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My Virgin Experience

zoophilia bestiality


I know it may seem very cliche to start a story off like this by telling everyone reading that it's a true story, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows and understands that it is entirely true. I do not give any false information about anything that takes place, and I'm going to try my best to be as graphic and truthful as I can remember.

This is my first time writing anything like this, so please bear with me if the writing seems somewhat crude at times. I am hoping that whoever reads this enjoys it and wants to let me know. If you wish, e-mail me and I'll reply.

First things first... I am a single, 23 year-old college student; I stand 5'4" tall and weigh about 114lbs. My friends always tell me I'm pretty, and the guys do as well, but I'm not nearly self-centered enough to go along with it... he he he.

And just so everyone knows I'm not a wild sexual being in the least. I have had limited sexual experiences, and am quite socially conservative most of the time. This was the first time I have been fucked by anything except a human being. The idea of canine sex was completely unknown to me until maybe a year ago when I started visiting beast sites just out of plain curiosity. I never once thought of actually attempting it with my own pet. That is, until I started exchanging e-mails with this wonderful sweet girl who has been enjoying her pet for quite some time. Talking with her definitely struck a curiosity nerve in me.

The Perfect Man for Jane

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It was a hot sunny day...yet another one for Jane. The morning was well on its way, and the kids had just left for school for the day, and she had the whole house to herself. She relished her days off, though they did seem lonely a lot of the time. "Shhh, try not to think of those things." she thought to herself "Someday, someday you'll find the perfect man."

Jane unfortunately hadn't had the kind of luck she'd hoped for when it came to men. She'd been careful, she'd taken lots of chances, but each man she found always seemed to leave eventually, it was getting too much to deal with.

These were the thoughts she was having when she sat down at her computer to log onto the internet, in hopes of finding some escape from her dark thoughts. Today was Tuesday, and as usual she connected to the web, checked her e-mail, talked to a few friends online, and finding nothing too much of interest going on with them, decided to do a little web surfing.

Outside, the sun was blazing hot, causing the over all temperature to soar. Not to mention the humidity was horrible. The steamy weather was causing her to sweat a bit, even with her tank top rolled up over her midriff, and her thin shorts, she was becoming uncomfortable.

She looked around the house, glanced out the window, and thought about it for a while and finally grinned to herself as she made her decision. She stood from her computer desk, walked to the front door and locked it, then moving to the windows again she drew the blinds closed, and slowly stripped off her clothing. Even in the heat, and damp of the air, it felt good to be nude.

Lucy Learns a Lot

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Lucy arrived a little late for her babysitting job. It was her first time sitting for Elaine who didn't seem all that much older than Lucy was herself. Elaine was beautifully suntanned, had a lovely figure and, when Lucy looked at her it made Lucy feel strangely excited. When she arrived, Elaine was rushing around making last minute arrangements.

'Nicky's in bed upstairs fast asleep - I don't think she'll be any trouble. There's food and coke in the fridge - you could watch the television, or read those magazines over there. Just make yourself at home. Big Boy is in my bedroom there. He'll look after you...' She smiled in a strange way. 'If you like dogs, you can let him in here with you - but don't let him misbehave...'

Again she looked at the girl with a strange look in her eye. 'Unless you want him to, of course,' she added with a smile. 'It's up to you, my sweet. How old are you, by the way?'


'You look a bit pale. Are you feeling all right?'

'I've just had my first...you know.'

'Oh, so you're a woman now, are you? Still, I don't know, I mean about Big Boy.... Hell, why not, if you want to? ' She laughed. 'You are pretty, aren't you?' She threw her arms around Lucy embracing her tightly. Her mother never embraced her like this. Lucy could feel Elaine's soft breasts pressing against her, her lower stomach pushed hard against hers. She didn't want Elaine to let go of her. She looked up at her. Elaine was looking down at her fondly. She wanted Elaine to kiss her. She thought she was going to, then Elaine broke away and disappeared out of the door.


zoophilia bestiality malebeast


It had been six months since my female German Shepherd had passed on. I could hardly believe six months flew by - to be honest - I can only really remember the last month.

Betty, the Shepherd, had been my lover since her second heat. I never intended on becoming her lover - my god - a dog? That was disgusting!

Well, it started when as I said during her second heat. She was already slated to go to the vets to be spayed but her cycle kicked in the 2nd time before she went under for the operation. Finding out the hard way that she could not be fixed until her heat had passed, I decided to ride out the hormonal dance her body was going through.

Well, unlike the first time, this time around in heat I could swear she was hitting on me. I would look deep into her eyes and she would mine. Sometimes it would seem like she was flirting by moving her tail off to the side and just standing there. One time, I swear to you this is true, I think she stopped on purpose so I could run into her.

Well, it all came to a head one night when I was coming out of the shower after a long weekend days work in the garden and she just galloped over to me and stuck her nose in my crotch. The cold-wet nose made me jump.

I was about to say "no!" or "stop" when I felt he tongue on the tip of my penis. To my surprise, I got hard. She took her tongue and continued to bathe my dick in her saliva. Within moments of full erection, she was licking from base of shaft to tip of my cock head. I started to stroke her head as she performed. She went on for another few seconds and stopped. I was shocked, I had not come yet.

Catchpule Station: Incoming Transmissions

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Vanticar walked down the long hallways of Catchpule station. He grumbled to himself as he passed another window. Space glistened and the small blue planet below shone brightly amongst the stars. The Sun was on the other side of the station, which suited Vanticar just fine, his quarters were on this side of the station, and he had no desire to wake up with the sun in his eyes. It reminded him too much of the cat wars. It had been two years since a treaty between the Canutan Alliance and the Felanus Empire had ended the war. Vanticar had fought in those wars but as soon as it was over he had been released.

Vanticar was a pure-bred Wolf, war was in his blood. It coursed through his veins and pulled at the power of his rippling muscles. He had the scars to show it and Vanticar knew he could never escape their meaning; he was a warrior. Once the war was over he had traveled as a bounty hunter, but that wasn't as exciting as humans believed. Eventually he had settled down here, the security chief for the Catchpule station. It was a civilian run station, but on the outskirts of known space, there was rarely a dull moment.

Vanticor flipped to another page of a report. There was nothing of interest in it and he was glad that work was finally over. The pistol at his hip was getting heavy, as it did from long days spent sitting in a chair. Usually he got a chance to draw it every day, if nothing else but to empty a clip into a training dummy. It was just one of those days where you couldn't get off your tail, not even for a moment; which reminded him, his tail was killing him.