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Memories of South Wales

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Once when in my early twenties I had some "Partner" problems with Andrew.

I walked out and went to spend summer with my Aunt on a smallholding in a remote part of South Wales. Aunt Meg was a widow, aged around forty, she had lived on her own ever since my Uncle Dylan had been killed in a mine accident ten years earlier.

I think the Miners Union obtained a decent compensation claim for her, she now seemed quite well off and she and Dylan having no children had always had a soft spot for me, being her younger sisters daughter.

She kept chickens, a goat, several orphaned lambs, a cat and two Labrador dogs for company. The Labs were lovely, one black and one golden, named, 'Bill' and 'Ben'.

Her old farm cottage was remote, well off the beaten track or any real road. The two dogs would howl like banshees if anyone strange dared to approach their lonely track but just greeted people with a welcoming bark when the few folk they knew well approached, my aunt could truthfully tell you just who was approaching by the barks.

Her dogs were highly trained, one of her hobbies was dog obedience training, she had done it for years and won cash prizes and exhibitions at exhibitions at local fetes. She had even trained sheepdogs, winning trials when younger at my Granddads hill farm.

Local people in the village, even farmers were forever asking her advice about various dogs, breeds, illnesses, training etc. She was definitely a respected canine "expert".

Unexpected Pleasure

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Kathy was bone tired, as she turned onto the street where she lived. She had left her house very early this morning. She had to travel from Birmingham to Nashville for an 8:30 AM sales meeting at the corporate offices. On the way home she had three appointments scheduled that could not be canceled or rescheduled for another day. At least she had two new accounts from the day's appointments. At 6:45 PM, Kathy pulled into her driveway. All she could think about was the nice hot shower she was going to take and going to bed early tonight. Normally on Fridays she went out or stayed up late watching old movies on TV. Not tonight, after her shower it was to be straight to bed. She might even sleep late tomorrow morning.

As Kathy got out of her car she heard her dog, Nero, barking and whimpering. She headed for the back yard to see what the hell was going on. After closing the gate, she scanned the yard for Nero. The big dog was in the far corner of the yard, with his front paws on the top fence rail, barking at the neighbor's female Boxer. Nero was a very big Rottweiller and weighs almost 200 pounds. The Boxer was rubbing her ass against the fence, it was plain to Kathy the bitch was in heat. Nero followed every move the boxer made, barking and whimpering. Kathy yelled at Nero to be quite and get down; he acted like she was not even there. Pissed off, Kathy grabbed the big dogs collar and tried to pull him away from the fence. She couldn't move him. Nero was to intent on getting some dog pussy from the boxer on the other side of the fence. After trying twice more to get Nero to be quite and leave the boxer alone, Kathy decided to get between Nero and the fence and push him away from the fence. As Kathy came around Nero to the fence, she noticed the big dog had a massive erection. Nero's dick was at least 10 1/2" to 11" long, a pointed tip tapered back to the shaft that had to be 2 1/2" to 3" around. She looked at the boxer and said, "I really don't think you want that monster dick up your doggie pussy!" She didn't think her fingers would touch if she wrapped her hand around it! She grabbed Nero by the collar and pushed; no luck. Nero was on the fence, barking. She was determined to make him obey her. Kathy was only 5' 3" tall and didn't weigh but 94 pounds soaking wet. She grabbed the big dog by the collar again, kneed him in the chest and yelled at him to get down and be good. Finally, Nero got down and paid attention to Kathy. She told him he was bad boy and to go lay down. The Rottwieller started walking away from the fence. Kathy had started back to the house when she saw Nero turn back to the fence. "Oh no you don't " Kathy yelled as she ran back and caught the big dog by the collar. "You're coming with me. I'm not going to have you barking all night," she said as she led him to the house.

Gone to the Dogs

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Sandy had always been interested in dogs and horses (but that's another story). For as long as she could remember she had owned one or more dogs. Her introduction to the birds and the bees, as a matter of fact, was through them.

