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Donkey Sex

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Chapter 1

Every woman has heard "hung like a horse". That's why she would never turn down the opportunity to see if a donkey really has a big cock. A couple went to Mexico. They had heard of The DONKEY SHOW and they wanted to see for themselves whether it was true that a girl could fuck a donkey. They asked several men that approached them in the street. They were misdirected by many, but they finally found the place.

It was dark and the show was just beginning. They were shown to a seat, and ordered tequilla and lemon. A donkey was led to the stage as the lights were dimmed and the stage lights were brightened. A beautiful Oriental girl with long black hair and a Mexican girl of perhaps 18 years. walked out to stage and spoke softly to the donkey. They were bright eyed and obviously looking forward to this moment. One walked to the donkey's head and talked to him while the other went to his belly in search of donkey dick. It slowly came out as she stroked it.

Soon it was fully extended, but not hard. She took it in her hands and stroked more quickly and it grew to about 14 inches. She put her head down to it and extended her tongue to the tip. It was salty with drops of donkey cum. She took as much in her mouth as she could, but more cum was leaking from the end of his dick.

A table was brought to the stage for the girls to lay on. She took his dick and worked it into her pussy. The donkey's dick began to get hard and thickened noticeably. As it swelled she cried with joy, this is what she looked forward to. She pulled and pushed the huge cock in and out of her sopping pussy. The donkey was beginning to cum and her cunt made noises as the cum began to squirt.

Ellen's Adventure

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Acknowledgement: To Le Tigress, Robyn and Troll without whose encouragement and help I couldn't have written this story. Thank You.

Many centuries ago in the days of mid-evil England, there lived a young peasant girl named Ellen. She was the daughter of a widow who had lost her husband during the crusades. They raised sheep on their little farm, to sell for their wool and meat. This made for long days in the field, moving their sheep from pasture to pasture.

Their dog Bowzer, was a great help with these chores, herding and tending the flock. Protecting the sheep from predators was a long and rigorous job that needed to be done day and night.

As time went on Ellen blossomed into a lovely young lady. Her breasts had grown to about the size of oranges with puffy aureoles and thumb sized nipples, that when aroused stood out almost 3/4 of an inch. Her body had filled out nicely, a waist that some would call waspish and hips that flared out and down towards long tapering legs.

Ellen has become quite sexually active, ever since the day she was bathing in a near by stream. She had waded out as usual, taking care not to slip, and slowly eased her body into the cold spring fed stream. Her foot had slipped on a mossy rock and she was dumped instantly under the water. The fast immersing was a major shock to her system. She scrambled to shore for her blanket to warm herself up with and to rub some circulation into her limbs. While rubbing her breasts she noticed how hard her nipples had gotten was amazed at how long they poked out. As she moved the fabric across her nipples, she started to feel unusual sensations emanating from her breasts and a warming glow from within. Ellen continued on with the act of drying, but as she passed the blanket between her legs she got yet another surprise.

Samantha and Thunder

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Thunder whinnied and stamped as he was led to the mare in heat. Still, he had done this many times before, and so allowed himself to be led up to the breeding stand by Samantha Bower, whose father helped him settle into place. The mare snorted as the large dick penetrated her vagina, and the stallion began to thrust in and out. He was a magnificent creature, 4 years old, strong, and fast. His fur was dark brown, heading to black on his "socks" on his lower legs, and his mane almost black. On his forehead was a streak of white like a lightning bolt that had helped give him his name.

Sam had assisted in this operation many times before. She was a beautiful young girl, a senior in high school, with pitch-black hair that fell to her shoulders and curled around her pretty face, occasionally getting into her murky green eyes. Her body was trim and strong from sports and doing her part of the chores on her family's horse farm, with long legs and firm, medium-sized breasts that were topped with pert pink nipples.

Normally this job did not bother her. She had grown up helping with the horses and few farm children were in the least bit affected by the sight of animal sex. It happened all the time and was completely normal. But this time was different for Sam. Today, the sight of the large cock pumping into the heated mare caused her pussy to twitch and her nipples to swell. She felt her skin grow hot and tight. Embarrassed at the though of being aroused by horses fucking, she hurried back to the house to clean up for dinner, leaving her father to finish things up.


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The following is loosely based on two true stories that have happened. A word of warning though, it is violent.

Ruth had a fantasy. One she had with her through her college years. Even before that.

The catalyst had happened in her very early teens at a friend's house. During one of their frequent stopover nights, her friend Cindy's dog grasped her leg in his forepaws and humped against her white socks until she managed to wrestle the dog off. Nothing came of it at that time, but it remained with her, occasionally dropping into her mind and fuelling a wish.

She had seen the size of his cock, fully exposed from its furry haven. It was red to purple in colour from base to tip and dripping precum from a very pointed end. Her fascination with the dogs cock turned into a desire as the dog licked itself clean. In her girlhood imagination, her lips were doing the cleaning. It was Ruth's first wet panty experience and she enjoyed the rush of heat to her sex and the tingle it caused.

Ruth also used to live next door to a dog breeder. Until her leg had been used as a sex object by Cindy's dog, she had shown little interest, but from that time on, she watched on many occasions. She watched the dogs fucking and tying like any voyeur, through binoculars, getting hot as they humped and knotted. She would rub herself over her panties in her youthful, but unbroken exuberance and was always a little surprised by the heat in her loins and the amount of wetness she could produce.


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School was out for summer. I couldn't wait to get home and just bask in the sun and do as little as possible. I stripped out of my shoes and the basic white socks, enjoying the feeling of the grass and dirt on my bare soles. I still wore my plaid skirt and white blouse. For some odd reason, I felt compelled to cut through the woods to get home. Little did I know the trouble I was in for.

There was a path that cut through the woods, strewed with pine needles and dead leaves. They clung to my bare feet as I made my way through the woods. Pretty soon I came to a creek. Usually, there is a bit of a current, but today, it is calm and I can see my reflection perfectly. I look in the water as if it were a mirror and pull my long dirty blonde hair up into a ponytail.

I'm starting to sweat, and the perfect outline of my perky b cup breasts and nipples are evident through my thin white blouse. "fuck!" I hadn't worn a bra on purpose, but I hadn't counted on this. I felt practically naked. Yeah. I was hot shit for a eighteen year old. And I flaunted it every chance I got. But mom couldn't see me like this.

I knelt down and took my backsack off and peeked inside. Usually I keep an extra set of gym clothes with me. "Shit!" Not today.

Something rustled in the brush behind me. Startled, I fumbled with the pack and dropped it. A dog; a mangy dirty mutt came forth, panting. I held out my hand for him to smell. He growled, sniffing the air. I lowered my head and tried to remain calm.