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To Understand Humans

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It would appear that dogs have been our friend (and lovers too, I'm sure) since time immemorial. Scientists say that since their split from wolves about 135,000 years ago, dogs have been an integral part of our social and cultural development. They were our partners in evolution, following us from hunting/gathering to agricultural societies, from farm to suburb. To understand humans, geneticists are turning to dogs, says a recent New York Times article. It is no wonder then that this bond of friendship, which has withstood the rigid test of time, has evolved into bonds of sensual love, as evidenced by the sexy experiences detailed in this site.

And that probably explains why the intimate love that my dog and I share seems so natural and right. But before I describe my first experience with Timmy, my first canine lover, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Beverly. A few years ago I had given up my CPA career to be a "full time" housewife and mom. Believe my, I don't miss those tiresome capital gains/loss calculations, etc. one bit and my conversations have changed from discussions of K1s to K9s! I am 32 years old, am considered quite attractive, with long blond hair, green eyes, and a figure made "svelte" (so described by one admirer!) by the rigor of treadmill and sex!

When my son started kindergarten last year, my husband suggested, among other things, that I get a pet, more precisely, a dog, to relieve the boredom that may descend on an energetic and restive housewife. I agreed. Since I have never owned a dog before I did some quick research on dog ownership responsibilities etc. (As you probably know, there is a bewildering amount of canine information out there...one is absolutely deluged! -we do have an inordinate interest in dogs!). After a few days of dog hunting we eventually settled on Timmy, a huge Great Dane, who appeared to be very intelligent and cheerful.

Incident In A Room

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Miranda squinted for several minutes while her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room. There was a bad taste in her mouth, an obvious side affect to the drug she figured was put into her drink, and her head and arms were bound in an old wooden stock she'd read about in grade school. Her legs were shackled at the ankles by cold metal bracelets connected to chains somewhere else in the room.

"If you struggle, you will only damage yourself," a gravely voice remarked.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" Miranda said trying to keep her voice steady and calm.

"You may begin," the voice answered.

Miranda heard movement in the shadows that surrounded her small island of light.

"Who is out there?"

A young bald woman dressed in a white ceremonial robe and carrying a steaming bucket of soapy water approached. The woman set the bucket on the floor in front of Miranda and pulled out a purple sponge.

"Help me please!" Miranda pleaded with the woman.

"They will no listen to you," the voice responded.

"Damn you, you bastard!"

"Let us try to keep things civil Miss Peters."

"Fuck you!"

While Miranda fought with the voice, the bald woman was busy scrubbing down Miranda's oversized body, paying special attention to her pussy and ass. Miranda couldn't help letting a soft moan escape her lips as the warm water cascaded over her body.

Trish's Story. Part 3

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I found my self in a very difficult situation. I had found some pictures of women having sex with dogs at Paul's (my boyfriend). I had called him disgusting, finished with him and stormed out.

But the thing is, later I ended up letting Pip my Alsatian Collie cross fuck me. I now found myself missing Paul, who I had been with for 3 years. And if truth be known I still loved him. And now I was trying to pluck up the courage to go and see him, and try to explain, what had happened.

After a lot of thought I rang him up, I asked him if I could come round on Friday night. As was Paul's way he didn't ask any questions, of course, would seven be all right?

I arrived at Paul's at seven as arranged, and even though we had been together for 3 years, I still felt very awkward,

Paul asked me if I wanted a drink, yes please I replied, my mouth had suddenly gone very dry, I had thought what I was going to say, but now that I was here I was tongue tied. I felt like I was a school girl in front of the headmaster.

I sat down, Brutus his Alsatian came up to me for his normal scratch behind his ears which he loved. He is a big loveable dog, and has never shown me anything but the soft, stupid side of him.

But things where different now, I found myself wondering what it would be like to be mounted by Butch.

Paul came back, gave me my drink and sat himself down opposite to me. At one time he would never have done that, he would always sit next to me. I know it was my fault, but even that little thing hurt me.

Watch Dog

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The first time this happened was over a year ago when I was 20. But I'll have to start back when I went away to college when I was 18 so that you will fully understand.

In the fall of 1987 I moved away from home to go to a small college about two hours away from my parents. The college was doing it's best to try and accommodate the increase in incoming freshmen and limited dorm space by making double rooms into triples. Well, I've never been much of a people person, and not knowing anyone at the college, I had my parents help me find an off campus apartment for me instead. I found a great one bedroom apartment right around the corner from campus, it was cheap, pretty big and they allowed pets. This last point was important, because my parents didn't want me to live alone, but I didn't want to have to put up with anyone but myself. So my parent bought me a dog to keep me company and protect me.

I had to laugh when they brought him over to me at the apartment the day after I moved in. They said "We'll get you a watchdog so you can take him with you when you walk around campus at night, and guard the house while you sleep." and there they stood in my doorway with a little tiny puppy only a couple of months old. He was so cute, a little fuzzball. Some watchdog.

I named him Teddy because he looked just like a little fuzzy teddy-bear and my mother assured me he'd grow up to be a BIG teddy bear. He was a mix between several breeds, OK a mutt, but a BIG mutt, you could tell by the size of his paws at that age, and by the energy this little guy had. Mother said she was too afraid to get an already grow up watchdog, for fear that it might not be very friendly, and she also said Teddy would get big fast enough.

Walk in the Park

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By any standard Julie's life was hectic. Balancing two jobs, an aspiring writing career, family obligations, housecleaning, pet care and a trying social life left the young blonde with little time to think. In fact, it may well be the result of a very organized nature that she could manage at all. Even at that life can dish out some very unexpected moments.

Julie's most challenging efforts came in the area of dating. Left to her own ways she would have forgone any attempt at a love life, in favor of a good rest period or a solid stint at the word processor. There were friends among her co-workers, however, who saw it as their job to keep her in the game. They would insist she get out and experience the world. Julie could not argue the value of that advice from a writer's viewpoint. The "friends" on the other hand, simply advised that to keep a clear head a girl had to get laid every once in a while. That argument, too, had its merits.

So Julie went through the motions of meeting guys, agreeing to dates and even letting the man in at the end of the evening. If things went smoothly she, and he, would get laid. He would go home. She would get on with her life. Sometimes working a date in to her schedule was so cumbersome she simply gave up. She would decline gratefully or promise another opportunity or just never make the call. If that left a void in her program, Pacer was always there to fill it.