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Life Of The Party

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I read your story on sex with a dog and I enjoyed it a lot. I too have sex with man's best friend.

The first time was not near as great as yours. It was more forced on me. I was 17 at the time, I had done my thing with a few local boys before but was still kind of inexperienced.

I was at a friend's house party, the type with no adults around. Plenty of loud music, beer and some smoke and whatever else people brought with them.

I was having fun and dancing and smoking and drinking and doing jello shots and, let's face it, things I had never before.

It was getting late and people were leaving and I was sitting on the recliner in the family room, not only feeling the room spin but watching it spin. I was about to toss it all on the floor. I guess I passed out on the recliner and that would not be the first mistake I made that night.

One of the guys thought it would be funny to undo my blouse and spread it open, showing the world my bra. I was pretty much out of it and only barely knew what was going on but I was too drunk to do anything but lie there.

I heard several voices, both guys and girls I think. Someone, I'm not sure what gender, undid my bra and lifted it up to my neck. My boobs were now in full view of everyone, but I was helpless to do anything about it. And if the truth be known I didn't really care at that moment.

Then it felt like I was putting my head to my chest, but I was not the one doing it, they were leaning me forward and removing my blouse and bra. I knew I was now naked from the waist up but still I couldn't seem to respond.

Brandi: A True Story

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I met Brandi during my senior year of high school. She was dating my friend, Rick, who was constantly trying to get me to meet her. He said she was one wild bitch.

I finally gave in to his whining, and drove him to Bartonville where she lived with her divorced mother. I learned later that she basically lived there by herself while her mom stayed at various boyfriends' houses. We got out of the car, Rick checking to see if her mother's car was there, which it wasn't, and he let himself in with his key.

There Brandi lay on the couch in her short-short cutoffs and tanktop. She looked to Rick and smiled, then looked at me. She seemed a bit surprised to see me there, apparently she wasn't expecting anyone but Rick. She stood up and walked to the doorway, the jiggle of her breasts and the hard nipples revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra.

She stood about 5'3", short cropped blond hair, with pale skin, but not pale enough to be going for the vampire look, but pale enough to seem untouched.

"This is Jack," Rick said as he walked to her. I smiled and said hi.

"I thought it was only going to be us," she whispered to Rick, thinking I couldn't hear.

"It'll be ok. Jack is cool. He won't do anything unless we ask, will ya Jack?"

"Not unless you ask," I said, feeling like an intruder.

"Besides, Jack can always play with Mutt." Tick smiled at me, obviously knowing something I didn't.

On Display

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Laura was beside herself, trembling with excitement, as Martin pulled the car into the driveway. Nothing in her life could have even come close to preparing her for what she was about to experience.

When Martin turned off the ignition, she reached over and gripped his hand. He looked into her eyes, as he felt her shaky grip.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yes," she timidly replied.

"Let's go," he said.

As they got out of the car, she looked around at the other cars parked in front of the house. A flutter of excitement tingled in her tummy. She didn't know there would be this many.

The previous month, Martin had approached her with a request. Would she perform for, then service several men at once? It was something they had both fantasized about. The thoughts of several gentlemen watching her be satisfied, then satisfying them, had fueled more than one orgasm.

She had thought about the idea long and hard. Then, two weeks ago, agreed to do it.

Now she was here.

The door was answered by John, a tall, dark-haired man in his thirties.

A twitter of excitement coursed through Laura. She had known John for a couple of years.

At one time, they had worked together. Laura had no clue he would be interested in something like this.

"I thought you'd be more comfortable with someone you knew here as well," said Martin, reading the look on her face.

The Beastmistress

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Part 1

It had been a long weekend for Dee, with her inner fantasies being exposed and her sexuality explored to the limit. She had arrived home tired, drained but utterly fulfilled. Her mind though was buzzing with possibilities and permutations. Had two women and their assortment of animals really taken her to the limits of ecstasy? Had she really been so turned on that reason went out of the window?

These were questions that played on her mind as she eased herself into a warm, relaxing bath. The questions were answered quickly as her hands slid down her body, trying to recreate the feelings of the time she had spent in perverted bliss. Her fingers lingered over her now erect nipples, teasing them into taut cones, which were begging for a mouth to be wrapped around them and teased by a flickering tongue. She sighed at remembered pleasures of her pussy being invaded by both humans and animals, each bringing their own unique pleasures to her pliant body.

She masturbated, slowly at first, dipping her fingers inside her warm cunt whilst stimulating her clitoris with her free hand. The waves of pleasure began to build quickly to a crescendo wracking her body from head to toe in the form of a shattering orgasm. She slumped back into the tub satisfied but empty at the same time, she needed to relive the heights she had felt but was unable to recreate for herself, would her life be the same again? She climbed into bed dreaming of the joy of depravity.

A Dog Day Afternoon

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Sandy was the supreme bitch. She ran her household with an iron fist, and her husband's sex life with an iron snatch. Little did she know that she would soon be treated like the bitch she was.

Sandy was 34 years old, and came from the most strict bible belt upbringing. A virgin till the day she married, she might as well still be, as far as her husband Tom was conserned. When Tom and her got married, she immediately took over all financial, social, and sexual activities, leaving Tom a quivering mass of formal manhood. "Yes dear. No dear. You're right dear." He was basically just a servant who left to work, came home to do his wife's bidding, and whack off in the bathroom.

When they got married, all sex was immediately controlled by Sandy. Because of her strict upbringing, she only believed in having sex for children. Anything else was a sin. Period. Consequently they had two children, a boy, 13, and a girl, 11.

It was a shame too. She was a beautiful creature on the outside. Standing 5'4" tall with long curly dark blond hair, dark green eyes, and the most luscious lips. Her figure was beautiful, apparently unaffected by her motherhood, being 38D-23-37. Her body was made for loving. Her mind on the other hand was made for...being a bitch. She would fit in well as a cross between Saddam Hussein and your average Southern Bible belt Preacher. If something didn't meet the "pure" standards in which she was raised, it was wrong and a sin.