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Cheetah loves Lisa

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"You want the part - then do it!"

"I can't - I could never do something like that!"

"Then forget it, baby, there's plenty of others who'll..."

"No, Wait, Please ... I'll do it!!!"

The casting director looked at the beautiful young aspiring starlet. He knew he had her in the palm of his hand. He could make her do anything. This voluptuous would-be femme fatale was at his mercy. She wanted to make it big in Hollywood as a headlining actress. And this guy had major connections. Yes, she would do what he asked - no, what he demanded.

"Okay!! I'm glad you're seeing things my way finally. Come back tomorrow evening at about 7. Here's my address - And be ready to show me your best acting skills!"

Lisa quietly muttered her appreciation for his favor. He was granting her an audition, but she was also being humiliated beyond belief. Lisa felt like nothing before this "perverted" man. But he had power and influence ... and she needed these things to get ahead and hopefully achieve her goal of her name in lights and the attendant fame and glory, and money, of course!

The night was a restless one for poor, but sexy, pretty Lisa. She could back out - just walk away from this whole dirty thing. She could try to go the straight and narrow path ... but no, it might not ever happen. She knew that any door that opens to the big time cannot be refused by one as ambitious as she.

Terri's Fantasy

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It started one night when I was out for a drink with my friend Tracy. She asked me whether I had ever heard of women having sex with dogs, I said no. Tracy gave me a story she had downloaded of the net.

Before I go any further I will tell you about my self, I'm 5' 5" tall with a curvy 38-26-36 figure. With long brown hair and brown eyes.

When I got home my husband was in bed, so I sat down and started to read the story, it was about a young woman and her dog. The dog started off by licking her pussy. The more I read the more aroused I became, and it wasn't long before I had taken my knickers off and was playing with my self. I don't know why but the thought of a dog's long tongue licking my pussy really turned me on. I was reading the story and fucking myself with my fingers, occasionally bringing my wet fingers up to my mouth and licking and sucking my lovely tasting juice.

Before I had finished the story I had made myself cum three times.

I went to bed, but I couldn't go to sleep, all I could think about was sex with a dog. I have a black Labrador called Jojo and I wondered if I could try it with him.

The next day I got the e-mail of the author of the story I had read. I e-mailed him saying how much I enjoyed reading his story, and how wet it made me. I also asked him if it was normal to be so turned on by this sort of story. He replied that a lot of the women he knew get turned on by it, and a few had realised there fantasies and being fucked by a dog, he then said how much they had enjoyed it.


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My name is Christine and I'm thirty-five years old woman who was raped by a dog. The only reason that I'm writing this is in response to the stupid stories that I've read on the Internet regarding dog rape. I now know that a woman can be raped by a dog but if that happens the woman sure as hell isn't going to start having great orgasms and wanting to suck his dick.

Two years ago I lived 12 miles east of Seattle. The house I was renting had an attached garage and a medium lawn. It wasn't a fine house but the rent fit my budget.

I was cutting my lawn on a Saturday morning and I was startled by the sudden sound of a car's tires screeching to a stop on the roadway near me. As I looked up I saw a dog that had narrowly escaped death running across the road and into the woods. The driver honked his horn and yelled at the dog, then he sped away.

As the car drove out of sight the dog cautiously emerged from the woods and sat down. I had never seen him before and I figured he was lost. I called to him and it was obvious that he heard me but for some reason he ignored me. With a shrug I went back to cutting the lawn and soon forgot about him.

After finishing with the lawn I went into the house, made lunch, and watched the noon news. Just as the news was ending I heard a dog whining so I went to my screen door and saw the dog sitting on the front porch. He was the dog who had almost been killed by the car a few hours earlier. He was a large, mixed breed, probably shepherd and lab, and was a least 120 pounds. I noticed that he didn't have a collar but from his appearance it seemed that was taken care of by someone.

Unexpected Pleasure

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Kathy was bone tired, as she turned onto the street where she lived. She had left her house very early this morning. She had to travel from Birmingham to Nashville for an 8:30 AM sales meeting at the corporate offices. On the way home she had three appointments scheduled that could not be canceled or rescheduled for another day. At least she had two new accounts from the day's appointments. At 6:45 PM, Kathy pulled into her driveway. All she could think about was the nice hot shower she was going to take and going to bed early tonight. Normally on Fridays she went out or stayed up late watching old movies on TV. Not tonight, after her shower it was to be straight to bed. She might even sleep late tomorrow morning.

As Kathy got out of her car she heard her dog, Nero, barking and whimpering. She headed for the back yard to see what the hell was going on. After closing the gate, she scanned the yard for Nero. The big dog was in the far corner of the yard, with his front paws on the top fence rail, barking at the neighbor's female Boxer. Nero was a very big Rottweiller and weighs almost 200 pounds. The Boxer was rubbing her ass against the fence, it was plain to Kathy the bitch was in heat. Nero followed every move the boxer made, barking and whimpering. Kathy yelled at Nero to be quite and get down; he acted like she was not even there. Pissed off, Kathy grabbed the big dogs collar and tried to pull him away from the fence. She couldn't move him. Nero was to intent on getting some dog pussy from the boxer on the other side of the fence. After trying twice more to get Nero to be quite and leave the boxer alone, Kathy decided to get between Nero and the fence and push him away from the fence. As Kathy came around Nero to the fence, she noticed the big dog had a massive erection. Nero's dick was at least 10 1/2" to 11" long, a pointed tip tapered back to the shaft that had to be 2 1/2" to 3" around. She looked at the boxer and said, "I really don't think you want that monster dick up your doggie pussy!" She didn't think her fingers would touch if she wrapped her hand around it! She grabbed Nero by the collar and pushed; no luck. Nero was on the fence, barking. She was determined to make him obey her. Kathy was only 5' 3" tall and didn't weigh but 94 pounds soaking wet. She grabbed the big dog by the collar again, kneed him in the chest and yelled at him to get down and be good. Finally, Nero got down and paid attention to Kathy. She told him he was bad boy and to go lay down. The Rottwieller started walking away from the fence. Kathy had started back to the house when she saw Nero turn back to the fence. "Oh no you don't " Kathy yelled as she ran back and caught the big dog by the collar. "You're coming with me. I'm not going to have you barking all night," she said as she led him to the house.

Anal Dog Sex

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Anal Dog Sex (Julie and Lisa, Scene 1)

As soon as the bell sounded, Julie rushed home from college, eager to explore her growing sexuality. The nasty pictures her Asian-American friend Lisa had shown her during lunch break had gotten her so excited and curious about the different things a girl could do with a hard cock. Julie had been masturbating for a few months now, but her new friend Lisa had turned her on to even better ways to get off.

Lisa had loaned Julie her 6-inch vibrating dildo two weeks before, and Julie had succeeded in popping her own cherry with the fake phallus after her second time with it. With the dildo, Julie had experienced more intense orgasms than ever before, and she was anxious to experiment with new ways to satisfy her new-found lust.

Julie was intrigued by the pictures she had seen of women being fucked both in the pussy and in the ass. As she hurried home, she remembered how it felt to put a finger in her ass while she fingered her sensitive clit and vagina. If she lubed her ass up nice and slippery, she might even be able to take the dildo in her tight ass. She resolved to find out as soon as possible, and quickened her pace toward home.

Within 20 minutes of arriving home, Julie had succeeded in making her hot ass loose enough to take the dildo in to the hilt. As she kneaded her throbbing clit with one hand, she moved the dildo in and out of her gripping anus, moaning at the intense pleasure she was experiencing. She decided that she was really an anal girl, and loved the feeling of having her ass reamed by a thick cock.