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Damon and Ruth

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For some time now, Ruth had a fantasy of getting stroked by a big dog but she had no real desire to actually do it and as her fantasies went, it was great in her brain. She never gave any serious thought to doing it, so when it happened it was a great surprise to her. Her husband had bought a two year old Boxer, a month previously and had gone out of town on business, so she was at home alone with the dog. Damon was a very large dog. He weighed a huge one hundred ten pounds. He had a large brown head and a smooth glossy golden brown coat. He was a friendly dog, was house broken and accepted commands well and so in a short time he had become a part of the household as if he had been with them for years.

The Friday evening after her husband had left and she had dinner, fed Damon and had taken him for a walk, Ruth sat in the basement watching the television. Damon lay at her feet curled up as if half asleep. The movie that was showing had a lot of sex in it and as Ruth watched she found herself becoming excited, in fact she became very horny and wondered in her mind, why it was that whenever she was horny like that, her husband was never at home. As she became more turned on watching the movie, she slid her right hand under her skirt, pulled the crotch of her panties aside and began playing with her pussy. Soon the room was filled with her pussy smell as she lay back in the sofa, legs spread apart, pussy lips pulled open, fingering her clitoris and her juices oozing from her pussy. As she lay with her eyes closed, masturbating, she slipped into another world. Her reverie was disturbed by a sensation that she had not produced. When she opened her eyes to see what caused it, she saw Damon's body in front of her. His great head was under her skirt and she realized that he was creating the sensation with his big, rough tongue licking her crotch. Her first reaction was to push him away and she did but he returned, burrowing his head a little deeper between her legs and continued his licking. He seemed to know just where to lick because he concentrated on the area around her clitoris and Ruth just eased her body lower down into the sofa. This made her ass hang off the edge of the cushion. She pulled the panty crotch aside to expose her pussy fully and let him go to work. In a few minute Damon's tongue had her on the verge of erupting into and orgasm but she closed her legs and pushed him away because she didn't want to come too soon, she wanted to prolong her enjoyment of this situation.

Judy and Me

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I was in the study yesterday morning, reading, naked except for my bathrobe. Suddenly I heard a noise. I looked up and a dog was standing about half way into the room, looking at me. More like a wolf, the animal was very pretty nonetheless. It whined, and wagged its tail. "You must be Judy," I said. She barked. Judy was Nancy's dog.

Nancy had told me about the animal when I moved into her house. "Just until I can find an apartment, preferably close to campus," I had told her. She agreed, seeing as she had a six-room house. She also said she had a dog, who would be no bother, since she was housebroken. "Her name is Judy. She will stay in my room. She hates men." "Oh?", I asked, curious as to why the animal hated only men. "I got her at a shelter. They told me that she had been abused by her male owner as a puppy, and hated men. She will be fine, as long as she is kept in the room with me and never goes out."

I had moved into Nancy's house five days earlier. But in those five days, until just now, I had never seen the dog because she always kept it in her room. But I have to say it was the quietest dog I have never heard. No howls, no barks, no nothing. So, it was a shock to see suddenly materialize in front of me. "Is something wrong?", I wondered. I knew Nancy had gone out early that morning, and for Judy to be out, Nancy must had left her door open, which wasn't like her. I closed my book, and uncrossed my legs. The dog growled. "Easy, girl. I am not going to hurt you, I just want to see if your mistress is all right."

Educating Prince

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I was lying on the rug, lazily watching TV and trying to ignore the effects from the fire that was burning deep within me. I was by myself in the house, apart from my faithful Great Dane, Prince. My boyfriend had left me over a week ago, and for someone like me, who enjoyed, no, lived for sex, I was missing his dick like crazy.

I had been playing with my vibrator earlier, but this just wasn't getting me off. It got me really wet, but just didn't get to me the way that he used to. I had struggled to find my G-spot, but without success, and I finally gave up in disgust.

Suddenly I had a thought and went through to the kitchen. There, lying out on the table was a huge cucumber I had bought earlier. I eyed it up, wondering if I could possible fit such a huge thing as that into my hungry pussy, but what the heck! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Armed with the cucumber and a tub of lube, I headed back through to my spot on the rug.

My pussy was still dripping from my earlier attempts with the vibrator, so I concentrated on lubing up the cucumber, especially around the end. I lay back and opened my legs and pushed the tip against my opening. It felt so fucking big. I pushed against it and was surprised when it started to slide inside of me. It felt absolutely amazing, filling me like no man had ever done before.

I stopped and waited for my pussy to adjust to its new occupant before starting to push again. Slowly but surely the cucumber buried itself inside of me. It had quite a pronounced taper, so the further in it went, the more it pushed against and expanded my pussy. After about 10 minutes I had half the cucumber inside of me, and I didn't think I was going to get much more. I started to move it in and out of me, and it gave me the most wonderful sensations. However, I wanted still more.

Cock Hungry Wife

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Let me tell you about my wife and me. Julie and I are both 28 years old. We met in high school and married our second year of college. We are both in the banking business with great jobs and big salaries. My wife is a great looking woman with short blonde hair and 36C size breast. She has a wonderful figure and keeps herself in shape. Her true talent is her skill at sucking cock. She loves to suck cock. She is the best cocksucker I have ever had the pleasure of being serviced by. She could suck a bowling ball through a straw. We obviously have a great sex life.

One night after dinner she dropped to her knees right at the kitchen table and took out my prick. She gave it a few licks and swallowed it down her throat. She could hold it in her throat and actually make her throat muscles milk my shaft until I shoot my load down her gullet.

Anyway, she kept it down her throat until it was at its full length of 6 inches. She pulled it back and ran her tongue around the head and down the shaft. I began pumping my hips to meet her mouth actions. It wasn't long before I felt my cum boiling in my ball sack. I felt it rush up the shaft and shoot into Julie's hot mouth. She swallowed my cock into her throat so I shot the rest of my load straight down her throat. God, I love that woman.

Afterwards we were in the family room having a glass of wine and talking about the blowjob she just gave me. I told her that she was lucky that I was only 6 inches long because I don't think she could handle anything longer. She hit my arm playfully and told me that she could handle anything I got for her. I looked at her wondering if she was serious and wanted me to find someone bigger she could suck off.

Dog Day Afternoon

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Dog, camera, action!

Her cunt was stretched beyond any limit it had been before. The dog's knot had at last been pushed into her, past her tight lips and beyond the muscle of her opening. The slightest movement of either her or the dog sent new waves of pleasurable thrill through her system and made sure she climaxed over and over.

The dog heaved one last time and, if it was at all possible, shoved the huge purple weapon further into her and through the neck of her womb. A deep pain immediately told her that he had gone further than anything else before.

It subsided only to be replaced by the sudden hot rush of canine cum as it flooded her. Locked as they were, she could do nothing about it, but then, she didn't want to. Her desire was to accept his whole seed into her body and let it stay there for as long as she could keep it.

She glanced down between her tits and could see her belly, visibly extend as the hot cum pumped into her. She relaxed and lowered her head so that it rested on her arms that supported her on the carpeted floor. The effect was to raise her lower body and make it even easier for the dogs cock to slide even further. She guessed that the whole ten or so inches had slipped into her with the knot buried so far up her that she wondered if it would ever come out, but at the time, could care less.

Prince sensed her ease and gave one more shove that pushed her forward and his balls slapped on her clit. He had no more to give, but made sure she got it all. Instinct told him he had to stay like this for a while to allow his seed to take root. He paddled his hind legs to make sure the connection was made as deeply as possible.