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The Virgin and the Stud Dog

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Several years ago, when I was a freshman in college, something happened to me that I have never felt entirely comfortable with until now. Thanks to other stories I have read recently about bestiality I have been able to come to grips with a dark secret that I've held since the spring of 1995.

At the time I was a giggly girl hanging out at the mall with friends and eyeing cute guys, but never daring to venture beyond flirting and the occasional furtive kiss. Although I was a virgin and extremely naive, I was a "well-developed young lady," as my mother would say. I had long auburn hair I wore in a pony tail down my back, and breasts capped with nipples that stood out half an inch when erect. I mention this because as a freshman in college, they often caused me much chiding and embarrassment when they protruded from my blouse.

Anyway, one afternoon as I was walking home from college my neighbor called me over to his fence. Mr. Platki was of some Eastern European decsent and spoke with a heavy accent.

"Heather, you come here," he said, waving his ancient arm to me. Mr. Platki was an old man who had known me since my fifth birthday when we moved into the neighborhood. We had rarely talked, but my parents liked him.

"You will watch my dog for a few days, no?" he said.

Mr. Platki owned the most feared dog in the neighborhood. It was some kind of mix between a Great Dane and a Wolf Hound, or something. He was huge, and stood about even with my chest flatfooted. Needless to say, I was also frightened by his dog, whom he called Groucho, due to his temperament.

The Lone Ranger Rides Again

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It was late Saturday evening. Katy had just finished cleaning up the kitchen. Earlier she had entertained her friend Nancy, her roommate from college, and her husband Albert. The cook out had been a whopping success. About 6 PM Nancy and Albert left to visit a few of Albert's friends from school. Since Katy didn't know Albert's friends she decided to stay home and watch a movie.

Before watching the movie Katy decided to take a shower and wash the sweat and smell from the barbecue off of her. Looking into the mirror on the back of the bathroom door Katy decided that she wasn't bad looking. She stands about 5'2" tall, with shoulder length curly blonde hair, very slim, (she attends aerobics 4 times a week) a firm well rounded ass and nice cantaloupe size breasts that fill out a sweater in the best way.

Katy's boyfriend was away for a week at a national physics conference, so it had been a week since she last had sex. This, along with Nancy and Albert's flirting with each other during dinner had her hot and bothered in the worst way. She began to play with her little clit as the warm water caressed her skin. To say the least she was really getting into it. Katy was on the verge of her first orgasm when all of a sudden she was startled by a loud howl and then a ferocious bark. It was at this point that she was reminded of Ranger, Nancy and Albert's dog.

Ranger was a mix between a Dalmatian and a Great Dane. He stood 3 feet tall and was almost completely grey except for two black patches that surrounded his eyes like a mask. Thus came his name, Ranger, short for The Lone Ranger.

Janet Gets A Massage

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Part 1

My wife and I have been married for nearly fifteen years. Having been together for so long, it's becoming quite challenging to come up with original gift ideas for birthdays and such. So this year when her birthday rolled around, instead of buying her something that would just end up on a shelf, or in a box that I'd have to move later, I got her a gift-certificate for a massage. I didn't know it at the time, but that decision would change our lives forever.

Before I get into our story, I'll introduce us. My name is Danny. I'm six feet tall, and tip the scales at about 180 pounds. I have short, dark brown hair and gray-blue eyes. I'm in pretty good shape, but like most men in their 30's, I'm developing some love handles around my middle - guess I'm going to have to take care of that.

I tower over my lovely wife, Janet; she stands just five feet two inches. She wants to lose some weight, but I'm keeping a close eye on her because she has a perfect ass, and 36DD tits that just make me crazy. Janet's body is dotted with freckles that really stand out when she's had some sun. She too has short hair, but it's a rich, dark blonde color that compliments her dazzling brown eyes. And she has a smile that lights up the room.

Much to my delight, about four years ago, she had her nipples pierced and now wears twelve gauge rings through them; occasionally she'll wear a white gold chain slung between them - now there's a site to behold! Then last year, she had her pussy lips done like her nipples, and just a few months ago, her navel was added to the collection. I should also mention that she has a tattoo with my name just inside her bikini line, level with the top of her neatly trimmed bush.

Helping Sis. Part 2

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It was the best sleep I'd had in years and no hangover to boot! Sis and I had done something we should've never EVER done, and we didn't care. Here I was, lying next to the most beautiful woman I'd ever made love to, knowing it was the ultimate taboo, and all I could think of was making her happy.

Her taste was still on my lips, and the slick yet sticky feeling on my cock from her love juices only made me excited instead of my normal "I need to clean myself off" mode. She happened to roll over with a smile, then a fearful look upon seeing me naked on the floor next to her.

The look turned to a smile when she saw me smiling at her. She hesitated, then kissed me tenderly on the lips, laughing when she realized she'd tasted her own love juices on my lips.

"Hey... now this is a situation, isn't it?" I joked. "So BIG brother... where do we go from here? Is this an "oops," or an "ok to more?" She asked. I didn't respond with words... rather, I leaned over but instead of kissing her, I started to nibble on her neck very lovingly while I started to stroke her pussy very gently between her soft and slightly sticky lips.

I told her to stick out her tongue and said "this is as close as I get to being gay, so enjoy," then I sucked on her tongue like she'd sucked on my cock, even licking up and down it and deep-throating it. Between that and the fingering I was giving her, she couldn't take it and started to cum again. This time however, we couldn't use alcohol as an excuse. We KNEW we wanted this - and BAD!


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The door opened and my owner poked his head around the edge. It felt like I had been staring at the closed portal for most of my life, but of course, knew that it had only been an hour or two.

"Cujo; Come boy." His head disappeared from the left open door and unfamiliar scents wafted from the room beyond. I knew that he was not alone and that the other person was female. Her perfume had leeched through the gap under the door. The chemical mixture may have been attractive to his somewhat limited olfactory senses; to mine it was repugnant and did not improve when I followed him into the room.

John had introduced me to one or two of his lady friends and had even got me to play with them to the point of giving them the benefit of my tongue. Of course, it depended on how I liked them. I have to say that his choice in women had its flaws and most of them were no more than skin covered skeletons with no more life than a marrow bone. We had had some fun with some of them though and even had one or two come back for a re-run. I guess John liked his bachelor status because he rarely had them come back to our pied-et-tere more than twice.

This woman had all the hall marks of being a bimbo. Blonde hair, too much make up and cheap perfume all contributed to the supposition. Unfairly I guess, the fact that my introduction had her at the disadvantage of being completely naked and prostrated across John's leather sofa. I noticed a tattoo on her hip of a dolphin, jumping from a splash of water. It looked like the rest of her, cheap. Equally unfairly, I took an instant dislike to the girl and sat down resolutely, out of reach and disinterestedly scratched an ear.