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Kyla, Monty and Me

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Before I went to San Francisco, I had no idea that people engaged on regular basis in this lifestyle. I had seen "dog and pony" shows in different parts of the world including some other type of animal/female shows. I thought that it was all for entertainment of men and some women at the time but thought nothing more of it.

Kyla explained to me that having sex with a dog was no more than a step up from what most "normal" dog owners do. They dress up their dogs, they put them in beauty contests, spend billions of dollars on food, veterinary bills, medicines, grooming and they have special cemeteries for them and in some cases leave millions of dollars in inheritance money to them.

A "real pet lover" goes a step further and treats their pets "like" humans and engage in sex with them. She told me that she took care of Monty better than some people give their kids and she spends very good money grooming, vet visits, foods, medicine, vitamins and supplements for Monty.

Monty has never been with a female of his species but he doesn't miss anything because as Kyla put it, "He gets everything he needs from me. I met her at the Golden Gate Park while I listened to an outdoor concert. She had a large dog, beige and white, learned later he was an Anatolian Shepherd.

Anyway, we started talking and she invited me over for a drink. Her name was Kyla and she was about 5'9," dark red hair and green eyes. We made small talk and then we started talking about sex and the kind of alternative life styles in San Francisco and what we were into.


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Hi. I've been reading bestiality stories for some time now, and really enjoy them. I have decided to add my own story. It's a description of my own experiences. I hope you enjoy it.

As a boy, around 10 years old, I enjoyed watching nature shows on T.V. much more than the typical sitcoms. I especially liked it when they would show the animals mating! I was so amazed watching the horses and elephants with their huge dicks. It really turned me on to watch them humping doggy style, or horsy style as it was!

At night I would often fantasize about a girl getting done by a horse. Actually, in the fantasy I was the girl. It really turned me on. Later we had a female dog that would hump my leg. For some reason I got down on my hands and knees and she mounted me and humped at me like she was a boy dog. I guess getting spayed kind of confused her! Anyway, it really turned me on getting humped like a little bitch!

As a young teenager, I was experimenting with different things finding my sexuality. I decided pretty early that being with a man would be too yucky; but I enjoyed playing with my ass. (Even this has some problems. I really hate shit. I hate pooping, wiping my ass, the sight of it, the smell - all of it!) I remembered, as a boy, seeing our Labrador's dick sticking out of its sheath when he got excited. Unfortunately, he died before I got much older. Around this time I had a dream about getting fucked in the ass by a German Shepherd! I was so turned on! As soon as I woke up and processed the dream, I jerked off to a great orgasm! I was hooked from then on. I think I was about 14.

Witch Bitch

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"Sorry I'm so early" Mandy said as she breezed in. I've been up all night with my sick friend and came straight over. Took less time than I thought it would. Bending over she put both arms around Horse who was obviously pleased at the attention. "And did my little baby enjoy servicing the bitch" she said to him rubbing behind his ears. "He did service the bitch didn't he?" she enquired turning to Cherry.

Cherry could feel herself blushing. Unable to trust her voice she gave a crooked smile and just nodded her head.

"Good" Mandy said and gave her dog a pat.

And a chill went down Cherry's spine as Mandy said "who knows, you could be lucky and find that the bitch might even be pregnant after the first mating".

"I've been on the road would you mind terrible if we had a cup of tea honey?" she enquired. "I'm so tired and thirsty.

Relieved to be able to do something Cherry mumbled an acceptance and they padded off to the kitchen. When the tea was made they sat at the kitchen table. Cherry had a large round wooden table. They sat opposite each other.

"Oh, he must really like you" Mandy commented as Horse went past her towards Cherry.

"He always sits with me" she said matter of factly.

"And I wish he would sit with you again" Cherry thought in alarm as she felt Horse walking straight to her pushing his head between her legs under the table.

Rosa's Lover

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Rosa stood at the edge of the dusty road and gazed off into the distance. The unforgiving South Texas sun baked the landscape and buildings, and brought out beads of perspiration on Rosa's arms and forehead. She had no idea why she continued waiting by the road each afternoon, Jimmy wasn't coming home. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. The slender, young woman turned to see Pablito, a young pitbull, standing in her shadow. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, and brushed back her long, dark hair.

"Come on cachorrito," she said to the dog, "it's too hot today, let's go in the house."

Rosa had given Jimmy the dog for his birthday about a year and a half earlier; she noticed how much he had always admired pitbulls that belonged to his friends. Whenever he saw people walking them on the street, he would remark that he was "gonna get me one of those dogs." Rosa smiled briefly as she remembered the expression of utter delight on Jimmy's face when she had plopped the fat, gold-and-black brindled puppy into his lap. It was Jimmy's twenty-first birthday, and his friend Pablo had stopped over with a couple of six- packs to help him celebrate. Pablo offered beers to Jimmy and Rosa, and spotted the pup in Jimmy's lap.

"Hey, you guys got a puppy! What kind is it?"

"It's a pitbull. I'm gonna train him to bite you if you come here when I'm not around!," Jimmy joked.

Brandi: A True Story

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I met Brandi during my senior year of high school. She was dating my friend, Rick, who was constantly trying to get me to meet her. He said she was one wild bitch.

I finally gave in to his whining, and drove him to Bartonville where she lived with her divorced mother. I learned later that she basically lived there by herself while her mom stayed at various boyfriends' houses. We got out of the car, Rick checking to see if her mother's car was there, which it wasn't, and he let himself in with his key.

There Brandi lay on the couch in her short-short cutoffs and tanktop. She looked to Rick and smiled, then looked at me. She seemed a bit surprised to see me there, apparently she wasn't expecting anyone but Rick. She stood up and walked to the doorway, the jiggle of her breasts and the hard nipples revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra.

She stood about 5'3", short cropped blond hair, with pale skin, but not pale enough to be going for the vampire look, but pale enough to seem untouched.

"This is Jack," Rick said as he walked to her. I smiled and said hi.

"I thought it was only going to be us," she whispered to Rick, thinking I couldn't hear.

"It'll be ok. Jack is cool. He won't do anything unless we ask, will ya Jack?"

"Not unless you ask," I said, feeling like an intruder.

"Besides, Jack can always play with Mutt." Tick smiled at me, obviously knowing something I didn't.