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Atta Boy

zoophilia bestiality


Have you ever had one of those experiences that both appeals and excites at the same time? Well, I did.

I'll never forget late last summer when I decided to take a nice, long mid-day nap after having worked several hours on my vegetable garden. I remembered the day was a very hot and humid, and my body was as sweaty and fatigued as it had been in a long time. As a 31 year old divorceee with no children, I live alone in my house, unless you count my cat, Mantissa, and our newest "family" member, Barney, who is my year-old Golden Retriever. (My husband hated those pets and the feeling was mutual!)

Uncomfortably hot and barely able to hold my body upright, I decided to remove all my filthy clothes, slip on a cotton sun dress and lay on my thick-carpeted floor since it was a tad cooler down there. I typically sleep in the nude, but with my body still drenched in sticky sweat, the last thing I wanted at that moment was to have floor filth stick to me. Ah yes, wearing only a comfy sun dress would give me enough freedom I needed to sleep soundly, yet it would keep my body from serving as a magnet for fur, crumbs and whatever else my carpet had attracted since I last vacuumed.

It didn't take long for me to fall deeply into sleep; pure exhaustion from working in the heat and humidity will do that to a person. In fact, the last thing I remembered before my eyelids closed was seeing Barney kneeling by my side and studying my face in the funny, curious way that dogs often do. I slept soundly for the next hour or so until, in my half-asleep, half-awake state, I felt something unusual between my legs that had clumsily sprawled out during my slumber.

Samantha and Thunder

zoophilia bestiality horse sex


Thunder whinnied and stamped as he was led to the mare in heat. Still, he had done this many times before, and so allowed himself to be led up to the breeding stand by Samantha Bower, whose father helped him settle into place. The mare snorted as the large dick penetrated her vagina, and the stallion began to thrust in and out. He was a magnificent creature, 4 years old, strong, and fast. His fur was dark brown, heading to black on his "socks" on his lower legs, and his mane almost black. On his forehead was a streak of white like a lightning bolt that had helped give him his name.

Sam had assisted in this operation many times before. She was a beautiful young girl, a senior in high school, with pitch-black hair that fell to her shoulders and curled around her pretty face, occasionally getting into her murky green eyes. Her body was trim and strong from sports and doing her part of the chores on her family's horse farm, with long legs and firm, medium-sized breasts that were topped with pert pink nipples.

Normally this job did not bother her. She had grown up helping with the horses and few farm children were in the least bit affected by the sight of animal sex. It happened all the time and was completely normal. But this time was different for Sam. Today, the sight of the large cock pumping into the heated mare caused her pussy to twitch and her nipples to swell. She felt her skin grow hot and tight. Embarrassed at the though of being aroused by horses fucking, she hurried back to the house to clean up for dinner, leaving her father to finish things up.

Only Once?

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As I peered through the creaky gate the dogs turned their attention to me. In the dimming twilight I could still make out one wagging his tail cautiously. Three mixed breeds, the dominant male was Max who seemed to be a mostly Lab mix with his shiny black coat revealing a muscular chest and forelegs. It was this muscular build that had drawn my attention as, during the sweltering summer, I had seen him mount the other male dogs, never satisfying his sexual needs, but leaving no doubt about his power. The other dogs, also male, would resist his advances but one in particular, seemed aroused by the struggle. A tall dog, mostly hound, his shimmering cock would protrude almost 6 inches as he worked to free himself from the lust of the larger Max. The smaller beagle, though seldom bothered by Max's advances would watch the antics while wagging his tail and occasionally licking Max intimately after his frustrating attempts. Max, with all his power and determination, had not been able to satisfy his needs.

That I was lurking in the back yard of my neighbor was unsettling to me. My journey to this point had started with my observations but had recently taken on a new curiosity, a new urgency. Though I had never had sex with a man, something about Max was intriguing. His powerful walk as he patrolled the perimeter of the fence would captivate me as his rippling shoulders and loins would protrude and flex in the sunlight. His balls swinging halfway to the ground on the sweltering summer days had mesmerized me with thoughts of pleasing him. Max, if he was willing, was worthy of making me his bitch. Tonight he would have his chance. My fantasies had him using me for his pleasure and me wanting only to make him satisfied. The simple request, "Would you mind feeding the dogs while we are away?" had offered me the chance.

Man and Women's Best Friend

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My husband Tim wanted me to have sex with him and another guy. I'm a cute 28 year old blond, 5' 4" tall with a voluptuous body. I have nice perky tits that stand out high and proud, a cute round ass and a tight little pussy. My nipples are also somewhat larger than normal and I love to have them played with. Tim, my husband has a solid 8 inch long cock and he knows how to use it. His penis isn't very thick but the head is large and he knows how to tickle my "G" spot with it.

He frequently gets me so excited that I squirt. I enjoy sex a lot, but I never thought of having more than one guy at a time after I was married. When Tim initially brought up the idea of a threesome we were in bed making love and I thought he was just joking. I asked him if he would mind having another guy "make a mess down there." He told me it was ok with him as long as I let him have "sloppy seconds."

I forgot about our discussion until a couple of weeks later when he informed me that his friend Ted was interested in spending the Friday night with us.

"What do you mean "spending the night with us?" I asked.

"He wants to come over and play with us, you know we talked about it a few weeks ago," Tim said.

"You mean he wants to screw me while you watch?"

"Well yea, you said it would be ok," Tim responded.

I had had a lot of experience with plenty of different guys before I married Tim. Some of the guys I had been with in college were on the football team. They were really in shape and had a lot of stamina. They were also probably on something because frequently they had their hard-ons in my cunt all night. So, I knew I could take a lot of cock and I enjoyed it.

Dog Days of Summer

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"Come on, Sandy," Becky said. She pushed the fine strands of yellow hair from her face then stroked their pet's barrel chest. "Do it again." Both girls stared at the dog's extended penis.

The two girls, Becky, aged nineteen, and her sister, Sandy, aged eighteen. In the front room of the ramshackle farm house, the girls sat Indian-style on the cracked and faded linoleum. The skirts of their cotton dresses splayed out over the large yellow and green flowers like parachutes. The cool linoleum tingled Becky's buttocks through her worn-thin panties but did nothing to cool the simmering in her already-damp crotch. Sam, their five year old German shepherd lay on his side between them, his back legs spread, as if inviting the older girl to touch his aroused genitals again.

"Come on, Sandy, hurry up, will you," Becky said. "Ma'll be back in from milking before long, and I wanna see how long Sam's thing gets!" Then she added, "Besides, I can tell that you want to feel it some more."

"Think Billy Bob was kidding yesterday?" Sandy asked, fairly panting, her brown eyes glued to the quivering, bright red sword. "I mean about girls doing it with dogs."

"I don't know," the younger one breathed, watching her sister's hand, as it neared the dog's prick again. "I thought so, but what if he wasn't...." The large, silver and tan dog, his tongue lolling to one side, waved four inches of wet penis in the air. "Go on, Sandy, I dare you to touch it again."