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Frank and Bruce

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The Stallion

"Good mornin', Stack," Frank greeted friendly, stroking the stallion's flank.

Stack knew that caress and he knew what would follow.

Frank and Stack were the ideal team. Once, he had been a successful rider. Together with his faithful racehorse, he used to win race after race. But then, the stallion got older, had to give up the sport and became a stud-horse in demand.

He took his reins and led him to another stable with the waiting mare. She was in heat, Stack smelled.

Her tail removed, when he bent down his head to lick her pulsating vulva. The mare trembled desirously.

Stack did not hesitate, but mounted her as every mate before. That was his absolute fulfillment: The more he mated, the more he loved his present lifetask.

In a climax of excitement and enjoyment, he came; lots of semen streamed into the mare, that reached her orgasm as well.

Stack's first work was done, he and Frank returned to his stable. Thereupon, the stallion expected him to leave, but it occurred differently.

He remained and restarted stroking him. Tenderly, his human friend began at his front, moved on to his back; there he stopped.

Stack, enjoying his massage, irritated, but he held still, awaiting for more.

A new stimulation: He felt Frank's warm hands touching his big balls. The man made him erect his cock once again, and while one hand kept on kneading his scrotum, the other one gently masturbated his respectable penis. The stimulated stallion was ecstatic, and he recognized, who was caressing him; he loved him.

Caught Twice

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The next door neighbor's Great Dane was out again. She could see him from her back porch area where she was standing. He was mounting a female black Lab as Lisa looked on. He was upon her back as she saw him entering the big Lab, his red cock visible as she looked on.

The Big Dane was an inside dog and the neighbors kept him very clean. She had saw the way the Dane hung close to the woman next door and the affection she paid to him on many occasions. She often wondered why the Dane stayed so close to the woman. But, he often played in the yard with her two teenaged boys also.

Lisa had watched as the neighbors big Dane slid his huge cock to the female Lab. The Lab was in heat and the big Dane was really pounding his long cock to her. Lisa could see his thick, red cock as it pumped the entire length in and out with rapid thrusts. He was giving her a good fucking as she watched.

She had become so wet as she watched the two dogs, her hand reaching down inside her shorts and pulling her panties aside as her fingers found her enlarged clit. She started to rub herself as she watched. Her pussy was getting so hot and her fingers felt so good as her breathing became faster.

Her pussy was on fire now as she stoked the love button and pushed her hips to meet her probing fingers. Her fingers were moving faster now to ease the itch she was feeling, her climax approaching as she masturbated. She had worked herself into a deep climax as her entire body shook from the climax as she watched them fucking.

The A List

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I couldn't believe it! I'd gotten a C in anthropology. I'd studied and studied and still hadn't scraped by! I stared at the test on my desk and watched the professor handing back the rest of the tests. I couldn't believe I hadn't made an A. My essay was good and I knew it was. I'd have to see Professor Samuels in his office. I knew I could change his mind.

Professor Samuels was 52 years old, married and very professorial looking; cardigan sweaters and khakis. I followed him to his office, my test clutched tightly in my hand. He unlocked the door and rounded his desk. I stood until he asked me to sit. I was shaking but I knew I had to get this straightened out. My GPA depended on it. My whole college career depended on it!

"What did you want to discuss about your test results Kristina?"

I thought I'd cry, but I held back. I told him I had to maintain my GPA to keep my scholarship. If I lost it, I'd have to leave school. I couldn't emphasize enough that my college career was very, very important to me. He sat back, quietly listening and carefully watching me. I knew that I had to stay composed. I didn't want to look like a weepy schoolgirl. I wanted to look mature and capable.

"Perhaps you and I should get to know each other better. You seem like you have a lot to offer. Why don't you come by my house and have dinner with my wife and I tonight and we'll discuss the matter more thoroughly."

Helping Sis. Part 2

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It was the best sleep I'd had in years and no hangover to boot! Sis and I had done something we should've never EVER done, and we didn't care. Here I was, lying next to the most beautiful woman I'd ever made love to, knowing it was the ultimate taboo, and all I could think of was making her happy.

Her taste was still on my lips, and the slick yet sticky feeling on my cock from her love juices only made me excited instead of my normal "I need to clean myself off" mode. She happened to roll over with a smile, then a fearful look upon seeing me naked on the floor next to her.

The look turned to a smile when she saw me smiling at her. She hesitated, then kissed me tenderly on the lips, laughing when she realized she'd tasted her own love juices on my lips.

"Hey... now this is a situation, isn't it?" I joked. "So BIG brother... where do we go from here? Is this an "oops," or an "ok to more?" She asked. I didn't respond with words... rather, I leaned over but instead of kissing her, I started to nibble on her neck very lovingly while I started to stroke her pussy very gently between her soft and slightly sticky lips.

I told her to stick out her tongue and said "this is as close as I get to being gay, so enjoy," then I sucked on her tongue like she'd sucked on my cock, even licking up and down it and deep-throating it. Between that and the fingering I was giving her, she couldn't take it and started to cum again. This time however, we couldn't use alcohol as an excuse. We KNEW we wanted this - and BAD!


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Meeting up with an old lover shakes loose lots of feelings. Awkwardness, nostalgia, sweet memories, heartbreak of parting - all of these and more I experienced when I saw Charlie again after three years. Three years ago Charlie and I had had an intense affair that lasted only a week. But in that week he taught me so much about love and sex that I will never forget. And I will never stop loving him.

Charlie is a beautiful border collie.

If you, my reader, were to see me in person today, you would not dream from my appearance - which I'm told is not unpleasant to look upon - that I carry Charlie with me and in me. At least I feel that I do. You would have no clue that I, not only willingly but eagerly, had put myself into that totally undignified and vulnerable position for a woman - on hands and knees - to welcome a dog into my body and into my life. Not once but again and again. And still do to this day (though not with Charlie, alas).

Charlie's intelligence shines in his eyes. He is more articulate with those eyes than most people are with words. His gorgeous male body is muscular and strong. I had the good fortune to meet Charlie soon after my "promiscuous period" with stray dogs that I've detailed elsewhere (see my posting "A Woman's View, Part III"). At this stage I was still in a sort of euphoric shock from my first experiences of being mated by dogs, still not sure if I could handle the idea of myself, an attractive woman in her late 20s, having real, all-the-way sex with male dogs - yet feeling very certain in my physical being that I was at last finding deep fulfillment as a woman by means of what many would label an abnormal coupling. Abnormal perhaps, but a coupling that my body and being seemed to crave after I had been mated a number of times. An addiction, perhaps. A big dog's driving passion, his overpowering and honest lust, his large equipment and hot, copious juices set me on fire, set every nerve a tingle, turned me into a steamy sexpot eager to present to him the wet, sweet fig of my womanhood.