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Gone to the Dogs

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Sandy had always been interested in dogs and horses (but that's another story). For as long as she could remember she had owned one or more dogs. Her introduction to the birds and the bees, as a matter of fact, was through them.

When she was twelve she came home from school early and heard noises in the basement. Upon peeking down the stairs she saw her mother and father with two dogs. Their male dog had climbed on the back of their female. (She remembered that both dogs had acted funny around that time, the male was always trying to climb on her leg. Her parents always got angry and shooed him away.) He was making quick, little funny thrusting motions with his haunches.

She almost cried out for him to stop, but noticed her mother and father were also acting funny. Her father had a bulge in the front of his pants and her mother was rubbing herself between her legs. She froze while the dogs were continuing their silly activity when her mother reached over and opened her father's belt and pants. As they fell to the floor she grabbed his underwear and also pulled then down. She had problems with these because he had something red and very, very funny looking sticking out in front. He didn't have the same slit between his legs that she did.

Whatever was wrong her mother apparently was going to correct it because she tried to pull the growth off. She apparently couldn't do it because she soon stopped and knelt down and tried to bite it off. All this time her father stood there seemingly unconcerned. Suddenly he grabbed her mother and all but tore her slacks off. He yanked them down to the floor along with her panties. She appeared to be normal in the front, but she did have hair between her legs (Sandy had seem that once before).


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As instructed by the high priest, Sarah disrobed and walked over to the cushions in the center of the room. She kneeled down on the cushions and rested her rear on backs of her high-heels, waiting in anticipation for what was to come. As soon as Sarah was in position, Lisa came into the room, leading a large dog by a leash. She took the big dog to where Sarah was waiting.

Sarah knew that Lisa had been preparing the dog in the back room, getting it ready for the initiation ceremony. Sarah could see the dog's large cock dangling down between its legs, bright red and glistening as if wet. Sarah just stared at the penis for a few moments, guessing that it was at least 6 inches long and still growing. She licked her lips and then leaned forward on her knees to move her head closer to the dog's cock. She took the dog's shaft in her hand and began to slowly milk it, watching closely as it continued to grow even bigger and more red.

Sarah started to feel a nasty tingle in her loins as she wantonly pumped the dog's cock in her hand. The dog too was getting more excited with Sarah's skillful stroking, and began a slight thrusting motion with its hips. Knowing what was expected of her, Sarah moved her mouth to the tip of the dog's member, and began swirling her tongue around the pointy head. She could taste the pre-cum as it began to flow from the head, and savored its gamy flavor. After a few seconds of licking the wet cockhead, Sarah looked up at her audience, the dog's juices dripping from her red, pouting lips. She gave the onlookers a wanton look, licking her lips sensually for a few moments and then returned her attention to the dog's still growing dick.


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Shiloh watched the rain pour down outside her house in the woods making the day dreary and boring. She was getting used to this feeling since her husband was always away doing his truck route across country. The only companion she had was Max her German Shepherd that her husband bought her for protection. Their nearest neighbors were several miles down the road. So Shiloh would spend her days exercising and running with Max to keep in shape.

Thank god they had satellite television otherwise she would have gone crazy. Her husband was gone sometimes upwards of two weeks at a time and this was usually a tough time for her. She loved him and they were good in bed together. So when he was gone her sexual needs were wanting. many times she would masturbate and have strong orgasms. But it wasn't the same as when her husbands cock fucked her deep and hard.

She often would look at her body in the bedrooms full length mirror after a shower and admire her tight slim body. She had deep reddish hair that flowed down beyond her shoulders. Her breasts were pendulous and perky with large areolas and thick long nipples that her husband loved to suck on. Her hands moved down over her flat tummy appreciating the hard work she did in her exercises to get it that way.

Finally she opened her legs a bit looking at her pussy. It was shaved clean the way her husband liked it. Her vaginal lips protruded as did her swollen clit from its hiding place. She turned to look at her ass and smiled. It was what won her husband over. Her ass was tight and round and when she bent over it spread open to reveal all her womanly assets. She looked incredible in a pair of low cut tight jeans.

Memories of South Wales

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Once when in my early twenties I had some "Partner" problems with Andrew.

I walked out and went to spend summer with my Aunt on a smallholding in a remote part of South Wales. Aunt Meg was a widow, aged around forty, she had lived on her own ever since my Uncle Dylan had been killed in a mine accident ten years earlier.

I think the Miners Union obtained a decent compensation claim for her, she now seemed quite well off and she and Dylan having no children had always had a soft spot for me, being her younger sisters daughter.

She kept chickens, a goat, several orphaned lambs, a cat and two Labrador dogs for company. The Labs were lovely, one black and one golden, named, 'Bill' and 'Ben'.

Her old farm cottage was remote, well off the beaten track or any real road. The two dogs would howl like banshees if anyone strange dared to approach their lonely track but just greeted people with a welcoming bark when the few folk they knew well approached, my aunt could truthfully tell you just who was approaching by the barks.

Her dogs were highly trained, one of her hobbies was dog obedience training, she had done it for years and won cash prizes and exhibitions at exhibitions at local fetes. She had even trained sheepdogs, winning trials when younger at my Granddads hill farm.

Local people in the village, even farmers were forever asking her advice about various dogs, breeds, illnesses, training etc. She was definitely a respected canine "expert".

Rhonda at the Fair

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We are posting these stories about happenings from our past 23 years of marriage. Most of them happened in the early 70's before sex was such a dangerous proposition. So, if you ever got fucked by a little redhead, you may have met Rhonda. While she is over 30 (she got pissed when I put in her real age last time), she still looks much, much younger as she is always working to stay in shape. She is 5"5", 105 lbs, and has delicious small, perky tits. Her pussy is still soft and tight (no kids) and has a great round firm ass that guys love to fuck.

If you enjoy our experiences, send us a story back.

The summer after we were married was a good one for Rhonda. She was doing good in her job and was feeling pleased with herself. I, however, was looking for a job and didn't share her feelings.

One of the things that her family always did when she was a little girl was go to the local county fair. She thought that this would take my mind off my problems and took me to one in a town near where we lived in upstate New York. Rhonda put on a white halter top that was nothing more than a piece of material that barely covered her. From the side you could see the roundness of her tits, and if she moved right they would actually peek out. A pair of jean cut-offs and sneakers finished her outfit. She knew that I would like this and hoped it would raise my spirits as she flashed her tits at me or any guy who bothered to look.