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I Am My Doggie's Pussy

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Author Note: This is another one for the ladies who want or have ever thought about having sex with a K9. If you like to read about doggie fucking, this is for you. It is about Ruth, a middle aged lady who lives alone and finds out her big Lab, Bear, wants her hot pussy as he rapes her.


I have lived alone since my divorce several years ago and have a home sort of in the rural suburbs. I work a part time job and have a big Lab named Bear that is my watch dog since I am alone most of the time. I am not a beauty queen and am a little on the heavy side as I have a wide ass and plump thighs. My breast are very large, a 44 Ds and I love to play with them.

I was always into masturbation and love to make myself cum every day, some times even several times a day. I have a good selection of vibrators and dildos that I like to use and even have a mirror over my bed so I can watch myself. I try to keep my pussy well shaven as it turns me on to see my fat pussy lips taking my toys. I am a squirter and love to gush when I cum.

I am also an internet junkie and love to get online as I have several different accounts. One of my favorite things is to chat on instant message with my lady friends and a few men I have met online. I have a cam and love to see another lady masturbating as I do it with her. I will seldom go on cam with a man since they all want just one thing, a lady to show them her pussy. I do like a nice cock and love to masturbate to a lovely cock in a few videos I have.


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I suppose that it was pure chance, a lucky throw of the dice, and a case of right time, right place, that I met Lisa. The circumstances were hardly usual; in fact shock was possibly the first reaction she evinced from me. Definitely shock. Intrigue and wanton lust also added to the brew of emotions that she caused. The experience of her though, was a life-changing event, one that would never ever diminish in the memory and would alter my perspective on life from that time onwards.

I had been called by a man who's name reminded me of an out-board motor. Popolopoulous or something similar, merely trying to pronounce his name sounded like a four-horse-powered engine on the back of a little boat. He wanted a full survey of the outside walls of his house in Maida Vale. A few days later, armed with digital camera and measuring beam, I was "on site", taking notes and sketching the layout of the building. He had an idea he wanted to build a carport on the side with provision for a vine to grow over a steel trellis.

An electronic controlled gate separated them from the busy road that ran through to Paddington Green. From the street level, it was not possible to see the property, completely hidden by the dense growth of honeysuckle that draped over the top of the slatted wooden fence over a raised brick wall. Once inside the front garden and with the gate shut, London and its snaking and pollutant traffic were shut out completely. Not even the roar of diesel engines or the whine of small motorbikes penetrated over or through the barrier of brick, timber and foliage.

Pig in a Poke

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When I was eighteen I was, like many inner city, single-parent kids, a high school drop out, and in some trouble with the law. I owe a debt of gratitude for turning my life around to my parole officer at the time, Tom. Tom told me of a couple in his home town in Northern Ontario that were having a really tough time of it. He urged, wheedled and cajoled me into taking a job as a hired man on their farm, with room and board included, but just at the minimum wage. Well you didn't have to be a rocket scientist, or even a high school graduate, to see that the way things were going I was going to end up in prison or the victim of gang warfare, so I finally agreed to give it a try, although I didn't think I would last a week working on some pig farm.

The farm was a smaller operation owned by a Dutch couple. Mr. V_ had had a stroke while seeding his grain. He had lain on the cold dirt for much of the day until he was missed. It looked like he was going to be bedridden for a long time. A neighbouring farmer had agreed to look after the field work for the couple, and Mrs. V_ probably could have handled most of the work in the piggery herself (she was an extremely capable woman) but she spent a lot of time caring for her husband, trying to help him get going again. Tom could not have found better role models for me. They were different than almost anyone I had ever known, and obviously had a deep and special bond between them.

The Barn Yard Story

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It was a hot summer day on the Just Another Ranch. All the chores were done. The cows were mooing for their daily delight. Jack arose from his early afternoon slumber and went for the aluminum baseball bat on the porch. He put on his muddy rubber boots and headed for the pasture. When the cows saw Jack coming, they raced over to the pasture gate in anticipation.

Jack made it to the gate and slipped the lock. The cows were mooing wildly and Jack knew it was time. Just about every year around this time, the female cows were in heat. One year, Jack just couldn't stand the cows' anxiety so he did what he's doing now. Jack walked over to Betsy (he got well acquainted with the animals) and Betsy turned around to receive her pleasure. Jack took the large end of the bat and shoved it slowly inside Betsy's huge cunt. The cow moaned in pleasure as Jack increased the pumping to a fast and furious climax. The cow, now a little weak in the knees began to moan really low as her juices started to flow. Jack pulled out the vaginal secretion coated bat and went on to do Brownie, Clarence, and the gay bull, Georgey.

Kelly, the farmer's daughter was watching this strange ritual from her bedroom window high atop the ranch house. Actually, she was starting to get sexually aroused. She could feel a tingling deep down in her muff and couldn't stand the excitement. She took off her t-shirt and started rubbing and massaging her eighteen year old tits. They weren't the biggest tits that Kelly has seen, but all the boys at college thought she was the best one in bed! She undid her skirt and started rubbing her clit, making it nice and hot. She then slipped one finger in and let out a little moan. She couldn't stand the lack of pleasure produced by her fingers and was wishing for a big dick, one bigger then she'd ever seen before. She took her finger out of her slit and got dressed again. She went back to her window and watched the cows receiving the ecstasy that she thought she deserved.


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It all started about 6 months ago when my husband bought me and my step daughter this computer for Christmas, mainly for her to do her work on and for me to keep busy and out of his hair.

First let me tell you about myself. I am 5'7, 163lbs, natural redhead, 38dd-30-42, freckles, trimmed pussy and have been feeling very neglected as of late. A friend of mine told me about this chat room service called "ICQ" in which we would be able to chat all the time for no charge (she lives in North Carolina and I am in Pennsylvania)

After I had it loaded and we were chatting I started getting messages from other men and a few women also. I found it very flattering at the time because my husband hardly ever pays any attention to me because of his work schedule. Eventually I started to have cyber sex with a few men and even another woman who lived in a town nearby!! That in turn led to phone sex after a bit and it was very fulfilling indeed until one day when I was one the phone masturbating on my bed that Bouncer came into the room and leapt unto the bed with me and started trying to snuggle up as he usually does.

Bouncer is my golden retriever, who my husband takes hunting whenever he finds time. Bouncer is a very loving dog and we have always treated him like one of the family instead of a dog.

As I was masturbating to my lover over the phone Bouncer began to act very strange and seemed to start sniffing me a lot down there and actually tried to lick me once. I over reacted and pushed him away with my foot and the poor guy slipped on the covers and fell to the floor. I was on the verge of a mind numbing orgasm when I felt his wet nose between my legs again and tried to push him away a few more times until I finally relented and figured if I let him see there is nothing there for him he should leave me be so I can continue with my lover.