made it very appealing to me- to do something so far out of the norm was sexually exciting.

But the real reason was that I wanted to be fucked by a dog.. To have him mount me and and enter me was a long hidden desire of mine.

I had a German shepherd at the time and I thought he would be the ideal partner. He was an outside dog and was never let into the house. So, when I brought him into the house, he ran all over the place knocking down lamps, vases and other stuff.

When I caught him, I took him into the den and held him by his collar while I got on my hands and knees. I tried to pull him on top of me, but he didn't have the faintest idea of what I wanted and my actions scared him. I saw that this wasn't going to work, so I put him outside.

Obviously, this was going to be harder to accomplish than I originally thought, but I wasn't about to give up.

The first step I took was to take him to obedience training.

Doggie Girl

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After arriving at Denise's house Ambyr hugged her tightly as they finally met. Ambyr kissed Denise deeply and oh it felt so good, she felt Denise rub her body against hers and rubbed her hands on her sexy ass. Oh! Ambyr had thought of this for so long, she knew Denise would take her and let her pleasure her forever.

Ambyr was pretty tired from the drive so she asked to lie down for awhile and Denise showed her to a room, Ambyr took off her clothes and Denise watched her getting hotter by the second. Ambyr told Denise to lay with her and cuddle together, as she knew she would like that. So Ambyr got down to her pink panty and got in bed slipping under the covers, Denise undressed and slid in next to her putting her leg through Ambyr's and holding her tight.

Ambyr snuggled tightly on Denise and smelled her hair and skin, it smelled so wonderful she just floated in the clouds lying next to her. Denise though wasn't tired and slipped her hand down to Ambyr's panty and rubbed her pussy through the satiny material, Ambyr started moaning softly and opened her legs more so Denise could have easier access. Denise slipped her hand inside Ambyr's panty and rubbed between her wet lips and circled her little clit now growing harder. Ambyr pushed her hips against her hand and moaned into her ear while she slid her hand down to Denise's panty and felt her juiciness. Denise moaned and smiled at Ambyr telling her to get down and lick her, she then laid back and Ambyr started sliding down her sexy body licking her hard cute pink nipples and sucking them deeply.


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Shiloh watched the rain pour down outside her house in the woods making the day dreary and boring. She was getting used to this feeling since her husband was always away doing his truck route across country. The only companion she had was Max her German Shepherd that her husband bought her for protection. Their nearest neighbors were several miles down the road. So Shiloh would spend her days exercising and running with Max to keep in shape.

Thank god they had satellite television otherwise she would have gone crazy. Her husband was gone sometimes upwards of two weeks at a time and this was usually a tough time for her. She loved him and they were good in bed together. So when he was gone her sexual needs were wanting. many times she would masturbate and have strong orgasms. But it wasn't the same as when her husbands cock fucked her deep and hard.

She often would look at her body in the bedrooms full length mirror after a shower and admire her tight slim body. She had deep reddish hair that flowed down beyond her shoulders. Her breasts were pendulous and perky with large areolas and thick long nipples that her husband loved to suck on. Her hands moved down over her flat tummy appreciating the hard work she did in her exercises to get it that way.

Finally she opened her legs a bit looking at her pussy. It was shaved clean the way her husband liked it. Her vaginal lips protruded as did her swollen clit from its hiding place. She turned to look at her ass and smiled. It was what won her husband over. Her ass was tight and round and when she bent over it spread open to reveal all her womanly assets. She looked incredible in a pair of low cut tight jeans.

Letter from Don

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Here's one for the Nan archives. Don, my little nerdy pal, wrote it about me a few days ago and just gave it to me yesterday. He said he'd written it to a close buddy back in Detroit but hadn't sent it yet. I told him to go ahead and do so. It made me cry. (Don is an English major, by the way.) I told him I wanted to share it with you, which I realize is self-serving but the heck with it, and he said o.k. I've edited for minor errors. Here it is:

I want to describe my impressions of a truly intoxicating and wonderful woman I've met here. I will call her Pam although that is not her real name. Pam is a woman older than I, about 30 or so. She has long dark hair, an attractive face, a friendly beaming smile, and about the most gorgeous figure I have ever seen. I used to see her a lot between my classes, she works in one of the university offices, and when she would walk by me I would smell this delicious odor, not like perfume but maybe real good soap or lotion, I'm not sure. (It's Lifebuoy, kid!) I sort of adored her from afar. But one day she just sat down beside me in the coffee shop and started talking, asking me about myself. She was real easy to talk with, I soon got over my awkwardness, and soon we were gabbing away like old friends. We ate lunch together a couple times, then she asked me to come over to her place the next day (a Saturday) to meet her dog. I went, and she invited me to stay for dinner, which she prepared, a nice meat loaf. Her dog Mike was a big golden retriever type, quite friendly.