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The Red Blanket

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It had been a long day at work. As I walked up the sidewalk to the front door all I could think about was kicking off my heels, getting out of my grey skirt and black, buttoned blouse, and spending the rest of the night relaxing. I opened the door to the house and stopped in and then I saw the red blanket folded into a square just inside the living room. So much for my original plans for the evening.

I looked over to the couch and saw my Master sitting there with a smile on his face. "We've been waiting for you to come home." He said.

We? I looked around and then I saw his coworker Curtis and a young woman seated at his feet. They were sitting in our living room while the red blanket was on the floor. I felt the blush rush through my body as I realized the implications of that. They must know. They must know one of our biggest secrets. Either that or my Master was teasing me. Then I looked at the smile on Curtis's face and the look of shame on the face of the beautiful woman at his feet and I knew that they knew everything.

"Curtis wants Maria to learn how to be a good bitch. I told him you would show her how it's done." My Master said "Come here, Shelly."

I walked towards him slowly. I knew what to do. I had come home to the red blanket many times but it had always just been us. When I reached my Master I gathered each side of my skirt in a hand and raised it for him. He reached out and peeled my panties down my thighs, stopping right above my knees.

Peepers Paradise

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I'm a peeping tom. I know I should seek help for my problem, but just can't, it's to much fun. I work at a larger printer shop. In the front office they always hire young pretty girls to do light secretaries work. They don't stay long so I get to look at a new girl about twice a month.

I've hidden video cameras at different places around the front office. So I can watch them from different angles. Sometimes a peek up a skirt, or a flash of a tit when one adjusts a bra strap. Sometimes it pays off, big time. That brings me to this story.

I'm a gopher slash handy-man. I knew today they had hired another girl. So I made and excuse to be in the front office, so that I could see if the new hire was worth peeking at. Sam the boss brought her into the office and started showing her where anything was. My mouth dropped open when I saw her. She stood 5'1", 95 pounds. She had dark hair running down to the small of her back. I guessed she was 34dd 22 31, give or take and inch here or there. Her legs were shapely, and she had the cutest little feet I've very seen. She had big brown eyes. A little button nose and pouty red lips. Her name was Sandi Burns. And all of 18 so I would find out later.

I watched her for a week. Everything she did looked sexy. One day she asked me to get her a chocolate milk shake, because she couldn't leave the office. I said sure, I would've done anything for her. I went back up to my small office to watch her drink it. Watching her suck on the straw made my cock grow hard. Then she tipped the cup to get the last bit out. The shake was thick and wouldn't come out. She tipped her head back and tapped the bottom of the cup. The shake came out all at once, and ran down her face and neck. Some went down the front of her blouse. "Shit"! She looked around to see if anyone was watching. She ran her fingers around her face, and licked the chocolate off her fingers. I almost came right then, watching her suck on her fingers. She looked down at her blouse then around again. Then unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of her blouse. I almost screamed with joy. Her tits were better than I had dreamed. She wore a pretty lower cut lace bra, which showed plenty of cleavage. She ran her fingers between her tits to get the chocolate off that had dripped between them. I came the minute she put her finger to her lips to lick. She buttoned her blouse up and went back to work like nothing had happened.

Mom's In Charge

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"Now you see that? You see how she swallows him all the way down to the balls and milks the shaft with her lips? That's the way I want to see you this afternoon baby. I want to see you with a face full of dick and a happy cocksucker's smile on your puckered pouty lips. Do you think you can do that for me? Can you be my little cocksucker?"

"I guess so."

"That's NOT what I want to hear dear, and you know it. Now try again.

"Ok, I-- I-- I'll do it for you."

"Do what? Tell me what you're going to do for me."

"I'll suck it. I mean your cock. I'll suck cock for you."

"That's a good boy. Now you finish watching the video while mommy goes and calls your 'date' and let's him know you're ready to meet him and that nice big stiff dick of his. Oh and Tommy honey, I expect you to swallow his load too baby. A good cocksucker always swallows the cum a man pumps into them. Real men like to see their sperm sucked down, but then you wouldn't know anything about what real men like, would you dear?"

"No mom." Tommy said in a small voice as he sat on the couch watching the hardcore porn video his mother had rented for him. He hated it when his mother referred to him as less than a man, but considering that he was sitting there scrunched up on the couch in a pair of his sister's pink lacey panties with a dildo buzzing away in his ass, he was hardly in a position to argue his manliness with her.

Chunky's Belle

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Farmer Fudd & his wife, Ethel, had a tough time trying to make ends meet. They grew crops and raised some livestock for the past twenty years and they're still having a tough go of it. Even so, they were proud of their efforts and loved farming like nothing else in the world. However, they really didn't need in any way shape or form the current shocking problem they were so suddenly confronted with.

Fudd and Ethel's daughter, Charlene, was a big help to them. She worked hard and contributed a lot to the upkeep of the place. But now they were faced with a major disaster which at first they thought was manageable enough until their prize possession, Chunky the hog, got involved. What initially happened was that Charlene, just a few weeks ago, was kicked in the head by a horse. It wasn't her or the horse's fault really - it was an accident. And shit happens!! Prior to that event, Charlene was already weak from having a baby out of wedlock. Her shiftless boyfriend deserted her and his child and left town. He didn't want the responsibility of trying to help her raise it. Besides, he generally went from job to job and was quite the unstable personality. It was sad that just after Charlene became a mom she had to have this catastrophe occur.

Now Ethel bore most of the child rearing chores because Charlene was "out of it," so to speak. The doctor who examined her said that they should expect bizarre and unusual behavior due to their daughter's concussion from the horse's inadvertent hoof blow. Charlene seemed listless and sometimes unaware of her surroundings. But the funny thing was - she still did her usual chores. They just couldn't trust her with her baby as yet. The doc further added that recovery could be a slow process, sometimes interrupted by sudden behavior changes - either for the good or for the bad. They'd just have to watch her and report back to the doc so as to monitor her progress.

On A Nude Hike

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I live in Rhode Island, but take trips to Seattle about once a month. The following happened on one of my trips last September.

It was cool and raining lightly, perfect weather for a nude hike. I doubt there will be many people (if any) on the trail, so I can be bare and play with myself as needed in nature.

I drove to my work and parked my car near where the trail starts. I got out of the car and stripped everything off and locked my clothes in the car, then headed off onto the trail. It's a little cool out and damp making my nipples really hard, but it stopped raining. As soon as I stripped, I started getting very horny, so I headed for a spot where I could get comfortable. I sat down on a big rock by a pond and put my feet into the water. It was cool, but felt good.

I began rubbing my pussy, spreading myself open to get at my clit. Before long I had three fingers in while my other hand worked my clit and my nipples alternately. I was quite a sight, lying back naked playing with myself. I got off a couple of times like that, and then got up on my knees and one hand and used my free hand to finger my ass. God I love anal sex. I came again, and decided it was time to hike some more, so I splashed myself with a little water to freshen up a bit, and got back on the trail.

I had been hiking for a while. The trail has been empty except for a group of teens I stumbled across that were partying. If they had not been minors, I certainly would have joined them. They sure seemed to enjoy seeing me. ;-) I found a spot where I was fairly sure nobody could see me and laid down spread out on the grass. The breeze felt great on my breasts, so I played with them for a bit, pinching and twisting my nipples hard. That got me wet again and I started rubbing my clit roughly, then I put a couple fingers in me. I worked myself into quite a frenzy and was having a great time.