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Mexico Vacation

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After being married for several years, enough that the magic was gone, my husband took me to Mexico for a week. The shopping was great, but it was hot and sweaty. As a result, I bought several sundresses to wear and my husband talked me into going without panties. I had never done this, but could not stand them wet. On the third night out, our guide Julio and his wife took us to a club with "live entertainment."

The evening started out as expected with dinner, drinks and Spanish singers going from table to table. The entertainment shifted to the stage, with a romantic play going on. During the play, my husband started rubbing my leg under the table. Having had several of these sweet tropical drinks, I didn't care. After the sun went down, it got kinda cool too and his hands felt warm. Our guide and his wife Maria would kiss and hug occasionally with the kissing getting more passionate as the evening went on.

The live entertainment also got more passionate as the evening went on, with live sex acts up on the stage during the plays. During this time, my husband had worked his hand up to my pussy and was fingering me while the show was going on. My head was spinning so I did not mind. They were doing the 69 position on stage, something my husband always wanted me to do, but I was raised up to never do that type of sex. We just laid flat in bed with my husband always on top but watching this was getting me hot. The woman was really squirming when the guy licked her cunt. Then sometimes, she really sucked him like she was hungry and he tasted real good. My mouth watered, and my pussy was molten as my husband fingered it. I spread my legs a little so he could reach me better. As I did, my knee pressed against Maria's thigh which was exposed.

Dog Sex for the Guys

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I had just finished sweeping off the deck and was preparing to take a dip in the pool to cool off. Tim was taking advantage of the seclusion my cottage afforded by working on his all-over tan. My 5'10", blonde haired, blue eyed, muscular, 150 pound friend had just broken up with his boyfriend of two years and was in need of some peace and quiet.

We have had a "more-than-just-a-friend" relationship for about five years, since my coming out, and have occasionally spent the night in each others bed. Nothing serious, but more than just a friend. When Tim called at mid-week wanting to come to my house just to talk, I knew he needed a friend more than a lover. Once there, he cried for two hours sobbing out the events [that led to his lover telling Tim he'd been sleeping with his secretary for three months, she was pregnant and he was going to marry her. We stayed up most of the night talking (we hadn't done much more talking since he met Rodney), and I asked him if he'd like to spend a long weekend at the cottage to regroup. I made it clear that I expected nothing in return and that I'd enjoy the company. Enough background.....

Neither Tim nor I were shy about our bodies as we'd gone skinny- dipping on several occasions, but the sight of him lying there with the sun glistening on the beads of perspiration made my cock swell inside my shorts.

"I'm gonna take a dip," I called to him from the deep end. "Wanna meet in the middle?"


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Shiloh watched the rain pour down outside her house in the woods making the day dreary and boring. She was getting used to this feeling since her husband was always away doing his truck route across country. The only companion she had was Max her German Shepherd that her husband bought her for protection. Their nearest neighbors were several miles down the road. So Shiloh would spend her days exercising and running with Max to keep in shape.

Thank god they had satellite television otherwise she would have gone crazy. Her husband was gone sometimes upwards of two weeks at a time and this was usually a tough time for her. She loved him and they were good in bed together. So when he was gone her sexual needs were wanting. many times she would masturbate and have strong orgasms. But it wasn't the same as when her husbands cock fucked her deep and hard.

She often would look at her body in the bedrooms full length mirror after a shower and admire her tight slim body. She had deep reddish hair that flowed down beyond her shoulders. Her breasts were pendulous and perky with large areolas and thick long nipples that her husband loved to suck on. Her hands moved down over her flat tummy appreciating the hard work she did in her exercises to get it that way.

Finally she opened her legs a bit looking at her pussy. It was shaved clean the way her husband liked it. Her vaginal lips protruded as did her swollen clit from its hiding place. She turned to look at her ass and smiled. It was what won her husband over. Her ass was tight and round and when she bent over it spread open to reveal all her womanly assets. She looked incredible in a pair of low cut tight jeans.

The Pet

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If you are underage don't read any further, especially discontinue reading if you have any pets. This is my first story for public consumption, so read it gently. It's a sick and twisted tale about a submissive lady who cannot share her feelings with anyone except her dog. After betrayal by family and the brutal punishments given by the nuns in the name of religion, she has given up on everything and trusts no one, except her dog. She soon elevates her dog to master status, making him her god.

She looked at the door and opened it. It was her house, but not really. Inside the door was a living room. The stereo was on. Sitting in a large Laz-y-boy recliner was a large dog. It was asleep. She stood in the open doorway and began to remove her clothing. The dog looked up out of one sleepy eye. There she was stripping off her long skirt and puffy shirt. Underneath lay a body most men would die for but no one knew existed.

For a moment, she remembered her stepfather. He had taken her virginity, brutally. She had been confused, as always. She had obeyed, as always. She hated him, but she loved the way he forced her to obey. His huge belly and the smell of beer wafting over her as he crawled in at night. It disgusted her and as her pussy got wet, really wet and sticky, she dreamed of the day when someone she loved would be plowing her to sleep. When her mother found out, she had kicked her out of the house.

Saturday Slave

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Sarah shuddered when she heard the knock on the door.

"I'll get that," Mike told her as he got up from his chair.

Sarah, who was standing in front of him, moved aside as he rose. Shrugging past her, Mike went to the door and let the person in.

Sarah stood, frozen, facing Mike's chair. Her already soaked inner folds moistened even more when she heard boots, then the ticking of claws, on the hard wood entry foyer. She swallowed hard as she heard the sounds approach the living room, the clicking sounds vanishing as they reached the carpet.

"Turn around," Mike's voice gently commanded.

Closing her eyes, Sarah did as she was told. She shuddered again as she heard the newcomer's reaction to her attire.

Standing 5' 9" tall, Sarah was a statuesque beauty. Her flowing brunette hair framed her downcast face perfectly as it cascaded over her shoulders. Her heavy breasts heaved as her breathing deepened. Goose-pimples formed over her flat tummy and shapely hips as the thrill of the situation raced through her sexually charged body. Sarah was totally nude, her only adornment was a chrome pair of handcuffs, securing her wrists behind her back.

Lifting her head, she opened her eyes and looked at the newcomer. His eyes traveled the length of her body. She looked off to his left side to see a huge German Shepherd, obediently sitting by his master's side.