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Caroline Pleases Commander

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Caroline was a city girl. She loved her brownstone and the sights and smells and excitement of living in the city. She had lived in Chicago for all of her eighteen years, and wouldn't have it any other way.

But this summer, Caroline's cousin, Tracy, had invited her to come and stay with her and Caroline's aunt and uncle on their farm in Wisconsin. The idea had intrigued her and after whining long enough and loudly enough to mother, Caroline had finally got permission to go and stay with Tracy for all of August.

The drive up to the farm had been long but the anticipation made it not to unbearable for Caroline. She wondered what life on a farm would really be like - the fresh food right out of the garden, the fields, the animals. Caroline wondered what kinds of animals they had. She knew that they had cows and chickens and geese and some horses, but she had no idea what other animals there might be. Being a city girl, she also didn't know how she would feel around the big animals. She had seen horses in the park, when policemen had ridden by, and they looked enormous. I'll know soon enough, she told herself as they approached the farm gates.

The first few days had gone quickly enough, as Tracy showed her everything around the farm - the barn, the stalls, the paddocks, the pig pens, chicken coops, and the fields. One warm afternoon, the girls were lazing around in front of the stalls, letting the hot sun bathe them as they leaned back against the hot barn siding, their tanned legs stretched out in front of their young, firm bodies. They had been talking about boys and what they had done or not done with them in their respective schools that year. Caroline was acting like the worldly city girl, and was telling Tracy about her junior high school and the many boys who followed her around.

BJ and his Herd

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Sweat poured down my neck and onto my back as I hid myself lying in the tall June grass. The air was hot and still as I waited with anticipation for what was about to come. I could smell the scent of cattle in the hot humid air as I lay there waiting. The lush green pasture that spread before me was now becoming ever so darker as the sun began to set behind the stand of oak trees that surrounded the area. "Soon," I thought as I took a deep breath and hoped that the wind would pick up and give me a little relief. Sweat was now pouring down my face and chest, causing my shirt to feel like a hot wet rag against my body. I lay still as the night approached and I longed for its arrival. I knew that I had to be sure that I was alone and left to be undisturbed.

Soon the pasture ahead of me was nearly covered in the approaching darkness. I could feel the wind picking up as the setting sun fully disappeared behind the trees. "Soon," I thought as I began to look around. I knew that this would be the night as I could see a set of undistinguishable silhouettes approaching me. My heart now beat rapidly as they approached and my breath hastened. Soon the silhouettes came into view.

They were magnificent creatures of power and drive. Their musk scent was overwhelming as they now grazed within feet of me. I could hear them nibble on the grass as they grazed and ate. I knew that I had to make my move or forever loose the chance that I had been waiting for. I slowly crawled out of my hiding place, praying that I would not frighten the now curious herd of Jersey bulls. Onto my hands and knees I went as I moved from the deep grass into the bull's domain. There I remained for what seemed like hours as I held still waiting. I could see the group that had approached me clearly in the dim light. There was three of them standing there smelling the air trying to get a whiff of me as they began to move ever so closer. They too were curious as they hesitantly sauntered over to me. I took out a bottle of cow piss that I had collected before sneaking into the pasture. I poured some on my jeans and rubbed it on my hands and back.


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Well, I finally finished moving into my new house about two months ago. And boy, what a job. I am glad all the boxes and everything are unpacked and put away. After moving from my college apartment and leaving my two roommates behind, I really looked forward to moving to Denver and starting a new life on my own.

The new job was really great, but the night life was a little slow. One thing about my new house is that it's so quite all the time.

About a month ago I met another neighbor in the park and she had the most beautiful Great Dane I have ever seen. She bought him from someone else for companionship, but admitted he was a pretty good watchdog to have around also.

She came over to my house for a visit, and admitted she really was in a fix. Her job sometimes required her to go out of town for overnight jaunts, and she hated to leave her dog alone. Of course, I really didn't feel that I was set up for a dog so large, but leaving him alone seemed so cruel. So I told her the next time she had to go, to ring me and I might be willing to "dog-sit" for her.

Well, right then she mentioned that on the next Thursday she was leaving for Kansas City, and would be back Monday afternoon. So, I agreed to give it a try, and off they went, happy for the time so well planned.

Well, Thursday afternoon, she brought Damon over. Along with him came a large leash of course, and his food and water tray. She promised to be back as soon as possible, and left for the airport. Damon sat at the door for a while, as if waiting for her to walk back in, but after a while he started nosing around the house and found himself a comfortable spot on the living room floor.

Beth's First Horse Experience

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I'd go as far as to say that in the office were I work they consider me to be a bit of a boring, daddies girl type.

My name is Beth and I'm 24 years old now. I've been to university and have ended up with a good job in the centre of Leeds in northern England. I'm a consultant in something so boring I won't go into.

I would describe myself as 5'7 tall, I keep very fit at the gym I attend most evenings after work and am about eight and a half stone. I know I've always been good looking and have long blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. I'm lucky to have long legs and true to form, guys can't take their eyes off my chest because although slim, I am 32E in the bra department.

Now to my story and it stems from me becoming very good friends with one of the older consultants in my office. She lives with her husband and young family, slightly into the country side with a lovely stone built cottage in a place called Ilkley.

She always goes on about the fact that she has a horse and that she had recently bought a pony for her daughter. Under normal circumstances her elderly parents would be happy to watch the house and look after the horses. This time it was a whole family holiday and so she approached me with a view to house and horse sitting.

At first it seemed like a bit of a pain, until I remembered the lovely country cottage with on suite rooms and easy transit into my office by train. It made time from my one room apartment look appealing. I have ridden just a couple times before as a girl and as my colleague left me full instructions for their care and feeding, I agreed to spend ten days at her house.

A Walk In The Park

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I knew my Master had something special planned. Something out of the ordinary. Something I had never experienced before. And it was all for me. To show me humility and obedience. To remind me I am his, totally.

There was to be a party at the house that night and my Master was working on the details more closely then normal. It was to have a theme, "A Walk In The Park". Most of his parties tend to have themes with me playing a role of some kind. One was "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees". That one was interesting, I was the tree. Guests were invited to pin money on my body with clothes pens.

Another night I was the entryway cash box. Master had small balls about the size of marbles with strings attached and paperclips at the other end. He tied my elbows to my knees so I was in a crouched position and placed me by the front door. Every one who came was to put their admission fee in the clip, then press the ball end into my cunt or ass. By the time the party was in full swing I was so full of balls! I felt wonderful having all those people touch me and finger me.

Tonight I was to be His dog out for a walk in the park. He instructed me to wear a studded collar with a leash and since I was to be on my knees all night, a set of knee pads. I was thankful for them in just a short time. My hair was in two ponytails high on my head to resemble doggie ears.

As the guests started to arrive, most had the same dog idea as my Master, the subs all on their knees and eye level with me, the Masters and Mistresses holding the leashes. It was a totally bizarre sight. Through the night, many male dogs sniffed the female dogs, all at the Dom/mes' bidding. A lucky few were even allowed to mount the bitch of their Master/Mistress choice. It was all in good fun, and only a few "dogs" had to be disciplined.