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The Barn Yard Story

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It was a hot summer day on the Just Another Ranch. All the chores were done. The cows were mooing for their daily delight. Jack arose from his early afternoon slumber and went for the aluminum baseball bat on the porch. He put on his muddy rubber boots and headed for the pasture. When the cows saw Jack coming, they raced over to the pasture gate in anticipation.

Jack made it to the gate and slipped the lock. The cows were mooing wildly and Jack knew it was time. Just about every year around this time, the female cows were in heat. One year, Jack just couldn't stand the cows' anxiety so he did what he's doing now. Jack walked over to Betsy (he got well acquainted with the animals) and Betsy turned around to receive her pleasure. Jack took the large end of the bat and shoved it slowly inside Betsy's huge cunt. The cow moaned in pleasure as Jack increased the pumping to a fast and furious climax. The cow, now a little weak in the knees began to moan really low as her juices started to flow. Jack pulled out the vaginal secretion coated bat and went on to do Brownie, Clarence, and the gay bull, Georgey.

Kelly, the farmer's daughter was watching this strange ritual from her bedroom window high atop the ranch house. Actually, she was starting to get sexually aroused. She could feel a tingling deep down in her muff and couldn't stand the excitement. She took off her t-shirt and started rubbing and massaging her eighteen year old tits. They weren't the biggest tits that Kelly has seen, but all the boys at college thought she was the best one in bed! She undid her skirt and started rubbing her clit, making it nice and hot. She then slipped one finger in and let out a little moan. She couldn't stand the lack of pleasure produced by her fingers and was wishing for a big dick, one bigger then she'd ever seen before. She took her finger out of her slit and got dressed again. She went back to her window and watched the cows receiving the ecstasy that she thought she deserved.

Christmas on Barbados

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Jennifer was lying at the beach enjoying the sun. It was 26th of December, Christmas, and at home in Germany it was chillingly cold and snowy. But here in Barbados it was a wonderfully hot summer's day. It was the first time Jennifer had escaped the winter at home. She felt all the better lying here under the warming sun of the Caribbean when she thought of home which was cold and uncomfortably wet.

She had found a little bay which was completely away from all the tourists' routes, so here she could enjoy the sun without the need of clothes. She enjoyed being naked very much and this way she would get a nice suntan. Jennifer didn't like those crowded nudist beaches, so she preferred being alone here at her "private" beach.

It was a beautiful beach of shiny white sand which was surrounded by palm trees and the water was azure blue, just perfect. It was like paradise. She hadn't took anybody with her on vacation; she was completely alone on that beach - with the exception of her Dalmatian Spark. She never traveled without him, he was her best friend. Spark was having a lot of fun here. He loved to swim in the water and there was a lot to discover for him here.

Jennifer was daydreaming. It was obviously a very hot dream, because she began to caress her body gently. Her eyes were still closed and she moved her hands over her belly and to her beautifully firm breasts. She moved her fingers over her nipples, which were already fully stiffened. Again she moved her hands down on her body and over her hip then she parted her legs and started to caress the inner side of her thighs.

Saturday Slave

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Sarah shuddered when she heard the knock on the door.

"I'll get that," Mike told her as he got up from his chair.

Sarah, who was standing in front of him, moved aside as he rose. Shrugging past her, Mike went to the door and let the person in.

Sarah stood, frozen, facing Mike's chair. Her already soaked inner folds moistened even more when she heard boots, then the ticking of claws, on the hard wood entry foyer. She swallowed hard as she heard the sounds approach the living room, the clicking sounds vanishing as they reached the carpet.

"Turn around," Mike's voice gently commanded.

Closing her eyes, Sarah did as she was told. She shuddered again as she heard the newcomer's reaction to her attire.

Standing 5' 9" tall, Sarah was a statuesque beauty. Her flowing brunette hair framed her downcast face perfectly as it cascaded over her shoulders. Her heavy breasts heaved as her breathing deepened. Goose-pimples formed over her flat tummy and shapely hips as the thrill of the situation raced through her sexually charged body. Sarah was totally nude, her only adornment was a chrome pair of handcuffs, securing her wrists behind her back.

Lifting her head, she opened her eyes and looked at the newcomer. His eyes traveled the length of her body. She looked off to his left side to see a huge German Shepherd, obediently sitting by his master's side.

Dog Adventures

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Recently, I wrote of our introduction to animal love. Thank you all for the kind words. The following is a true account of a weekend that will forever stay in our memories. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did living it.

My Sister has a farm in East Sussex in England. Only one hundred and eighty acres but situated just outside of Hastings on undulating pastureland. It is mostly laid to agriculture, growing wheat and barley. They have a wooded area of twenty acres, which has been cleared to create bridle paths. A stables and an indoor dressage ring completes the set up.

Living a farming life doesn't allow for much free time and with four children, free time is very much a luxury they rarely can afford. Occasionally though, they can get away on holiday and leave the farm for someone to look after. We have done this once or twice to give them a break. It is quite a change for us too. Coming from London and its busy life to staying on the farm, which is so quiet, is a rest for us and a real pleasure.

Our pleasure was magnified on one occasion when they had gone for two weeks to Florida. A friend of theirs had also gone on holiday and asked them to look after two lurcher dogs. In case this is a strange breed, I will tell you that lurchers are usually a cross between a greyhound and a collie. They are quite common in rural areas and are used to course hares, rabbits or even dear.

Damon and Ruth

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For some time now, Ruth had a fantasy of getting stroked by a big dog but she had no real desire to actually do it and as her fantasies went, it was great in her brain. She never gave any serious thought to doing it, so when it happened it was a great surprise to her. Her husband had bought a two year old Boxer, a month previously and had gone out of town on business, so she was at home alone with the dog. Damon was a very large dog. He weighed a huge one hundred ten pounds. He had a large brown head and a smooth glossy golden brown coat. He was a friendly dog, was house broken and accepted commands well and so in a short time he had become a part of the household as if he had been with them for years.

The Friday evening after her husband had left and she had dinner, fed Damon and had taken him for a walk, Ruth sat in the basement watching the television. Damon lay at her feet curled up as if half asleep. The movie that was showing had a lot of sex in it and as Ruth watched she found herself becoming excited, in fact she became very horny and wondered in her mind, why it was that whenever she was horny like that, her husband was never at home. As she became more turned on watching the movie, she slid her right hand under her skirt, pulled the crotch of her panties aside and began playing with her pussy. Soon the room was filled with her pussy smell as she lay back in the sofa, legs spread apart, pussy lips pulled open, fingering her clitoris and her juices oozing from her pussy. As she lay with her eyes closed, masturbating, she slipped into another world. Her reverie was disturbed by a sensation that she had not produced. When she opened her eyes to see what caused it, she saw Damon's body in front of her. His great head was under her skirt and she realized that he was creating the sensation with his big, rough tongue licking her crotch. Her first reaction was to push him away and she did but he returned, burrowing his head a little deeper between her legs and continued his licking. He seemed to know just where to lick because he concentrated on the area around her clitoris and Ruth just eased her body lower down into the sofa. This made her ass hang off the edge of the cushion. She pulled the panty crotch aside to expose her pussy fully and let him go to work. In a few minute Damon's tongue had her on the verge of erupting into and orgasm but she closed her legs and pushed him away because she didn't want to come too soon, she wanted to prolong her enjoyment of this situation.