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Goldie and the Bears

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Not many people know about it, but there's actually an area in our western states that's mainly devoted to parkland. Not because of it's desirability as parkland, but due to the rather strange inhabitants. It was discovered during the late 40's that fallout from the Los Alamos A-Bomb test had, due to freak weather conditions, concentrated in this area and caused strange mutations among the animal life therein. The mutations being in the form of anthropomorphic wildlife, yes; intelligent animals that behave like humans.

Although most people don't realized it, there is evidence of these creatures out in public. What I'm speaking is everyone's favorite fire safety bear; Smokey. Although only portrayed in drawings, Smokey actually exists.

But we're not here to discuss Smokey. The purpose of this narrative is to examine the curious case of a young college student named Goldie, and her adventures with some of the inhabitants of this mysterious area. But first a little background.

Not much is known about what actually goes on in this area, what little information had been obtained seems to suggest that these intelligent animals have progressed greatly in so short a time, easily adapting to modern technology. Communities have developed and each species seems to be better able to coexist with other species than their human counterparts.

The specific focus of this is a small community of bears. The bears seem to have progressed well socially, even deeming it only proper to wear clothing, but not technologically. The principal actors from this community is a family appropriately name Bear. The head of household is (oddly enough a cousin of Smokey) named Buzz Bear. Buzz is not as nearly successful as his famous relative ( in fact he's best described as a loud mouthed, slob), being some what of a "regular bear" Buzz was not very interested in any constructive activity, but in how much card playing and drinking he can get away with. Buzz is married to Ursula, a fine, upstanding, but very plain she-bear; who's matronly figure is quite well known around the community. A stranger pair never existed, but unfortunately she was the only wife Buzz could find. Their union is "blessed" with Buzz's namesake, a post puberty deliquent affectionately called Junior. The apple not falling far from the tree, Junior is as big a Jerk as his dad.

Stacey's First Lesson

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I could feel the shirt start to cling to the perspiration on my breasts and when I looked down I could see that it was already becoming see-through.

I hoped that I looked irresistible. My long blonde hair was hanging down my back in a single ponytail. My large, round, firm tits were practically busting out of a wet shirt that was much too small for me. My plaid skirt barely came to the bottom of my high, firm ass. My white nylon thigh-highs and my black paten leather shoes topped off my outfit. I could have ordered it all anonymously on-line, but instead I'd bought it all together at one store just to see the look on the cashier's face when he rung it all up.

I lifted the trunk lid, took out the backpack and stool that were inside, and then closed the trunk. The stool was not your average stool. The stool I had not been able to buy in the store, though I would have if I'd been old enough. I had ordered the stool from an on-line store that specializes in S&M products.

The stool was all black and made of aluminum so it was strong, but light. The seat was square and padded. The legs were short, not much more then a foot long. There was a large manacle chained to the bottom of each of the legs.

I put my keys into the backpack and happily tossed it over one shoulder and carried the stool off into the trees with me. I walked for a good ways and kept an eye out for any other hikers. I did not want to be seen until I was ready. Once I'd found a nice, large tree that I felt would offer me good shade for the rest of the afternoon I placed my stool on the ground and sat down on it. I put my backpack in my lap and opened it up. Inside were a blindfold, gag, water bottle, sign, and my keys.

New Life With Stormy

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My wife and I had just finalized our divorce. We had been married for 25 years, which was really about 22 years too long. But you get comfortable with familiarity, and when she finally voiced the truth, that we had drifted apart and weren't really lovers anymore, I cried. Despite the divorce, I still love her, and I probably always will.

Now it was time to pick up the pieces, take stock of my life, and get used to living alone again, for the first time in forever. I doubted I'd ever marry again. So I found a modest little apartment in an out-of-the-way place, and set up shop. I made sure to find a place that allowed pets, because I thought I'd probably get a dog for company, down the road. My family always had at least one dog when I was growing up, and it always seemed to make a house more like a home. I figured it would be a larger breed... not one of my wife's dogs, those little mops-with-feet that she always preferred. This would be a "man's best friend" kind of dog, one you could horse around with, that would almost knock you over with excitement when you came home at the end of the day.

A few months had gone by, and I was starting to get used to my new routine, but the place still didn't really feel like "home". I decided it was time to start looking for that dog. While scanning through one Sunday's paper, I spotted an ad by a local breeder who had Canadian White Shepherd pups for sale. I called him to find out when I could come over to have a look, and he said that afternoon was just fine. So I shortly found myself looking at three adorable little puppies. There had been 5 in the litter, 3 females and 2 males. The males had already been sold, so the remaining three were all female. I guess I had just assumed I'd be getting a male, but these three were so lovable that I quickly got over any mild disappointment. One of them in particular seemed to take to me right away. "I'll take her," I told him, and half an hour later, I carried her into my home.

King and Bosco. New Adventure

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Sonya and I awoke to a very warm breeze blowing through the sliding screen door and smiled as our eyes met. We knew it was the weekend and knew that we would two days to play and enjoy each others sexual treats and those that Sonya learned earlier in the week that included King and Bosco. We continued to lay there, naked, our hands already starting to explore each others bodies and soon we were rolling around, fingers probing openings and hands graspings tits and cocks. Our giggling and laughter caught the attention of King and Bosco who now were both standing at the foot of the bed, sniffing the air and I said, "Look honey, your new lovers are here wanting to play too." Sonya blushed as I saw a lusty gaze cover her face as she recalled the intense fucking she had received while sunbathing on the back deck. My left hand was now pumping in and out of her overheated pussy as she laid back, moaning with lusty desire. As I continued to look into her eyes I saw her lust building and knew that she was about to cum. My hand now pumped harder and harder into her and I felt her vagina tighten around my fingers and squeeze me as her cum flooded over my hand and arm. Sonya lost total control as she began to thrash around and began to pee. Her urine was hot as it sprayed freely from her. I moved closer to watch as her urine continued to spray like a geyser from the tiny opening of her urethra. This excited me as I lowered my face still closer, allowing the warm urine to spray against my face. Once her orgasm subsided I moved back up to my beautiful wife and kissed her, my tongue probing deep into her throat. We both shared the taste of her urine and then pulled apart looking at each other.

Princess Bitch

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She couldn't believe her father had left that damn dog in the back yard. A poor little stray was one thing, but this beast was another entirely. He had to be the biggest mastiff she'd ever seen, a literal barrel of a chest swelling under a huge head a long tongue handing out the side of his snout and almost touching the cement by the pool as he lazed in the shade as if he owned the place.

When her dad had left for his meeting, he'd told her to keep the back gate shut tight and not to go out in the backyard since the dog wasn't used to her yet. The dog outweighed her by at least 100 pounds. Great advice, but there were two problems: #1, she was spoiled rotten and whatever didn't go along with her plans didn't go anywhere and #2, today the Princess was planning a whole day out by the pool getting a strong start on her summer tan. School was officially out yesterday, and nothing was getting in the way of her "first day of summer vacation ritual" not her father, not his damn philanthropy and CERTAINLY not a damn dog.

She'd just turned 18 a month ago, and she had the body that every woman thinks every man wants (and that every woman also hates her for): huge tits, a waist that would make Scarlett O' Hara enviously green and perfectly peachy ass. She always sunbathed in the nude - the Princess abides no tan lines after all. She had the house to herself for at least the next four hours, and she was determined that no tan line would ever mar the transcendent perfection she saw as her body.