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Barbara and 3 dogs

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Barbara was feeling lonely-and very, very horny this morning. As usual, her husband, Pete, was off at work. That meant that all she had was her fingers to give her relieve she needed.

She sprawled naked on the bed, running her hands up and down her body. She could feel her pussy swelling with arousal and her juices began to flow. Her large tits rested high on her chest and, in spite of their enormous size, they did not sag even a fraction of an inch. Her nipples were large as well as long and, at this moment, they were tingling and burning with desire.

She was thinking about her husband, Pete, and wished that he could be there and help her relieve the pressure in her firm body.

"Oooooh," she groaned, letting a finger trace her outer pussy lips.

They felt all wet hand puffy from hornyness.

She thought about getting her big dildo from the dresser. Pete had bought it for her birthday last year, it was twelve inch long and enormously thick. Pete had a large cock too and Barbara loved to be filled up to the hilt with cocks.

"No, I have to get things done around the house," she told herself.

"I'll let the tingle stay in my body all morning while I do my stuff," she told herself. She enjoyed feeling horny like that.

Barbara got up from the bed and put on a robe, naked under it. And she went to the kitchen to make some coffee. She could feel her puffy pussy lips rubbing against each other when walking. It sent shivers through her body.

A New Partner

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I was angrily racing around the house packing all my clothes! I had no life here and I was going to file for a divorce as soon as I could but right now I was going to get all my things together and get the heck out of Dodge! Al was due home from work at 5pm sharp and to avoid any confrontation I wanted to get all my personal things out of the house by then. It would be a lot easier on both of us if I just left! Al had just become too abusive to put up with any longer! I'm sure there are many women that can relate to this story! And perhaps not just the abusive part! I had packed all my clothes and had called a moving company to move some of the furniture .... The extra bedroom suite, bureau of drawers etc... but only the essentials that I would need! I had no need to try and take anything that wasn't mine, but just to get out of there.

As sort of an after thought I called my dog, Blackie to come with me. I hadn't done much thought on this and didn't have but an apartment to keep him in, but I had no thoughts about letting him stay with Al. Blackie was my sole form of companionship during the first few days of my separation and I often cuddled up next to him while watching TV.

Blackie was always a very attentive and loveable dog and very smart! He knew when he was expected to do something..... and often times seemed like he could almost read my mind! He was a great companion and when we went for walks was always right beside me! He quickly protected me against anything that he thought might be a danger.... And I often had to tell him it was "ok" when someone would stop to talk to me.


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Everyone thought that Meghan was just your average 18 year old, but she was anything but average. The first thing to know was that she was far from virginal. Not many guys, but plenty of experimentation. Her favorite thing to do was to use her dildo on her tight little asshole and plunge it deep up inside herself.

Not such a unique choice of vice by any stretch of the imagination, but that wasn't the interesting part. Meghan's favorite stimulation was from her best and most loyal friend, Desiree. Desiree was a golden retriever with beautiful soft fur. She loved to lick her mistress' tight, hot, wet pussy while that dildo slid deep and fast into her even tighter rectum.

The two were inseparable friends and no one ever suspected that they were anything more than any other girl and her dog. But their little family was incomplete. They needed men in their lives, or at least one man, a nice big male dog. And they were about to find him.

Meghan's parents had finally given in and agreed to getting another dog. And she knew just what she wanted. He was a gorgeous golden retriever she'd seen at the pound several times. His name was Charlie and he was just as excited as Meghan to meet her. Every time she browsed the pound he'd see her and jump and run in circles, even roll over and show her his sheath. He knew what she wanted and he wanted it too.

Meghan filled out the paper work with trembling hands, she was so excited she could barely stay standing. The mere thought of what she was going to do with him when they got home had juices dripping down her thighs, soaking her panties right through, and whipping every male in the building into a frenzy, dogs and men alike, although the men didn't know why. The pheromones being pumped out of every pore of her body were the most potent thing in nature. They made their way through the sinuses and into the male brain, activating every pleasure center in every cortex. She had no idea of the unlimited power in her arousal.

My Virgin Experience

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I know it may seem very cliche to start a story off like this by telling everyone reading that it's a true story, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows and understands that it is entirely true. I do not give any false information about anything that takes place, and I'm going to try my best to be as graphic and truthful as I can remember.

This is my first time writing anything like this, so please bear with me if the writing seems somewhat crude at times. I am hoping that whoever reads this enjoys it and wants to let me know. If you wish, e-mail me and I'll reply.

First things first... I am a single, 23 year-old college student; I stand 5'4" tall and weigh about 114lbs. My friends always tell me I'm pretty, and the guys do as well, but I'm not nearly self-centered enough to go along with it... he he he.

And just so everyone knows I'm not a wild sexual being in the least. I have had limited sexual experiences, and am quite socially conservative most of the time. This was the first time I have been fucked by anything except a human being. The idea of canine sex was completely unknown to me until maybe a year ago when I started visiting beast sites just out of plain curiosity. I never once thought of actually attempting it with my own pet. That is, until I started exchanging e-mails with this wonderful sweet girl who has been enjoying her pet for quite some time. Talking with her definitely struck a curiosity nerve in me.

There Is Nothing Like a Dane

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With her back porch door opened, Laity sat down on her country sofa and laid a tall glass of ice tea onto the floor. Sunlight lazily streamed passed the door and a soft warm breeze enveloped her nude body. The sweet scent of garden flowers teased her nose and caused her to breathe deeply and expel a large sigh of disgust.

She was definitely frustrated. Here she was, a top junior executive employed by a Fortune 500 company and she couldn't find any eligible males to satisfy her wanton passions. A five-digit salary that prompted her to leave Ohio and settle in California seemed useless to her now.

When she volunteered to be transferred to her company's branch office in Marin County, California; she didn't realize how valuable straight males would be in the city. All of her male associates were cordial and efficient but did not express any sexual interest at her: they either were involved, fat, ugly or gay.

Not that she didn't try. She often went to Victoria's Secret to buy enticing lace undergarments. She spent an entire week's paycheck to buy that blue-laced brassiere which allowed her ample nipples to show through her blouses. Her female associates often joked about the "thumb tacks" that seem to be posted on her breasts. All she knew was that she spent a fortune buying soft and lacy undergarments and nothing seemed to be happening!

Back home in Ohio, the type of silken wear she would wear could cause all-American cocks to stand up and salute the flag. Ohio, where there were plenty of real men with thick salamis ready to rock her into ecstasy. How she missed these strong men who could tease her cunt lips with their strong, forceful turgid cocks! Blue veins marbling their extra large cocks. Their massive purple-headed mushroom caps pulsating as the hot blood flowed through their hot dicks.