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Kristy and Max

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This morning Kristy got the call she was hoping would never come. Someone was taking Max from her. Amy said that she would be by during the day to pay for Max. Kristy knew what was up with them from the tone in Amy's voice. Kristy knew that feeling from her own experience with Max. Kristy also knew that she wanted Max too. She had never forgotten that first night when she lost her virginity to him on the floor of the kennel. After all she was Max first bitch. She would have to find a way to stay involved with Max before Amy arrived.

When Amy left with Max she knew in her heart that Amy would take Max. Somehow Kristy sensed what kind of dog Amy was looking for. So she was trying to get prepared for the inevitable. Kristy was practicing several possible stories in her mind. The only thing was none of the stories would keep her with Max. They were too flimsy and Kristy knew Amy would see right through them. She resolved herself to be direct with Amy taking the risk of revealing her experiences with Max to someone who wouldn't understand. If this wasn't enough she was willing to beg and plead. She just had to get up the courage to be honest. This was going to be the hardest thing she had ever done, but she would for Max.

When Amy arrived, Max was right by her side. Kristy also knew how to communicate with Max. She looked into his eyes. She sensed the satisfaction and commitment he had made to Amy. This increased her courage. Kristy kissed Max directly on the lips and Max returned the affection with his tongue in her mouth. Amy saw this. She felt that Kristy must have a relationship with Max too.

Caught by Rebel

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I am 25 years old blonde and I have been told by numerous boys that I have a good figure my tits are 36c and firm with big nipples that I like to pull and pinch until they are hard and stand out, I keep my pussy shaved as it feels more sensual when being touched when there is no hair to get in the way.

I live alone now as I threw out my live in boyfriend because I caught him in bed with my "I thought" best friend. The only company I now have is Rebel my 3 year old black Great Dane. It sounds daft but I talk to him like he is human, telling him all my troubles and problems, and the funny thing is he seems to understand and just sits there listening looking at me with his big dark eyes.

The night I am going to tell you about changed my way of looking at things and the way I think.

I got home as normal at 5:30 and before I took my coat off got Rebel and took him for a walk in the local park, if I was on my own I wouldn't do this, but I felt perfectly safe when I was with Rebel because he was very protective towards me.

When I got home I fed Rebel got out a microwave meal and put it in the microwave to heat up, whilst it was cooking I went and got a quick shower, when I was soaping myself I rubbed the soap into my tits and nipples loving the sensual feeling it gave me. I slid my hands down my stomach and parting my legs gave my pussy a good soaping paying special attention to my clit. I put a finger up into my pussy and started to finger myself.

K-9 Bitch

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I had been divorced for 2 years from my husband whom I was married to for 13 years. I live alone in a modest home. I work like most people, 8 hours a day and enjoy my job. I'm an average looking lady, about 5' 6" and weight 130. As single women I do have my share of guys asking me for dates, but I have never dated anyone. I had a bitter divorce and had no intentions of jumping from a frying pan into a fire.

My brother who is an avid hunter has a kennel of 7 well trained hunting dogs. They were of different breeds and sizes. I do not know one breed from another even to this day. He called me one day and asks me if I could home sit and take care of his dogs for about a week, feeding them, washing out their pens and seeing to it that they are ok. I did not mind so I said that I would do it.

They, my brother's wife and he left on a Friday afternoon after work. I got there in time to receive his instructions as to where everything was located as far as food and how to wash out the pens. They also had a house dog name sully; he was of medium size, black and very friendly. Everything went well the first night and day. I fed all the dogs, washed out there pens. In one of the pens there were two dogs, a male and a female. When I got to there pen, the male dog jumped on the bitch and started to mate with her. I looked around and made sure that no one was around. I was a little embarrassed but curios of what was happening. I have seen dogs do it before but not this close up. The male dog started to hump, first a little slow, then you could see him shooting some liquid, then he found his mark and started to hump faster and deeper. He almost stood right up, when I seen a knot starting to enter her pussy. It was small at first then got larger as it went all the way in. She yelped a little but did not move away, he had her locked up. He got off but they were still locked up for about 15 minutes. I watch in amazement and got a little excited myself. After it was over I went back into the house.

First Time for Everything

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Catherine was a rather pretty woman, 5'4", auburn hair down to her shoulders, and having nice sized breasts. She stared for a while at her naked body before getting dressed and leaving the bathroom. Her dog Aspin was lying on the floor at the foot of her bed, still snoozing. He was a German Shepherd with dark fur and a section of hair that ran down his back that was longer than the rest of his fur. His ears perked up as Catherine walked near him and he lifted his head. His tail patted the floor repeatedly and he quickly stood up. Catherine petted his head and asked him, "Want to go out boy?"

His tail immediately started to wag faster in his eagerness to go outside. She smiled and told him to wait while she got something to eat, and he followed her into the kitchen. She poured herself a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. She ate it as fast as she could and then when she finished she retrieved the leash from the doorknob and attached it to Aspin's collar. He licked her hands and her face in excitement and she smiled. He was the only person she never grew angry with, unlike most of her past relationships with men. She decided to call it quits for a while on looking for men; they were just big problems that she could tack onto her life list.

She opened the door and a warm breeze greeted her. The sun was shining brightly and there wasn't even a cloud in the sky. It was a pleasant seventy-eight degrees outside and quite comfortable. Aspin tugged on the leash, making her follow after in his eagerness to go to the bathroom. He went immediately to his favorite bush and urinated there, and then he dragged her down the street a little further before going to the bathroom again. Mrs. Schwartz was out walking too and they stopped to say hello to her.

Morning Surprise

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Roger usually gets up in the morning around 6 am and leaves for work around 7:30. When he slips out of bed his cock is always hard and ready for battle. After washing and brushing his teeth, Roger slipped back into bed. Barbara is usually sleeping, so he nestles back into the in a way that gives his mouth access to her pussy. First, he begins to tongue her brown little ass cavity. Barbara denies that she likes this, but she is soon sighing in delight as Roger sticks his tongue far into her. By this time her pussy is already well lubricated and Roger switched over to enjoy some fresh pussy juice.

As the he licks the outer folds of flesh of her pussy, Barbara adjusts her position so that she now has her face between Roger's legs. Knowing how much he likes it, she begins arousing him by really sucking hard on his balls. It is a little tormenting, but Roger reaches huge erections by this process.

With Roger's tongue buried deep in her pussy and his thumb in her ass hole, Barbara begins to suck Roger's cock as hard as she can. Sometimes, she pumps her mouth up and down on Roger's cock as fast as she can, while squeezing the base of his cock. To vary the sensation, Barbara will just lie still for several minutes with Roger's cock just lying in her mouth. Finally, she loves to do something that really turns Roger into a sex fanatic. Roger loves to have his cock bitten during oral sex and Barbara is glad to please him as it is a turn on for her beyond reason.