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Jolene and Champ

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It was an early morning in the middle of summer in the small town that my husband of eighteen years and I lived in located in the southeastern U.S. Mark, my husband worked for the local District Attorneys office, which kept him busy until all hours of the night (and morning) at times.

I am a mother of two and have my hands full trying to raise teen boys in what seems like a single parent household. As I was preparing the boy's clothes for their annual Boy Scout outing I felt almost relieved that I would have a whole two weeks to myself!!

Mark, my husband came down for breakfast and as usual and right behind him was our dog Champ. Champ was our pet lab of three years that certainly grew into one of the family. As I served breakfast and then saw the boys off to the front door where their Den Leader was waiting to take them to their scouting event I began to plan how I was going to spend the next two glorious weeks of freedom.

As I waved goodbye to the boys Mark, walked up behind me and in the voice he uses when he's feeling frisky said "I may be in late tonight.... the boys are gone, and I have a while before I need to be in the office..." I grabbed his arms that were now around my waist and guided him into the den.

Mark was semi dressed for work wearing only his suit pants and socks, and I had on my favorite bath robe, you know, the one that's about three years too old but you cant seem to throw out? As mark got stripped down to nothing but a smile and a stiff one I decided to entice him a bit. I turned my back to him and untied the sash to my bathrobe and let it slide down to right above my ass.

Hamlet and Xanth

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I'm sitting here in front of my PC remembering Saturday, sort of a usual Saturday with a bit of a twist. At 8:30 Heather got up out of bed (I can't understand people who can get up early on a Saturday!) and started pottering about in the kitchen. I closed my eyes with a view to another hour or two's kip when I heard Kathump kathump, kathump kathump, KATHUMP KATHUMP, WALLOP!!

Two great huge heavy weights thumped onto the bed almost breaking my spine and rupturing my innards (or worse, turning my innards into outards). Before I was able to open my eyes, my face was being smeared by what felt like a wet, warm sponge, no, two wet warm sponges, and my body felt like it was pinned to the bed by a tree trunk. Muffled I heard a merry voice say "Good morning, sleepyhead. Get up. You got a swimming pool to dig today."

Trying to sit up but failing, I said "Mmmglurph glarp." Bad mistake. As soon as my lips were parted, Hamlets slimy tongue slipped into my mouth and halfway down my throat. I honestly wouldn't mind, except I know what he sometimes finds and eats! My arms were pinned down by the weight of both the dogs on the bed spread, and my shoulders were held down by Hamlets paws. Xanth was lying across my hips, and I was completely pinned down. Hamlet had covered my face with drool, and cleaned out my nose and mouth with his tongue, and worse, I was getting a hard on that was becoming painful, as it was underneath the bedspread held down by Xanth.

Helping Sis. Part 2

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It was the best sleep I'd had in years and no hangover to boot! Sis and I had done something we should've never EVER done, and we didn't care. Here I was, lying next to the most beautiful woman I'd ever made love to, knowing it was the ultimate taboo, and all I could think of was making her happy.

Her taste was still on my lips, and the slick yet sticky feeling on my cock from her love juices only made me excited instead of my normal "I need to clean myself off" mode. She happened to roll over with a smile, then a fearful look upon seeing me naked on the floor next to her.

The look turned to a smile when she saw me smiling at her. She hesitated, then kissed me tenderly on the lips, laughing when she realized she'd tasted her own love juices on my lips.

"Hey... now this is a situation, isn't it?" I joked. "So BIG brother... where do we go from here? Is this an "oops," or an "ok to more?" She asked. I didn't respond with words... rather, I leaned over but instead of kissing her, I started to nibble on her neck very lovingly while I started to stroke her pussy very gently between her soft and slightly sticky lips.

I told her to stick out her tongue and said "this is as close as I get to being gay, so enjoy," then I sucked on her tongue like she'd sucked on my cock, even licking up and down it and deep-throating it. Between that and the fingering I was giving her, she couldn't take it and started to cum again. This time however, we couldn't use alcohol as an excuse. We KNEW we wanted this - and BAD!

Rich Dog

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My husband was a gambler. He left me with two little kids, a pile of debt and no credit. After he was gone I discovered that the house was going into foreclosure. The bastard had not paid the mortgage in six months. He'd gambled the money away and hidden the foreclosure notices that came in the mail.

I had to come up with $4,400 by the end of the week or I would lose my house. I was desperate. My credit was no good and no one in my family had that kind of money.

My friend Sheila was a single mom who had become a topless dancer to support herself and her kids. She always said the money was good. I went to see her and asked her to loan me the money. She told me she didn't have it.

I asked her if she knew any way I could earn $4,400 in a week. I told her that I was so desperate that I would do anything. She knew what I meant.

She told me that she sometimes worked for an escort service, but that there was no way I could earn that much in a week. I told her then that the only option I had left was trying to rob a bank. At that point she said that maybe there was a way, but that I probably wouldn't want to do it. I told her I would do absolutely anything - and I meant it.

She said that a friend of hers had made $5,000 for one night's work. I couldn't believe it - it sounded too good to be true. She said that there was a kinky rich guy who had a standing offer of $5,000 for any woman from the escort service who would perform with his dog.

Life Of The Party

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I read your story on sex with a dog and I enjoyed it a lot. I too have sex with man's best friend.

The first time was not near as great as yours. It was more forced on me. I was 17 at the time, I had done my thing with a few local boys before but was still kind of inexperienced.

I was at a friend's house party, the type with no adults around. Plenty of loud music, beer and some smoke and whatever else people brought with them.

I was having fun and dancing and smoking and drinking and doing jello shots and, let's face it, things I had never before.

It was getting late and people were leaving and I was sitting on the recliner in the family room, not only feeling the room spin but watching it spin. I was about to toss it all on the floor. I guess I passed out on the recliner and that would not be the first mistake I made that night.

One of the guys thought it would be funny to undo my blouse and spread it open, showing the world my bra. I was pretty much out of it and only barely knew what was going on but I was too drunk to do anything but lie there.

I heard several voices, both guys and girls I think. Someone, I'm not sure what gender, undid my bra and lifted it up to my neck. My boobs were now in full view of everyone, but I was helpless to do anything about it. And if the truth be known I didn't really care at that moment.

Then it felt like I was putting my head to my chest, but I was not the one doing it, they were leaning me forward and removing my blouse and bra. I knew I was now naked from the waist up but still I couldn't seem to respond.