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Kristy and Max

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This morning Kristy got the call she was hoping would never come. Someone was taking Max from her. Amy said that she would be by during the day to pay for Max. Kristy knew what was up with them from the tone in Amy's voice. Kristy knew that feeling from her own experience with Max. Kristy also knew that she wanted Max too. She had never forgotten that first night when she lost her virginity to him on the floor of the kennel. After all she was Max first bitch. She would have to find a way to stay involved with Max before Amy arrived.

When Amy left with Max she knew in her heart that Amy would take Max. Somehow Kristy sensed what kind of dog Amy was looking for. So she was trying to get prepared for the inevitable. Kristy was practicing several possible stories in her mind. The only thing was none of the stories would keep her with Max. They were too flimsy and Kristy knew Amy would see right through them. She resolved herself to be direct with Amy taking the risk of revealing her experiences with Max to someone who wouldn't understand. If this wasn't enough she was willing to beg and plead. She just had to get up the courage to be honest. This was going to be the hardest thing she had ever done, but she would for Max.

When Amy arrived, Max was right by her side. Kristy also knew how to communicate with Max. She looked into his eyes. She sensed the satisfaction and commitment he had made to Amy. This increased her courage. Kristy kissed Max directly on the lips and Max returned the affection with his tongue in her mouth. Amy saw this. She felt that Kristy must have a relationship with Max too.

Surprise for the Wife

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Being laid off work allows a man to think of a lot of things. Gradually, it turns to sex and things the Internet has to offer. After reading about bestiality and doggy fucking, I decided to find an alternative way to get myself and my wife off regardless is she like it or not.

We have a large dog that that stayed outside in the backyard. Many times the wife and I would make light- hearted jokes about his big penis. The first thing was to educate myself regarding what Rover could do and could not do. Since this was an experiment and I had plenty of time on my hands, I decided to be the guinea pig.

After having several beers and a couple of slugs of whiskey, I brought the dog into the bedroom. Removing my clothing and getting underneath the dog, I started to masturbate him with slow moving motion. I notice that my cock was getting excited with anticipation, and decided to stick him in my mouth. The dog was very receptive as I sucked his cock very slowly.

I realized I had a raging hard on and tried to remove the dog's cock from my mouth. The dog had nothing to do with it and started hunching my mouth with vigor. Finally, I was able to pull away from the dog resting against the end of the bed. The dog was shivering with excitement. Without hesitation, the dog came over and tried humping my leg when I decided to try to get his nine-inch cock in my ass.

Positioning myself, I managed to get his cock at my asses doorway. I was so horny and the dog was so wet and big, it slid in with hardly any trouble. At first there was pain, but pleasure started filling my bowls. I could feel his cock sliding in and out of my ass. All of a sudden the dogs cock exploded filling me up with his jism.

Shannon Doherty

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Story on this file is fiction. These stories are not meant to suggest that any of the featured celebrities are actually involved in, or have ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals - although, we wish they were and that the stories were true.

Shannon stumbled toward the exit of the nightclub. The place was overcrowded, the music was thumping in her head and she had had too much to drink.

She was wearing a tight black leather mini-dress that barely got halfway down to her knees, it was cut low enough that she couldn't wear a bra with it, her small breasts pushed up and together to form an attractive cleavage. She had to dress this way incase the paparazzi were around, any photos of her had to make the newspapers, she needed the publicity.

Unfortunately, her dress, coupled with her looks, were getting her a lot of unwanted attention from the guys in the bar. She was sick of all these guys trying to get in her pants, they were so obvious - didn't they know that she didn't like cock? She only liked the tongue of a woman, any woman! Just the thought of being penetrated was revolting to her, by cock, dildo or even finger - she hated it, as a result her pussy was probably the tightest most unfucked hole in LA

She'd only come to the club because her friend Alyssa had insisted, and now she was in the toilets getting fucked by a couple of total strangers. Shannon needed to piss, but there were lines leading out of the door to the ladies bathroom, she wasn't about to use the men's room, she knew didn't want to see her TV co-star with a cock in her mouth (and she knew Alyssa would be doing that with some total stranger in the middle of the men's room floor, with an audience!) so she headed out of the club.

Caught Twice

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The next door neighbor's Great Dane was out again. She could see him from her back porch area where she was standing. He was mounting a female black Lab as Lisa looked on. He was upon her back as she saw him entering the big Lab, his red cock visible as she looked on.

The Big Dane was an inside dog and the neighbors kept him very clean. She had saw the way the Dane hung close to the woman next door and the affection she paid to him on many occasions. She often wondered why the Dane stayed so close to the woman. But, he often played in the yard with her two teenaged boys also.

Lisa had watched as the neighbors big Dane slid his huge cock to the female Lab. The Lab was in heat and the big Dane was really pounding his long cock to her. Lisa could see his thick, red cock as it pumped the entire length in and out with rapid thrusts. He was giving her a good fucking as she watched.

She had become so wet as she watched the two dogs, her hand reaching down inside her shorts and pulling her panties aside as her fingers found her enlarged clit. She started to rub herself as she watched. Her pussy was getting so hot and her fingers felt so good as her breathing became faster.

Her pussy was on fire now as she stoked the love button and pushed her hips to meet her probing fingers. Her fingers were moving faster now to ease the itch she was feeling, her climax approaching as she masturbated. She had worked herself into a deep climax as her entire body shook from the climax as she watched them fucking.

Role Reversal

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Ben had experimented with his body since he was just a small boy, and now he carried that same curiosity with him into adulthood. What wondrous pleasures awaited him he could only imagine. Sexually, he had married well. She was a wonderful lover, pleasing him in so many ways. She accepted his adventures with her, yet never fully understood just how badly he needed to be stimulated. Imagination took him places he dared not share with her... he feared her rejection of his dream world. She could be creative, but there was still and air of decency in her sexual play, never really letting go and going beyond the accepted standards.

That's why he experimented when he was alone... without her. Oh, he had talked with her about certain desires, and they even participated in the basics. She had watched him fuck a melon, and she had screwed his ass a couple times with dildos, which he was truly turned on by, and there had been a few mild bouts of S&M, but there was more to him than she knew.

As a young boy, Ben tired of masturbating with his hands and had no luck with girls, being so shy. He had tried one afternoon to mount the family lab, but she would have nothing of it. It was kind of comical as he looked back on it... on his knees, naked with a painfully hard cock jutting up between his legs, balls pulled up tight and swollen as he frantically tried to hold the bitch still. With plaintive eyes, she would look back at him and anticipate his lunges, moving her tail to the side and lining his bulging cock up with her in-heat vagina... dew glistening at the tip of her down turned lips. But she would not hold still as he attempted penetration, and clearly she would not cooperate. Thus ended his youthful attempt at mating with the dogs.