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Let me make it absolutely clear before I start with this true tale, I am not in anyway gay. I have never wanted to be fucked by another man or even thought about getting intimate with a member of the same sex.

Sure, I love watching two women going at it, in fact, I derive great pleasure from seeing a couple of girls suck and fuck each other. Tongues and fingers going to work. Breast to breast or sixty-nine, I don't mind. It's a male thing I guess, though I am not sure what the girls think. It's okay if they are inclined toward same sex, I suppose. I don't think seeing two men going for gold has the same effect on a woman, but again, I haven't asked.

I digress.

So, the fact that I am not gay established, what would compel me to enter into a session with a dog? I have often wondered that to myself. The best I can come up with is that I love watching. There is a large part of many men that is voyeuristic.

Visual stimulation is often all a man needs to get going. Be it two women together, a man and woman screwing the eyeballs out of each other or indeed, a woman with a dogs cock in any of her receptive holes. It isn't quite the same for the female of the species. Stimulation for a woman is not usually visual, more a direct approach, like finding herself in a situation and going with the flow.

I am voyeuristic. I freely admit it. Give me a good quality video or film and I will show you just how aroused a man can get from just visual images. Recently, I was given several videos involving a neighbour of mine with her dog. She would be mortified if she knew that her partner was peddling them. She is quite a nice looking girl with a trim figure. Nothing really special, but just the type that, if she flirted, you would try and take her up on it.

Shannon Doherty

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Story on this file is fiction. These stories are not meant to suggest that any of the featured celebrities are actually involved in, or have ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals - although, we wish they were and that the stories were true.

Shannon stumbled toward the exit of the nightclub. The place was overcrowded, the music was thumping in her head and she had had too much to drink.

She was wearing a tight black leather mini-dress that barely got halfway down to her knees, it was cut low enough that she couldn't wear a bra with it, her small breasts pushed up and together to form an attractive cleavage. She had to dress this way incase the paparazzi were around, any photos of her had to make the newspapers, she needed the publicity.

Unfortunately, her dress, coupled with her looks, were getting her a lot of unwanted attention from the guys in the bar. She was sick of all these guys trying to get in her pants, they were so obvious - didn't they know that she didn't like cock? She only liked the tongue of a woman, any woman! Just the thought of being penetrated was revolting to her, by cock, dildo or even finger - she hated it, as a result her pussy was probably the tightest most unfucked hole in LA

She'd only come to the club because her friend Alyssa had insisted, and now she was in the toilets getting fucked by a couple of total strangers. Shannon needed to piss, but there were lines leading out of the door to the ladies bathroom, she wasn't about to use the men's room, she knew didn't want to see her TV co-star with a cock in her mouth (and she knew Alyssa would be doing that with some total stranger in the middle of the men's room floor, with an audience!) so she headed out of the club.

It Began at the Boston Airport

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I don't remember why, but business had taken me to Boston by air. I had arrived at about 3 PM and had gone directly to the car rental counters. In the old terminal they were opposite the baggage claim area. There was a back up at the car rental counter and as I only had a carry on bag, I was idly pushing it with my foot as the line moved up. Having nothing better to do I faced the crowd at the baggage claim carousel.

It was then that I saw them! She was a beautiful brunette, about 35 or so, with long tanned legs, short skirt which covered her rounded ass but not much more. He was a large short haired Great Dane whom she was holding on a short leash. She had obviously come to the airport to meet some one who had not arrived yet. She kept pacing about and watching the escalators and the elevator. They both seemed oblivious to the surroundings. Whenever she stood still, the dog gently nuzzled her, sometimes just rubbing against her side, but more often he would put his nose under her short skirt and nudge or prod her crotch either from the front on her cunt or from the back in the crack of her ass.

This attention didn't seem to bother her, she would occasionally pull his head away with the leash but often she seemed to accommodate her body to his wishes. Once or twice I saw her do a slow grind against his nose. I was getting really turned on by the show, and I was afraid the airport authorities would see them and put a stop to it. The crowd was thinning out and no one seemed to notice. I couldn't tell if she was wearing panties or not nor whether the dog was licking or just nuzzling her pussy.

Jen's Dog

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It was Christmas break during my freshman year in college. I finally had some time to myself after several days of parties and reunions with friends and family. Today was going to be my special day alone. Dad hadn't returned yet from a business trip and mom was off doing last minute shopping.

As I walked into the family room, I slipped out of my bathrobe and slid onto my old friend, the beanbag. My nipples were already red and extended, just waiting to be caressed. I licked my palms, placed them gently against my nipples and began to slowly move them in circles. Ahh, that warm tingling spread from my breast down to my cunt.

I made the little circles faster and faster until my breathing was ragged and my nipples were begging for relief. I am lucky enough to have large firm breasts. If I cup them, I can easily lick and suck them. As I raised my right breast to my lips I slid my left hand to my cunt and slowly ran my fingertips around the edges of my wet, swollen lips.

Just as my tongue began to taste that familiar flavor I heard a creaking noise and realized that someone was coming in the front door! I could hear voices and footsteps. I knew that I didn't have enough time to get dressed and compose myself, so I grabbed my bathrobe and jumped behind the couch. I was crouched down on my knees, with my forearms on the floor and my ass in the air. What a spot to be discovered! I tried to control my heavy breathing and make myself as small and quiet as possible.

New Life With Stormy

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My wife and I had just finalized our divorce. We had been married for 25 years, which was really about 22 years too long. But you get comfortable with familiarity, and when she finally voiced the truth, that we had drifted apart and weren't really lovers anymore, I cried. Despite the divorce, I still love her, and I probably always will.

Now it was time to pick up the pieces, take stock of my life, and get used to living alone again, for the first time in forever. I doubted I'd ever marry again. So I found a modest little apartment in an out-of-the-way place, and set up shop. I made sure to find a place that allowed pets, because I thought I'd probably get a dog for company, down the road. My family always had at least one dog when I was growing up, and it always seemed to make a house more like a home. I figured it would be a larger breed... not one of my wife's dogs, those little mops-with-feet that she always preferred. This would be a "man's best friend" kind of dog, one you could horse around with, that would almost knock you over with excitement when you came home at the end of the day.

A few months had gone by, and I was starting to get used to my new routine, but the place still didn't really feel like "home". I decided it was time to start looking for that dog. While scanning through one Sunday's paper, I spotted an ad by a local breeder who had Canadian White Shepherd pups for sale. I called him to find out when I could come over to have a look, and he said that afternoon was just fine. So I shortly found myself looking at three adorable little puppies. There had been 5 in the litter, 3 females and 2 males. The males had already been sold, so the remaining three were all female. I guess I had just assumed I'd be getting a male, but these three were so lovable that I quickly got over any mild disappointment. One of them in particular seemed to take to me right away. "I'll take her," I told him, and half an hour later, I carried her into my home.