When she was twelve she came home from school early and heard noises in the basement. Upon peeking down the stairs she saw her mother and father with two dogs. Their male dog had climbed on the back of their female. (She remembered that both dogs had acted funny around that time, the male was always trying to climb on her leg. Her parents always got angry and shooed him away.) He was making quick, little funny thrusting motions with his haunches.

She almost cried out for him to stop, but noticed her mother and father were also acting funny. Her father had a bulge in the front of his pants and her mother was rubbing herself between her legs. She froze while the dogs were continuing their silly activity when her mother reached over and opened her father's belt and pants. As they fell to the floor she grabbed his underwear and also pulled then down. She had problems with these because he had something red and very, very funny looking sticking out in front. He didn't have the same slit between his legs that she did.

Whatever was wrong her mother apparently was going to correct it because she tried to pull the growth off. She apparently couldn't do it because she soon stopped and knelt down and tried to bite it off. All this time her father stood there seemingly unconcerned. Suddenly he grabbed her mother and all but tore her slacks off. He yanked them down to the floor along with her panties. She appeared to be normal in the front, but she did have hair between her legs (Sandy had seem that once before).

Nice Horsey

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The four girls plopped out in the hayloft. All were naked. All were juicy between the legs. All had their faces smeared with pussy cream.

"God," Patsy gasped.

She sat up and looked at the three older girls.

Ashley smile broke across her face, "You girls... whewwww!"

Ellen sat up, laughed, "We got a great new member, right?"

Tracy nodded, drooling as she stared hotly at Patsy's large, ripe tits. "It's just a shame I'm not going to be here to enjoy it."

"Yeah," Patsy said, Mary and Ellen agreeing with her.

Patsy squirmed in the hay, propped herself up on her knees. All three sets of eyes were glued to the bouncing flesh of her tits.

"Now I have some questions," she said.

"I was wondering when you'd get around to asking," Ellen said.

"You didn't tell her about you-know-who?" Tracy giggled, looking at Patsy.

"Who is you-know-who?" Patsy asked, her head spinning with questions.

She looked at her new friends, the leaders of the Horse Club she now belonged to. All three girls broke into laughter and Patsy stared quizzically at them all.

"Knowing who it is doesn't mean anything unless you ask the right questions," Ellen said between fits of laughter.

"Christ," Patsy giggled. "You guys are confusing me."

She took a deep breath. "Answer me without all that cryptic shit!"

"Sure," Ellen said. "I'll answer whatever you ask."


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I always had pets when I was growing up - dogs, cats, lizards, fish, frogs and turtles. While I enjoyed them all, especially the dogs and cats, I never thought of them as more than friends. I suppose others developed more intimate relationships with their pets and I just wasn't aware of it. That all changed with Nancy.

After college I was working for a large organization. Part of my first job involved hiring (and sometimes firing) employees. Over the years I have hired countless numbers of men and women, but I will never forget one woman I hired very early in my career.

Her name is Nancy. She had just moved to California from the mid west with her husband. She was over qualified for the job we had available, but she was desperate for work. Her husband had been disabled and wasn't able to work. And Nancy was having a very difficult time finding a job. They had spent what little savings they had and were broke.

Nancy was tall, well dressed and good looking. In a word, she was elegant. But she retained an air of innocence and had a wonderful personality. She didn't seem to be the typical "farmer's daughter" even though she told me she had grown up on a farm.

At any rate, I hired Nancy and she started working right away. I don't remember exactly what her job was, but I do know she was extremely happy I had given her the job.

Although my boss questioned my judgment hiring someone so obviously over qualified, a few weeks later he told me how pleased he was with Nancy's work. And I said that I thought she had real potential and I'd hired her because we could promote her to more responsible positions. My boss was very impressed with my insight. Without ever knowing it, Nancy had helped me in my career and I was grateful to her.