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He searched the darkened parking lot, surely one of the few remaining cars would be open to steal. The mall had long since closed, the only remaining cars were the ones belonging to employees of the various department stores.

Finally he found one, an older model with the doors unlocked. He opened the door and began to work on the steering column. He hurried, he was sure that he was known to be missing from the county jail and before long the police would be searching for him with all their resources.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a door open at the side of the mall, the employee entrance. A woman came out, she was about 20 years old, dressed nicely in a short black skirt with a red top that hugged the curves of her breasts.

"Goodnight Matt," she called out over her shoulder. Matt appeared at the door. The con slipped low into the seat.

"You sure you don't want me to walk you out?" Matt said to her, stopping her in her tracks.

"No my car is right there," pointing to the car the con was sitting in, "Besides this is a small town remember? Nothing bad happens here." Her statement brought a smile to Matt's face.

"One of these days that belief is going to get you in a heap of trouble girl! Good night Lacy." With that he closed the door shutting her into the night. If he only knew how prophetic he was, the con thought to himself. He quickly slipped to the back seat and pulled his dark jacket over him.

Kyla, Monty and Me

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Before I went to San Francisco, I had no idea that people engaged on regular basis in this lifestyle. I had seen "dog and pony" shows in different parts of the world including some other type of animal/female shows. I thought that it was all for entertainment of men and some women at the time but thought nothing more of it.

Kyla explained to me that having sex with a dog was no more than a step up from what most "normal" dog owners do. They dress up their dogs, they put them in beauty contests, spend billions of dollars on food, veterinary bills, medicines, grooming and they have special cemeteries for them and in some cases leave millions of dollars in inheritance money to them.

A "real pet lover" goes a step further and treats their pets "like" humans and engage in sex with them. She told me that she took care of Monty better than some people give their kids and she spends very good money grooming, vet visits, foods, medicine, vitamins and supplements for Monty.

Monty has never been with a female of his species but he doesn't miss anything because as Kyla put it, "He gets everything he needs from me. I met her at the Golden Gate Park while I listened to an outdoor concert. She had a large dog, beige and white, learned later he was an Anatolian Shepherd.

Anyway, we started talking and she invited me over for a drink. Her name was Kyla and she was about 5'9," dark red hair and green eyes. We made small talk and then we started talking about sex and the kind of alternative life styles in San Francisco and what we were into.

Rosa's Lover

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Rosa stood at the edge of the dusty road and gazed off into the distance. The unforgiving South Texas sun baked the landscape and buildings, and brought out beads of perspiration on Rosa's arms and forehead. She had no idea why she continued waiting by the road each afternoon, Jimmy wasn't coming home. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. The slender, young woman turned to see Pablito, a young pitbull, standing in her shadow. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, and brushed back her long, dark hair.

"Come on cachorrito," she said to the dog, "it's too hot today, let's go in the house."

Rosa had given Jimmy the dog for his birthday about a year and a half earlier; she noticed how much he had always admired pitbulls that belonged to his friends. Whenever he saw people walking them on the street, he would remark that he was "gonna get me one of those dogs." Rosa smiled briefly as she remembered the expression of utter delight on Jimmy's face when she had plopped the fat, gold-and-black brindled puppy into his lap. It was Jimmy's twenty-first birthday, and his friend Pablo had stopped over with a couple of six- packs to help him celebrate. Pablo offered beers to Jimmy and Rosa, and spotted the pup in Jimmy's lap.

"Hey, you guys got a puppy! What kind is it?"

"It's a pitbull. I'm gonna train him to bite you if you come here when I'm not around!," Jimmy joked.

Colorado Cabin

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It was summer, and that only meant one thing: watching my aunt's cabin up in Colorado! I had already backed my bags a week before school ended. I was so psyched to go. I had just ended my junior year, and my parents trusted me enough to let me go alone this year. Well, they also won a trip for two to Las Vegas, so they didn't really want to miss out on that either, my older brother was away on his trip to Europe, so I was going to be left alone at the cabin! Actually, not alone. My aunt had two dogs that I would be watching too. One of them was a huge St. Bernard/Great Dane mix, Caesar.

The other one was a wolf/Siba mix, Conan.

At 4:00am I had loaded my last bag into the bed of my '89 Chevy Silverado. I was so glad to finally be out on my own. It would be a long, one day drive from Wyoming to Colorado, but I was happy about it.

I drove all day long only stopping for lunch and to use the can. I finally had time to think. I thought about how I'd be all alone... well, I could probably have some guys up. The thought of the made my pussy tingle. I decided that right there and then, this summer would be one huge fuck-feast.

I drove all night until I reached her cabin. It was about 3am, and I was beat. I unlocked the door to find two very happy dogs licking me and wagging their tails.

"Hi Conan. Hi Caesar. I bet you guys are happy to see some one."

Christmas Tail (Pregnant with Puppies)

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It was a warm spring day as 59-year-old Margaret Hansen sat in her car outside the local animal shelter. Her husband, Frank, had been dead for almost a year; friends and family kept telling her that she needed company at the big rural house where she lived alone.

But it wasn't a need for companionship that brought Margaret to the shelter, it was another need. Reaching under the hem of her dress to her panties, she began rubbing her pussy through the thin material. "I thought menopause was supposed to take this away, not make me even hornier," she said to herself.

Margaret continued to stroke her pussy as her breathing became more rapid and she could feel it happening. She groaned with pleasure as her orgasm hit, soaking the crotch of her panties with her juices. Pushing down her dress, she grabbed her purse and went into the animal shelter.

"We have a few dogs that would be good in the country," the operator of the shelter said. "A couple that is moving dropped off a beautiful Great Dane this morning...has his papers and everything. It would be a shame to have to get him fixed though. If I don't get rid of him soon I'm afraid I will have to."

The dog was big and beautiful. "Can I pet him" Margaret asked, and the man let her into the cage. The Great Dane licked her hand then moved his nose to her cum-soaked crotch. "I'll take him," she said.

Margaret and her new pet, which she found out was named Hamlet, were together for two days before she got up enough nerve to do what she craved so desperately. Stripping out of her clothes, the 59-year-old woman lay crossways on her bed and began to masturbate. Her fingers were wet when she felt Hamlet's nose between her legs.