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Dog Slave

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I had been on pins and needles all week. Ever since Jay called to invite up to see him and Mindy, along with the cryptic comment "Be ready for something special." I have enjoyed my visits with them, going whenever my days off corresponded with theirs. I loved visiting them not only for the sex with them or their dogs, but also for the growing friendship I felt between us. Besides, it had been over a week and while cyber-sex and toys are a vice I probably over-indulge in, they don't make up for the real thing. Besides, my four-legged lovers are always so glad to see me that I can't bear to be away from them for too long. So I packed my day bag with a few essentials; slave collar in case I was in the sub role, elbow-length leather gloves if I was the DOM, my enema/douche bag, make-up and perfume, wrist and leg cuffs, and my favorite whip. Just what every girl needs for a Saturday of fun. With my 'essentials' in the front seat, I started the hour and a half drive to their place.

When I got there, Jay greeted me with a hug and a kiss. He told me Mindy was inside fixing us lunch. I went to take a shower and to use the enema/douche bag to get clean. While in the downstairs shower, Jay joined me and let me give him an enema as well. Except for some frisky play, we didn't do much other than get each other worked up. After the shower we dried each other off and I put on some fresh make-up and perfume. Wearing one of his shirts as a robe, I joined them for a light lunch. Mindy had set my bag on the table and as we ate she took out my collar. This let me know I would be in a submissive role today. That's one of the great things about our relationship; since we are all switches, the combinations are unpredictable from visit to visit. While eating the 'boys' came inside, begging for scraps and generally looking for attention, as dogs like to do. Bruno kept sticking his nose under the shirt and trying to lick me. All his attention was getting me a little excited. Jay saw this and nodded to Mindy, passing some silent signal. When I asked what was going on they just smiled and told me to finish my lunch. Their tones let me know both of them would be assuming DOM roles and the thought of serving both of them as well as playing with the dogs. Bruno and Pug, was enough to make my nipples start to harden and my cunt begin to heat up. I hurriedly finish my lunch, anxious to see what they had planned.

My Rotty Encounter

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I am a 30-year-old male who has was always into bestiality even though I'd never done it.

I like to drive around at night looking for places to chill and relax. One night while I was driving I park at a repair shop to relax a while I heard barking come from somewhere in the distance. I continued to relax there for a while after about a hours rest I had gotten tired of this dogs barking.

I drove in the direction of the dog's bark, down a dirt path that lead to a small grayish building. I drove around it but I couldn't see the back where the dog was barking.

Finally I drove around back and left my headlights as I got out of my car. I slowly went over to the barking dog and when I got within petting distance I slowly put my hand to it. The dog realized I was not going to hurt it, then I moved up next to this big dog (I am only 5'3) the dog probably weighed more than me.

I got down on my knees and started to rub the dog's belly and I found that he was an unfixed male. I quickly thought to myself, 'Wow is this the chance I had been waiting for?'

I return to my car to get my clothes undone when he tried to grab me but had gotten my jacket sleeve he finally let go though I did get a little jumpy I still went to my car to get undone.

I was finally undressed I was a little cold but with all my excitement I barely noticed. I took a little Vaseline and smeared it on my rectum hoping it would become a male dog's pussy tonight. I slowly walked up to him hoping he did not attack me or anything. I then walked up to the spot where my car headlights shined the most. I got on my knees and started to rub his belly.


zoophilia bestiality bdsm


I came home that afternoon and handed by wife the package. I told her to put the items on and be ready by 7 pm. I then went into the living room to ponder the plans for the evening. Yes, I had read the stories and viewed the mpegs. Yes, I had even purchased some videos. I had stumbled across a bestiality site and had been not only fascinated by the pictures and stories but had been tremendously aroused. As I sat on the couch I wondered, though, how I would react if it wasn't someone involved that I didn't know, but was instead my beautiful, lovely wife. I wondered if I would be turned off and disgusted. Would I be grossed out and not be able to stop the action? I didn't know if I would go through with it or not. My wife had no idea what was in store for her that evening. The witching hour arrived and I entered the bedroom. There she stood with the new white teddy, the long white hose and the high heels. Her long blond hair was down on her shoulders and not a hair out of place. Her large breasts strained at the top of the teddy. She looked ravishing! There were only a few things missing. I went to my closet and retrieved some items that I had bought especially for this night. First, I put the necklace around her neck. Well, not exactly a necklace, but rather a white leather collar. I also put the bracelets on her wrists. Not really bracelets either, but leather wrist cuffs. Lastly came the ankle cuffs. She was almost ready.

My Wife and Max

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My brother had go out of town for several weeks and asked me to feed his Rottweiler Max. Max's nickname is boner dog since he runs around with a boner most of the time or is lying down licking his penis. Max is the well hung dog.

One night I asked my brother how long his penis was and we measured it and it was just over eleven inches long and the knot at the base is the size of a plum. My brother lives about 45 minutes and I had been making the drive by myself, but one day my wife Pam wanted to go with me.

Let me tell you about Pam. She is 5'9" and weighs about 140, and has 36dd tits. Pam has always been easy to get wet since she has a rather large clitoris that sticks up about 3/4 of a inch when she is aroused.

As we drove to my brothers Pam was teasing me by pulling up her skirt and flashing her panties at me. After several times I realized that Pam was wearing the black crothless panties that I had bought for her.

Little did she know how much trouble those panties were going to cause her. I reached over and slid my finger into her hot pussy, and as usual she was flowing like a river. Pam gets so wet when she is hot that pussy juice will flow down her legs and into the crack of her sweet ass. I fingered her to several orgasms before we got to my brothers house.

Max was glad to see us and ran around barking, and as usual several inches of red dog dick was sticking out. I fed max and he gulped it down and then I threw his ball for awhile. Pam made a comment on the way his penis flopped when he ran and how it was shaped kind of like a tulip.

Linda. Part 1 - Beginnings

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I had met Linda three years earlier. She left her husband and moved in with me within a year. I was, from all she said, the lover she had always wanted. Her ex had ranged from lackluster to not interested, at best. We went at it like a couple of rabbits most of the time, especially in the beginning. She was apparently just trying to impress me in the beginning as well, by telling me of fantasies that ranged from being tied and taken by strangers to lady lovers to dogs. She also told me of a steady stream of one-night-stands she had had while married all those 19 years. I knew that if I didn't keep our sex interesting she would be back to her old ways and I would be the victim this time.

Though by all appearances Linda was a lady, at the core she was pure slut. She even admitted, if she hadn't met her husband at 15, she would have become a total slut. Though that hadn't happened, I believe sluttiness is not environment as much as I feel some women are just predisposed to be slutty. That if you placed them in the right situation and hit all the right buttons, they would do anything sexual with anyone. They just loved the sexual high. Of course, as a man, I think there is no better feeling The term sexual high was one Linda had coined and I felt this was the type lady she was. I intended to take advantage of this fact as I had fantasies that required this type of mindset. Also and more importantly, I thought if I got her to be the slut she was destined to be, she wouldn't have to cheat on me. You can't empathize with a person that has been cheated on unless you yourself have been cheated on. Both my ex-wives were ex's just for that very reason. So I felt if I embraced Linda's propensity toward sluttiness and participated in her slutty acts, I could save myself the hurt that comes from being cheated on. If I'm participating you see it's not cheating, it's fantasy fulfillment. A loose distinction I know, but it works for me.