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Master's Bitch

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She sat eyes downcast in the front seat of car, biting her lip, Knowing there was trouble in store when the arrived home. Little did she realise just how much, she would not forget this night in a hurry.

They had been at a restaurant with some of Masters friends, celebrating someone's birthday. She had been enjoying herself drinking wine and chatting to the person next to her when suddenly Master stood grabbed her arm and said Sorry to leave so soon, to the people on the table, and I apologise for my worthless sluts behaviour. With a firm grip on her arm, in a soft commanding voice the whole restaurant heard, we are leaving slave.

She was mortified, a blush coloured her cheeks, and a tear sprung to her eye, what had she done.

The only word Master spoke as they got in the car was Think. She racked her brain, but it was so hard to think, Masters Silence was oppressive, she knew she had let him down somehow.

Arriving home she was placed in the corner of the room while Master set up, she could hear Master setting up the camera tripod, moving the bench and drawers opening and closing, she started to tremble what was he doing. The wait seemed to go on for ever. She heard him settle in the chair and light a cigarette.

Right slut, turn and face me "what have you to say for yourself."

"I'm sorry Master truly I am but I don't know what I have done," her eyes took in the array of floggers and paddles, and toys master had laid on the table, the whipping bench in middle of the floor, the camera attached to the computer, which was on.

A Lesson in Humility

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She entered the room and threw her briefcase and keys to the bar removing her shoes. As she stretched her body taut in an effort to release the tensions of the day. Her fingers rose to the golden clip that bound her silky chestnut curls, when suddenly she was startled by a hauntingly familiar voice.

"Did you have a good day my slave?"

Her heart seemed to stop as his voice sent hot waves of pleasure running through her. It was her master's voice. She closed her eyes... drinking in the safeness his voice brought to her soul. When next she opened her eyes... he stood before her... his presence a thick wall around her ... a solid fortress replacing the walls she'd built around herself with his own. She craved his touch... the need to feel it upon her near to overwhelming. Slowly his arms rose and he cradled her face in his strong hands looking deeply into his slave's eyes... as if searching her soul. She closed her eyes again... anticipating his kiss... his hot breath caressing her skin... enticing a moan from her full red lips... when suddenly he drew her head back with a jerk as his husky voice broke into her illicit thoughts.

"It is a shame..." he said harshly. "When one forgets... then one must be punished. Her belly tightened with fear and suddenly she remembered what she had forgotten. Her instructions. She'd been so happy to see him... it had been so long... that they'd completely slipped her mind. He tilted her chin upwards with a single finger... causing her soft hazel eyes to meet his hard blue ones.

Nightime Lover

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The curtains swayed and billowed over the open window, with the sounds of crickets and night birds outside. A car zooms past, then all is quiet again, except for a little scraping at the screen. I pushed off my covers and crossed my bedroom to the window and glanced out- side.

There staring back at me were two brown eyes surrounded by soft black fur, barely visible in the glow of the full moon. It jumped up and burst through the screen, pushing me back till I was prone on the floor and pinned by its mass.

He growls deep from within his broad black chest, as the fur brushes the silk lace of my gown. I try to crawl backwards and pull myself from him, but it doesn't work. He just follows hovering over me. His head comes down to sniff at my neck, then the rasp of tongue moves across the skin there, and then down to my nightgown. I whimper, which makes him pause for a moment. I think that that is my cue to run and roll over to my belly and again try to crawl away.

But before I could get out of the canine's grasp, he pawed me down at my shoulders so that my rear rose to the air. I screamed, but it was muffled in the carpet. Then I felt something hot against the teal lace of my nightgown, something that parted the way to my lips. It poked here and there, looking for my hole, but with each prod it ran down my clit then around the lips, making me moist. I closed my eyes as I felt the hot rod enter and the beasts' claws digging down into my shoulders.

Cindy's Best Friend

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Cindy lived in the downstairs apartment one door over from me. She was an extremely attractive looking girl. She was about 5' 7" tall, very thin with long slender legs. She had black hair down to her shoulders. I loved the way it flowed across her face accenting those deep mysterious eyes. Cindy always wore a dress, skirt or suit. I never saw her in jeans or shorts. Whenever she took her dog for a walk I would always take the time to watch her. On some occasions I would deliberately walk outside just to get a closer look. I would say "Hi" to her, but most times would barely get a response. Even after months of passing her by and saying "Hello", only sometimes would she comment back.

I finally gave up trying to meet her. She obviously was too stuck up or felt she was too prim and proper for someone like me. From then on every time I saw her I used to think that what she needed was someone to give her a good fuck. Maybe that would knock her down a few pegs. I never saw her with any guys. Maybe she was a lesbian. What a waste of a nice piece of ass that would be.

I found out that she not only worked a full time job but was also attended the local community college in the evenings. Maybe with her busy schedule she was just to tired to stop and chat with anyone or maybe she didn't want to start any relationship with anyone. Anyway, I was still dying to meet her.

One evening about 10 pm I decided to take a walk around the complex as I normally do every night. On the way back I usually stroll around the back of the buildings. I noticed some movement inside one of the apartments through the bedroom window. As I glanced over I realized it was Cindy's apartment, so I went closer to see what was going on. Carefully I walked near the window and peeked in. I couldn't believe my eyes what I saw. Cindy was sitting on the bed with her dog and she was fondling its' groin area. I could see the dog's cock start to appear as she rubbed her pet's genitals. My heart was pounding like crazy. This bitch wouldn't give me the time of day, but she would play around with a dog. I just stared in amazement watching this beautiful young thing jerking off her dog.

Caroline Pleases Commander

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Caroline was a city girl. She loved her brownstone and the sights and smells and excitement of living in the city. She had lived in Chicago for all of her eighteen years, and wouldn't have it any other way.

But this summer, Caroline's cousin, Tracy, had invited her to come and stay with her and Caroline's aunt and uncle on their farm in Wisconsin. The idea had intrigued her and after whining long enough and loudly enough to mother, Caroline had finally got permission to go and stay with Tracy for all of August.

The drive up to the farm had been long but the anticipation made it not to unbearable for Caroline. She wondered what life on a farm would really be like - the fresh food right out of the garden, the fields, the animals. Caroline wondered what kinds of animals they had. She knew that they had cows and chickens and geese and some horses, but she had no idea what other animals there might be. Being a city girl, she also didn't know how she would feel around the big animals. She had seen horses in the park, when policemen had ridden by, and they looked enormous. I'll know soon enough, she told herself as they approached the farm gates.

The first few days had gone quickly enough, as Tracy showed her everything around the farm - the barn, the stalls, the paddocks, the pig pens, chicken coops, and the fields. One warm afternoon, the girls were lazing around in front of the stalls, letting the hot sun bathe them as they leaned back against the hot barn siding, their tanned legs stretched out in front of their young, firm bodies. They had been talking about boys and what they had done or not done with them in their respective schools that year. Caroline was acting like the worldly city girl, and was telling Tracy about her junior high school and the many boys who followed her around.