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Seeking the Wolf

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In the village of Gudjik, the rumors were thick. The story was told over and over again on that cold September day. The night before, so it was said, little Marija Dubniczech had been walking home from college - just eighteen years old, a good girl - and she had been violently raped. But not by an ordinary man; by a werewolf. Or so Marija said. Some in the village believed that she had made up the tale for fear that the real rapist might otherwise attempt to do her harm.

But Shuka knew differently. For she had been concealed in the bushes nearby when the giant beast made his attack on that witless little fool Marija. Shuka had been there in the bushes waiting for Mikal to come and gently suck on and kiss her pussy and breasts as he sometimes did. Shuka sucked on and kissed Mikal's cock for him, too, and the two teenagers found this arrangement to be quite pleasant. But Shuka had arrived early, right after school, and so she had witnessed as a giant hairy wolf-man caught and captured a terrified, screaming Marija, and proceeded to rip off her panties and jab his enormous penis brutally into her young body.

Stupid Marija had wept and finally passed out from the pain, but Shuka knew that if she had been in Marija's place, she would have enjoyed it. And so the next night, when all the other good little girls of Gudjik were tucked into their beds by protective families, Shuka left her drunk of a mother alone in their rundown little cottage, and ventured out along the lonely East Road, to the meadow where the werewolf had appeared the night before.

A Fantasy Come True

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As I quietly walked through my backyard toward the park that bordered our property I felt myself trembling with the anticipation of bringing to life one of my biggest fantasies. When I reached the hedge that separated our yard from the park I stopped. The park looked deserted, but I waited a few moments, watching for any movement therein before I stepped through the gap in the hedge.

I had prepared well for this night, wanting everything to be perfect. I was blessed with an unusually warm winter night. The temperature was about fifty with a slight breeze. I was wearing a short pleated skirt, naked underneath, and the breeze made its way under it to caress my pantyless bottom. I had on a down-filled ski jacket in the pocket of which was a brand new dog leash that I had bought the previous day.

I walked along our hedge to stand in the park behind my neighbor's house. It was 2:00 AM, my husband had been at work for about three hours and I had plenty of time. He did not know about this aspect of my life. Ever since I began having sex with Heathcliffe, a black lab belonging to one of the women I worked with, I had been trying to talk him into getting a dog but he was not interested.

I had spent a lot of time on the Internet and had found several chat rooms devoted to sex with animals. I had chatted with a woman who made a suggestion that had really turned me on. Since I had no dog of my own, she suggested that I pick up stray dogs for sex. She told me that she herself did that quite often. Something about the idea of having sex with strange dogs drove me absolutely wild. I mentioned to her that I had thought about having sex with Chief, my neighbor's dog. She said that she thought strays were safer than a neighbor's dog, but the conversation got me so hot that I started to fantasize heavily about letting Chief fuck me. It soon became an obsession. Now, I was going to try to bring that fantasy to realization.


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I had fancied my sister-in-law for some time. She was younger than my wife, but had the same build, medium height, slim with large tits and long red hair. I tried to imagine what she would be like to fuck. If she was anything like her sister then she couldn't get enough. Her husband had left her a few years ago and she had only recently moved closer to us, about an hour by car.

My wife and my sister-in-law had started a get together one night a week; this worked fine as I worked nights and it was some company for my wife. Jane my sister-in-law would arrive Friday afternoon and stay over to Saturday evening. Giving them plenty of time to chat and catch up on each other's news over a meal and a bottle of wine whilst I went to work.

I decided on a plan as I didn't think my wife Sue and Jane would go for a threesome.

Over the Internet I found a site that sold dodgy goods including drugs. I ordered some roofies and a couple of days later an envelope arrived containing a number of white tablets marked with the "Roch" logo.

My plan was simple; I would take a Friday night off with out telling Sue. Then I would make out I was going to work as normal. Enjoy a drink with them before I left home, having spiked their drinks. Give it an hour then I would return home and if what I had been told about the drug was true I should find them at my mercy.

The day arrived, I was very excited at what was to come and the more I thought about it the harder my cock became. I had everything laid on the drugs hidden in the kitchen some cord and other items in the lounge. At about four o'clock Jane's car pulled up outside. She came bouncing through the front door and gave Sue and I a kiss and a hug. We all went through into the lounge and sat down for a chat. I was relieved to see that Jane was wearing a skirt and blouse, no trousers or tights to struggle with!

Wife On Video

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My life as a long distance trucker kept me away from home quite a bit. I thought my wife had taken a lover as our sex life was hitting the bottom.

I had installed a camera and video player in the attic to watch her while I was gone on the road. I knew she had a female lover but I wanted to make sure it was not another man. If it was I could put a stop to it before it got to far along.

The camera would only come on when there was movement in the bedroom, it cost a bundle, but it was worth it.

I fucked my wife just before I left but made sure she didn't climax, because I wanted her to be very horny. When I got back that night after my wife left for work I watched the tape hoping there was something on it.

It was my wife masturbating on our bed then she got up and went to get her vibrator. My eyes opened wide when I saw that she almost took the whole nine inches of it and finally brought herself to a climax.

The insatiable women was still horny so she placed a mirror by the bed so she could watch herself while she brought herself off. To do this she had to face the wall with her legs off the side of the bed. After she came for the third time she dropped the vibrator on the floor and fell asleep.

Our dog always sleeps in the bedroom at the foot of our bed and when she dropped the vibrator he came over to see what the noise was. He started licking the vibrator, as he liked the taste of my wife's pussy. Then the dog started smelling her pussy, which was sort of hanging over the edge of the bed.

Cecile's Night Out

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Part 1

Cecile Banks...the sexy young thing... the tease... the girl who guys could only fantasize about...was now covered with scratches and bruises. Her hair matted and caked with dirt, she was sitting on the stairs of her little 1-story house trying to recap what had actually happened to her. It was 3:00 a.m and she had just come home after a long 2 hour bus drive. "Things like that don't happen to girls like me...they just don't..," she thought to herself as she rocked back and forth with her arms wrapped around her knees.

Cecile Banks is a 20-year-old clerk at Macy's. She has a fairly good $15-an hour job working behind the cosmetics counter. She spends all her money on herself and, along with that, her employee discounts on cosmetics make her even happier. It is easy for her to sell things... no matter what they might be. At 5'7, with long, silky, waist-length black hair, those green mischievous eyes, and the Angelina Jolie luscious lips, she is absolutely stunning. She may not be the slimmest girl, but her curvy hips, small waist, thick sexy thighs, and large gravity-defying breasts topped with tiny pink nipples, would drive any man crazy.

Cecile was a tease, definitely a tease. She liked to see how far a man would go for her... only to turn her back on him. She always had to have her way and when it came to sex, she would never give head. She wanted to be pleasured, pampered, and lavished with nothing in return whatsoever. She believed that the privilege of being able to fuck and pleasure her was gratuitous enough. She did have her secrets though. At age 15, she had her clit pierced by her friend who worked in a piercing parlor, and had "delectable" tattooed onto the inside of her right thigh. She was a voyeur and led a pretty crazy sexual life. Her preferences included threesomes, lesbian sex, sex with older women (as well as older men), sex with young girls, toys, etc. But she had never considered bestiality.