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Maxine and Kal

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Maxine is my name. Max for short. I'm in my late 20's and a widow.

Although I can hardly be called short, since I'm 5'10" and about 140lbs. Pretty, even beautiful. I've got cropped Auburn hair and startling Green eyes. Chestwise: full 36C breasts that are nicely tapered, pointy almost, tipped with lovely brown nipples that love to be nipped and tugged. Going south from there, a washboard stomach, shaped from many tummy crunches, tapering around a 25" waist that flares gently into my 34" hips.

But oh, my ass cheeks are a sight to behold. I rollerblade every other day, and the countless miles have built this luxurious arching curve into my butt.

I love to wear those snug workout shorts that ride up in my crack.

The grey, soft ones are the best, especially when I get a good sweat going, 'cause they turn dark in back and tantalize all the guys. I want to tell you about my dog. Kal. His full name is Kal Kan, because he loves his food bowl. He also loves me, and is very protective. Kal is a Yellow Lab, he's about 1 year old, and weighs in around 100lbs. Pretty large for a lab, but not extremely.

I got him when he was only six weeks old. The runt of the litter.

What happened was that I just gave birth to my daughter, and had been home for two weeks when my husband took the baby to the Doctor.

Both Jack and Darcy were killed in a car accident. I was devastated.

Watch Dog

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The first time this happened was over a year ago when I was 20. But I'll have to start back when I went away to college when I was 18 so that you will fully understand.

In the fall of 1987 I moved away from home to go to a small college about two hours away from my parents. The college was doing it's best to try and accommodate the increase in incoming freshmen and limited dorm space by making double rooms into triples. Well, I've never been much of a people person, and not knowing anyone at the college, I had my parents help me find an off campus apartment for me instead. I found a great one bedroom apartment right around the corner from campus, it was cheap, pretty big and they allowed pets. This last point was important, because my parents didn't want me to live alone, but I didn't want to have to put up with anyone but myself. So my parent bought me a dog to keep me company and protect me.

I had to laugh when they brought him over to me at the apartment the day after I moved in. They said "We'll get you a watchdog so you can take him with you when you walk around campus at night, and guard the house while you sleep." and there they stood in my doorway with a little tiny puppy only a couple of months old. He was so cute, a little fuzzball. Some watchdog.

I named him Teddy because he looked just like a little fuzzy teddy-bear and my mother assured me he'd grow up to be a BIG teddy bear. He was a mix between several breeds, OK a mutt, but a BIG mutt, you could tell by the size of his paws at that age, and by the energy this little guy had. Mother said she was too afraid to get an already grow up watchdog, for fear that it might not be very friendly, and she also said Teddy would get big fast enough.

Dog Tasting

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Chapter 1

"God I love the taste of your dog's cum," said Teresa. She was lapping at Molli's pussy, slurping up the remnants of Humphrey's orgasm. Humphrey was laying on his side panting, his long tongue licking around his red cock as it shrank back into its sheath.

"Yeah," said Molli. "Me, too. I like it better than almost any of the cum I've ever tasted."

"We should set up a taste test, you know? Get a bunch of dogs and suck them all off, see which one tastes the best," Teresa said.

"MMMMmmmm," Molli purred. "I bet we could do it. I can get us in the dogpound, the dogcatcher likes me. All we'd have to do is blow him, maybe put on a little show for him."

"I'm in," said Leslie. The short voluptuous brunette was rubbing Humphrey's belly, hoping to make his cock appear. "We could get Primo and Spike and Bozo and, and..." Her eyes glazed as she recalled all the canine cock she'd inhaled in the past year or so.

"What are you girls talking about?" Sammi said as she walked through on her way to the kitchen.

"Dog dicks," Molli said. "We thinking about a taste test."

"Oooh good idea, we could charge admission," Sammi said. "We could charge for watching and charge for tasting. And the dog owners could pay to see how their puppies' pricks rate with all the dogfuckers around here."

Lorianne, who'd begun to hang around Sammi after their joint adventure in the shed nodded enthusiastically, too.

Fucking the Family Dog

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I've always been rather fastidious about cleanliness; I guess that's why I washed the bitch's cunt opening. I mean fucking a female Doberman was one thing, but fucking her all dirty and grungy was quite another.

I poured warm soapy water over my young bitch's body and scrubbed her fine chocolate colored fur, making sure to massage the soapy water into her sexual areas. She seemed to like it when I rubbed the soapy cloth across her bitch-hole; she'd shiver and whined for me each time I made contact.

We were both naked and wet as I began to dry her. My stiff teenage dick was rubbing against her damp fur and I was getting so aroused that there was no way I was going to back out of it now.

The thought of screwing my Doberman bitch came to me when I read some of those porno stories at ZS. They were about woman screwing their dogs. All kinds of situations were described, and I soon realized that those types of stories made me so horny that I'd blow my wad before finishing even a short story.

My folks had bought this Dobby about six months ago and she was a sweet pup. Clean athletic lines and bright intelligent eyes. And when she went into heat last week and I watched the neighbor's dog fuck her in our back yard, well... the thought blazed through my mind like a falling star, 'Why couldn't I use her to get myself off.'

I'll admit that I'm no stud-muffin. At 18 I was still skinny as a rail and had that computer-geek whitefish complexion that you get from sitting in front of your computer all day playing video games and working on programs.

A Proud Mother of Puppies

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It all happened one afternoon when I came home for launch and I was in a good mood cause I got my boss to give me 2 hours for launch. Anyway When I came threw the door my dog, a 3 year old huskie about 52 pounds, jumped on me and started to lick my face I told him to get off of me and when he finally did I made a sandwich and sat down in the living room to watch some TV

While I was watching TV Jeff, my dog started sniffing my pussy. It felt good cause I haven't been laid in almost a year cause my boyfriend is in the war.

Even though it felt good it was just wrong to me though the zoophilia stories I read turn me on I still pushed Jeff away and he came right back so I pushed him away again but he came right back and by now I was getting horny so I figured what the hell I don't have to work for another hour so I pulled up my mini skirt, by the way I have a body like Shania Twain except my tits are a little bigger and are really firm, after I pulled up my skirt I pulled off my silk lace panties.

Jeff was still there and went right back to sniffing my pussy suddenly he started to lick my clit and it drove me nuts, I always heard that it felt good, but I wasn't expecting this.

He started licking fast I could feel my hips start to rock back and forth I started to scream out "Oh god, Oh yes lick my clit" and then from out of the blue my orgasm hit me and it was so powerful that my legs went to Jell-O and my vision went totally blurred.