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Role Reversal

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Ben had experimented with his body since he was just a small boy, and now he carried that same curiosity with him into adulthood. What wondrous pleasures awaited him he could only imagine. Sexually, he had married well. She was a wonderful lover, pleasing him in so many ways. She accepted his adventures with her, yet never fully understood just how badly he needed to be stimulated. Imagination took him places he dared not share with her... he feared her rejection of his dream world. She could be creative, but there was still and air of decency in her sexual play, never really letting go and going beyond the accepted standards.

That's why he experimented when he was alone... without her. Oh, he had talked with her about certain desires, and they even participated in the basics. She had watched him fuck a melon, and she had screwed his ass a couple times with dildos, which he was truly turned on by, and there had been a few mild bouts of S&M, but there was more to him than she knew.

As a young boy, Ben tired of masturbating with his hands and had no luck with girls, being so shy. He had tried one afternoon to mount the family lab, but she would have nothing of it. It was kind of comical as he looked back on it... on his knees, naked with a painfully hard cock jutting up between his legs, balls pulled up tight and swollen as he frantically tried to hold the bitch still. With plaintive eyes, she would look back at him and anticipate his lunges, moving her tail to the side and lining his bulging cock up with her in-heat vagina... dew glistening at the tip of her down turned lips. But she would not hold still as he attempted penetration, and clearly she would not cooperate. Thus ended his youthful attempt at mating with the dogs.

To Understand Humans

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It would appear that dogs have been our friend (and lovers too, I'm sure) since time immemorial. Scientists say that since their split from wolves about 135,000 years ago, dogs have been an integral part of our social and cultural development. They were our partners in evolution, following us from hunting/gathering to agricultural societies, from farm to suburb. To understand humans, geneticists are turning to dogs, says a recent New York Times article. It is no wonder then that this bond of friendship, which has withstood the rigid test of time, has evolved into bonds of sensual love, as evidenced by the sexy experiences detailed in this site.

And that probably explains why the intimate love that my dog and I share seems so natural and right. But before I describe my first experience with Timmy, my first canine lover, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Beverly. A few years ago I had given up my CPA career to be a "full time" housewife and mom. Believe my, I don't miss those tiresome capital gains/loss calculations, etc. one bit and my conversations have changed from discussions of K1s to K9s! I am 32 years old, am considered quite attractive, with long blond hair, green eyes, and a figure made "svelte" (so described by one admirer!) by the rigor of treadmill and sex!

When my son started kindergarten last year, my husband suggested, among other things, that I get a pet, more precisely, a dog, to relieve the boredom that may descend on an energetic and restive housewife. I agreed. Since I have never owned a dog before I did some quick research on dog ownership responsibilities etc. (As you probably know, there is a bewildering amount of canine information out there...one is absolutely deluged! -we do have an inordinate interest in dogs!). After a few days of dog hunting we eventually settled on Timmy, a huge Great Dane, who appeared to be very intelligent and cheerful.

Gryphon's Tryst

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It was a chilly day, though not uncommonly so for a day in mid-autumn. A cold breeze whipped through Rozura's feathers as she flapped away from her clan, and her disgrace. It was less than a week since she had been exiled from her clan for cheating on her partner, and already she was feeling the aching urge to be fulfilled sexually.

Hundreds of acres of trees flowed endlessly below the gryphon's body, boring her to the point where she was half-dozing, letting her subconscious mind take over the basic navigation. If she strayed off course, then her brain would put her back on track without her having to be fully awake.

After a few more hours of flight thirst crept up on Rozura, forcing her to become fully conscious, enabling her to search out a source of fresh water. Scanning the terrain below her, she espied a large lake nestled in the heart of the forest. "Perfect," she thought to herself.

It was on the verge of sunset when she backwinged to land elegantly by the side of the lake. Even with her very sharp gryphon's eyes, she could barely make out the far shore. She looked around for any danger, out of habit, despite the fact that few animals found it worth their while to attack an angry gryphon, and noted the presence of a small lean-to about twenty metres away. Peering closely, Roz could make out silvery strands of cobwebs over the entrance, indicating that the shed hadn't been used in quite some time. Satisfied, Roz bent down to drink, lapping up the icy water until she had slaked her thirst.

Not a Woman's Best Friend

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My name is Christine and I was raped by a dog. I was thirty-two years old at the time (I'm thirty-five now) and living twelve miles east of Seattle, Washington. The only reason that I'm telling you this is because of all the stupid Internet stories floating around about how women are won over by having sex with a dog and have great orgasms and end up not only fucking them but sucking their dicks. That is such bullshit.

It was a Saturday morning and I was cutting my lawn. The house I was renting had an attached garage and a medium- sized yard. It wasn't the greatest house in the world - or even in Seattle - but it was clean and well maintained and it fit my budget.

I was mowing along the front sidewalk, made a turn back toward the house when the sound of a car's tires screeching on the pavement behind me made me jump. I turned around quickly, half expecting to see someone flying through the air, but it wasn't a person at all, but a dog.

He had come out of the woods across the street and tried to cross the road; now he stood just inside the verge of the woods again, looking back over his shoulder. His ears were laid back on his head and his tail tucked smartly between his legs. The driver laid on his horn, yelled at the dog fiercely, and then sped away.

As the car drove out of sight, the dog cautiously reemerged from the woods and sat down on his haunches. He was a black Labrador Retriever, a big one, and he watched me with a dog's typical aplomb, ears pricked up and head canted to one side as though wondering what I was doing over here. I had never seen him before and guessed he was lost. I called to him and it was obvious that he heard me, but for some reason he ignored my call and I thought, Well fuck you too, doggie, and went back to cutting the lawn.

Running Out Of Gas

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Terri was driving home after a night out of partying with her friends. She had a nice little buzz going from the drinks, and was feeling pretty horny from the long goodbye in the parking lot she had with Mark. Mark was her on again / off again boyfriend, and even though they were in the "off again" phase right now, when he walked her out to her car as she was leaving, they indulged in a hot little make out / grope session before she left.

As she drove along she was thinking she should have just gone to his place with him for a good, nasty fuck before going home because it had been so long since she'd had one. She could still feel his hands on her from the parking lot, when he had reached up under her skirt and finger fucked her for about 15 minutes as she leaned up against her car. She was getting wet again thinking about it.

She turned off the highway onto the dirt road that ran for about 5 or 6 miles until it reached the little country cottage she was renting and living in. She drove for about a mile and a half when she suddenly felt the car lurch and heard the engine sputter and then die. She rolled to a stop and turned the key but the engine wouldn't start. She looked down at the dash and saw the gas gauge putting right at the E.

"Oh shit!" she though. "Now I'll have to walk the rest of the way home. I'll call Mark tomorrow and he can bring me some gas in a can. I can't believe I forgot to fill up!"