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Julie and the Beast

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October 23rd, Year of Our Lord 1653

The darkness leered at her and the forest closed around her; Julie clung to the horse's back, bending forward and clutching his thick mane with both hands. His hair was soaked with sweat; through the horse-blanket and her thin cotton undergarments, the strong weary planes of his muscles moved between her thighs. When Pierre, the faithful black stallion, had come home without saddle or rider, her alarm had been great. She had mounted him without hesitation, and whispered in his ear, "Take me to him, dear Pierre; show me what has become of Papa!"

The tired mount took her to within sight of the huge old castle, dark and vine-covered, deep in the most desolate part of the Forest Ducharne. He would go no further; when she tried to press him, his eyes showed their whites, and he whinnied most pitifully. The girl slipped off his back, and went through the gates alone.

"Papa, Papa!" Her calls echoed off the ancient walls, the great door askew on its hinges. She passed into the inner courtyard; had the night been brighter, or the girl less intent on her goal, she might have noticed the garden that spread about her, the carefully-tended shrubs in fantastic shapes, the beds of roses large and fire-red in the darkness. "Papa!" And then, an answer.

Into the castle through the arched stone doorway. Up stairs, along dark passages peopled by shadows and whispers. Her father's answering shout becoming clearer. "No, Julie! Do not seek me! Go home, girl, run away!" But she followed his voice, through air like thick syrup, rooms smelling of time and decay.


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This story contains sexually explicit material between humans and animals. If this sort of interaction offends you stop reading now. It (unfortunately) is a work of fiction, any similarities to persons or animals, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Chrissy sat on the couch in a slouching position. Her long legs formed an "M" shape. Starting at her left leg, her foot on the edge of the sofa, the smooth curve of her calf angled up at a 45 degree angle to meet her firm thighs falling away at a 45 degree angle toward her crotch. Her right leg rose, bent at the knee and fell in harmony to her left. A perfect "M" shape with a surprise in the middle. Her normally flat belly showed little horizontal rolls of skin due to the slouching position she was forced to take in order to place her pussy on the edge of the sofa. It was a sectional sofa and she sat in the corner piece. She placed her hands on her knees and pulled back slightly. The tension caused the lips of her pussy to part slightly.

She shaved her box every time she shaved her legs, twice a week, more often if she went out on the town on the weekend. There was just a trimmed patch of blonde pubes residing above the slit that was her pussy. Lounged back with legs spread wide her outer lips came apart just a few centimeters, enough to reveal her inner lips that would normally have been secreted from view inside her labia. A faint trickle of lubrication seeped out from between those lips and snaked down to rest on her butt hole.


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Nobody would have believed that Suzy, the plump young blonde, was holding her husband John on such short leash. Nobody would also believe her capable of tongue leashing, but in fact she held him totally under her thumb. You see, she had this thing about tidiness and cleanliness, and John was a slob. "Cleanliness is the way of the Lord," she used to say. "It is second only to holiness," and when Suzy was speaking of G-d she was very serious-you see Suzy a very observant Christian.

Not the regular Sunday church-goer, no sir! Suzy went to this and that comity of the church almost every day. The worship of Almighty God really did mean much to her. And John, you see, well if left alone maybe he wouldn't attend church very regularly.. So Suzy didn't leave him alone. After all a wife has responsibility to save her husband from fire and brimstone, doesn't she?

She was married for seven years now, but God had not blessed them with children. Yes- that's how she felt about it it was God's blessing that they were missing, probably because the unholy behavior of John, what with his drinking and blaspheming ..She even performed very observantly once a week her "wife's duty" and had sex with him.. meaning he lay on her and shoved his dick into her for a few minutes and spent his semen in her-without the blessed outcome.

Well, it wasn't that bad-it didn't hurt or something, but she didn't know what good people found in it. Not at all like eating chocolate - that was tempting! but people certainly did find sex as exciting-even churchmen! -although having sex without marriage was certainly a sin, the reverend himself was doing it with that Johnson slut, she was sure!

Linda and Drake

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I guess this story really began more than 25 years ago. I am a 42 year old, happily married woman. I do not consider myself as BI sexual, although I have experienced that. I am also not "in love" with my dog. I do have sex with him. Sex with a dog is simply another avenue for me. A very erotic avenue. I said that this began more than 25 years ago because that was when my first experience with a dog began. As a teen I masturbated a lot. More than most of the girls I knew would admit to anyway. My father had a German shorthaired pointer named Max. One day, when I was home alone and playing with myself, Max came over to me and licked me. I was shocked, but God I did love the feeling. From that day on I got old Max to be my helper and it was not long before I let him mount me. That went on for about two years. I am not sure how or when or why it stopped. But for years I never thought about doing anything with a dog.

My husband is a hunter and about 6 years ago he just had to have a dog. He bought Drake, a good-sized black lab. I think Labrador retrievers are, in general, a very affectionate breed. Drake is not an exception.

I feed Drake every morning and my husband cleans the kennel at night when he get home. I guess the person who gives a dog food and water and a little affection is like a dog God. He's always happy to see me in the morning. One day, about three years ago, when I went out to feed him I just had a robe on. When I opened the gate he stuck his nose in to my crotch. Later that morning, as I drank my coffee, I let my mind wander to thoughts of Max. All I could think about that morning was Drake and by lunchtime I decided to bring him in to the house.


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It was chilly for a spring morning, but sitting around the tribal fire warmed the bones of even the eldest squaw. The old women circled the fire yapping and cackling quietly as they worked on the hide that had been drying for the past two weeks. They pulled at the hide and chewed on it to make it supple and soft. The hide was going to be made into a bridal dress and must be attended to perfectly. The old women laughed and made jokes about the new bride and her groom. The young girl that was to be married sat amongst the old women with her head bowed down trying to hide her embarrassment. Lily Dawn tried to ignore the old women as she worked on her bridal moccasins, beading them with the utmost care. She heard one of the elder women saying that Brown Bear's tee-pee pole was as large as any man's in the village. Lily had never seen Brown Bear's penis and was actually very afraid of it. The old woman that was speaking had no idea the terror that she was creating in Lily Dawn's heart. The old squaws laughed as they saw the fear on Lily's face, each one remembering their own fear before losing their virginity.

Suddenly, all became quiet. Lily Dawn looked up to see why the sudden hush, and all heads were turned towards the wood. Lily was squinting her eyes so that she could see what the old women were seeing. Leaning against a great redwood tree stood Lone Wolf. He was staring at the ladies with a smile. The old women looked at Lily and then looked down, trying to ignore the arrogant man. The brave stood boldly looking at Lily now. The curve of his mouth turned upwards. Lily Dawn could not pull her eyes away from the brave as he stood staring at her. Lily had heard many stories about Lone Wolf and was very curious. One of the old squaws muttered, "shape-shifter", causing Lily to jerk back to reality. Lily suddenly recognized the fact that she was staring and lowered her head immediately. Lily knew that Lone Wolf was a shape-shifter and she also knew that he followed her constantly in different forms. The old squaws believed that Lone Wolf was jealous and wanted Lily to himself, but Brown Bear would fight him to the death. The old women began whispering about impending danger, as Lily slowly lifted her head to see if Lone Wolf was still standing in the wood. Lone Wolf had disappeared, leaving Lily Dawn in deep thought.