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Kissing Butch

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Susie was a 28 year old woman naturally endowed with an excellent figure & a truly pretty face and exquisitely pouty mouth. Any man who saw her was immediately drawn to those beautiful lips and those deep blue eyes that held one in rapt attention. There was only one problem - Susie was chronically lonely. As attractive as she was, she had a hard time finding a good and faithful man. So many of her boyfriends were abusive to her and cheat on her. Susie was so frustrated!

One good thing about her life was her precious dog, Butch. She loved him dearly and he her. He was a very affectionate beast in that he loved to lick her face, her hands, her feet - anywhere she'd let him. And Susie loved to hug and pet Butch a lot. Sometimes Susie felt that Butch was jealous of her various past boyfriends. They'd come over to her upper flat and fool around and make out with her oftentimes in the living room in front of Butch. Most guys didn't like the pet's presence - but tolerated it because Susie didn't have the heart to put him in another room. And at the same time, she sometimes noticed that Butch looked sad while she was having these amorous encounters.

Susie liked to kiss a lot - it was high on her list of priorities. But most guys weren't good kissers and they usually wanted very little foreplay. Just fucking and oral sex was foremost on their impatient minds! The pretty young lady also noticed how Butch looked not only sad but puzzled at the sexual activity going on in the room. She wondered if he understood what all the mouth-to-mouth kissing and tongue-to-tongue contact was all about.

Early Morning

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Michele woke up to the insistent licking of her living alarm clock. She opened her eyes and looked up to Bastion, her Great Dane. He had a mostly white body with blotches and spots of black all over his body, and had, as she often times stared at, huge testicles. He was a nice dog, always willing to please, just as long as you fed and treated him well. This morning though, he was hell sent. Michele rolled over and moaned out loudly, "Go lay down."

Bastion gave a great bark that scared her right out of sleep and she rolled over to throw a pillow at him. Bastion hopped away just as the pillow was flung, and the pillow crashed down onto her dresser, knocking everything off it. Michele growled and sat up blinking to work the sleepiness out of them. Bastion quickly exited the room and she could hear him loudly walking down the stairs. She looked to the window and saw that it was quite early, and once she looked at the clock she fell back into her bed and tried to doze off. It was only five o'clock.

Moments later Bastion came running up the stairs again, and this time he came into the room with a loud bark that rattled her awake again. She wondered what was so important that he had to wake her up this early in the morning. She had taken him out before she went to bed, and he usually didn't have to go until six-thirty. She groggily sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Bastion came over and barked again; this time Michele caught him with a pillow, and he retreated. Michele stood up and wandered into the bathroom, turned on the lights and shut the door behind her. She undressed and looked around for her spare change of clothes, but they weren't in the bathroom where she thought she left them. After a sigh Michele opened the door and walked out to rummage around through the clothes on the floor. Bastion came over and started to sniff at her, but Michele batted at him and he retreated. She found some torn jeans and a white t-shirt with the hard rock café logo on it and went back into the bathroom. She dressed up and brushed out her hair, and then washed her face. The cold water woke her up even more, and it helped. She looked out the bathroom window and saw that dew covered the lawn behind her house, and a mist lay about the ground like a veil. A few early morning birds were flitting about catching insects or chirping. She brushed her teeth and went back out into her room. Bastion was nowhere to be seen, but she could hear him downstairs clopping around. Michele slowly went down the stairs and found Bastion at the door, looking all ready to go out. Michele shook her head and said, "So this is why you decided to get me up so early?"


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My husband and I got married at a young age seven years ago. I was eighteen and he was twenty-two, Harry my husband has been the only man I have known. Right from the start I found sex to be great, we never wear cloths at home, we especially enjoy us both being bald. We have a nice place out of town that is really very private, unless you knew where the place was it is hard to find and see. We both did a lot of nude sun bathing.

The fact that we lived so private my cousin had a beautiful Alaska Malamute, they are part wolf and dog his name was Junior. He was only two years old and a very loveable dog. My cousin Helen had to move to a place where she could not take Junior. I know this bother her a great deal.

Helen felt we would take good care of Junior, Helen knew us well enough to believe we would take Junior. We always played with him when she would come visit us and let Junior run. An Alaskan Malamute gets to be a very large dog, they are twice the size of a husky.

I would guess Junior weigh was around ninety pounds, on all fours he came up to my hips, and when he stood up he was as tall as me. I am five foot five and weigh ninety eight pounds I have a small frame, small breasts, around thirty-four B's. I do have a tight ass as Harry tells me.

We where always dressed when Helen would come, I just did not want Helen to see My Harry in the buff. Helen always had Junior with her and we played with him around the house.


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After a hard day at the office, Cherane wasn't in the mood for her usual "gentlemen callers" tonight. She hoped that she could simply go home, take a nice hot bubble bath, and wane her vice-presidential tensions at a gourmet home-delivered meal.

But tonight there was a slight detour from the normal state of affairs. Her friend had called late in the day, pleading with Cherane to take her beloved "puppy" in for the night, because she had an out-of town emergency, and was worried about her "Cappie" being all alone.

"Oh well", Cherane mused. "What trouble could a small puppy cause?"

Cherane arrived at her house with some expectation of what was inside waiting to greet her - probably a perky little dachshund or terrier of some sort. Upon opening the door, she was met with a bit of shocking evidence that "Cappie" wasn't all that little nor even close to a "puppy." Quietly lying on the floor of her living room rug was a basic, full-grown Great Dane of about seventy- or-so pounds. She closed the door and went over to make friends with the new roommate for the evening. The big canine just rolled over and allowed Cherane to pat his tummy.

Obviously, though of great size, this beast was going to be pretty easy to charm. She noticed a tag on his collar that was stamped "El Kapitan." Hmmph! "Cappie indeed, Cherane thought. Nonetheless, this night would be no problem. At least that's what she thought.

Incident In A Room

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Miranda squinted for several minutes while her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room. There was a bad taste in her mouth, an obvious side affect to the drug she figured was put into her drink, and her head and arms were bound in an old wooden stock she'd read about in grade school. Her legs were shackled at the ankles by cold metal bracelets connected to chains somewhere else in the room.

"If you struggle, you will only damage yourself," a gravely voice remarked.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" Miranda said trying to keep her voice steady and calm.

"You may begin," the voice answered.

Miranda heard movement in the shadows that surrounded her small island of light.

"Who is out there?"

A young bald woman dressed in a white ceremonial robe and carrying a steaming bucket of soapy water approached. The woman set the bucket on the floor in front of Miranda and pulled out a purple sponge.

"Help me please!" Miranda pleaded with the woman.

"They will no listen to you," the voice responded.

"Damn you, you bastard!"

"Let us try to keep things civil Miss Peters."

"Fuck you!"

While Miranda fought with the voice, the bald woman was busy scrubbing down Miranda's oversized body, paying special attention to her pussy and ass. Miranda couldn't help letting a soft moan escape her lips as the warm water cascaded over her body.