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A Big Dog For Us

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Amy and I had been lovers for the past two years, ever since I had gotten a divorce and she had moved in with me. I am an older woman at 42 and Amy is only 28. I am a plump lady with thick thighs and a rather large ass. I have big breasts and I keep my pussy well trimmed, so I can se my thick, puffy lips as my mound is puffy and so rounded. I think I have a lovely pussy. I stay horny a lot of the time and love to masturbate. Nothing excites me more than to lay there and play with my pussy.

Being one that does not go out a lots, I stay at home and have no regular boy friend to please me. I enjoy myself and do not like men around me very much.

It began as I needed to rent out a room in my house to help pay the bills. Amy was the one I had chosen as she answered the small ad I had in the local paper. After she moved in, I became attracted to her and she to me. We were sitting in my living room one night as we watched TV.

I am a little on the heavy side and was laying on the sofa as Amy sat next to me in a recliner. I was feeling horny that night as the picture we were watching was about two women. My pussy began to itch so I dropped my hand down inside my house coat to touch it, hoping see wouldn't see me. My pussy had grown wet and it needed to be played with as I slowly rubbed on it, trying to be still so she couldn't see what I was doing.

It started to feel so good to me that I closed my eyes as I gently rubbed my enlarged clit. I was not expecting it when I felt Amy place her hand over mine.

Robin Hood

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This is the story of how dangerous it is meeting people you only know through contact on the internet. You will hear how I meet Robin and he takes me deep into the forest to meet his merry men, where because I was not a willing participant, they made Marion.

I get myself dressed in a sensible long burgundy skirt, and a black jumper with a vee neck that showed off just a little cleavage. The last thing I want to do is to look tarty or cheap. One last look in the mirror. Yes I'll do. My brother was sat in the lounge of the mobile home we shared and as I came out, "Not bad for a big sis. Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?"

"No thanks. I'm sure I'll be ok. I'm a big girl now."

I pat my cat on the head.

"Bye Jessie."

As I leave our drive through the big iron gates, I wonder what this man will be like.

I'm a school teacher, and I look after twenty-eight small children in a little school. As my little red Corsa makes its way through the windy roads of the Mendips, I begin to question my decision to meet this man on my own. He was a guy I'd met on the internet, a couple of years younger than me, but we'd hit it off talking on MSN. I was nervous; of course I always was when I met someone for the first time, especially alone. But he gave me all the signs of being genuine and we were meeting in a pub. So there was no real cause to be afraid.

Andrea and Taneesha's Adventure

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Taneesha Williams sat fidgeting in the passenger seat of her father's pick-up truck. She and he were speeding down a lonely road out in the country outside their city. At eighteen, Taneesha was a strikingly beautiful young woman. She was not overly tall at five foot seven inches. Her figure was svelte and shapely, her large breasts filling her shirt tightly. As she rode in the truck with her father the nipples of her impressive breasts were poking tautly through that stretched fabric. They were large, each the size of a fat, ripe, juicy Bing cherry. Her tongue flicked excitedly out to lick at the corners of her mouth often. Her eyes were glazed with a barely contained excitement. She was rhythmically clenching and unclenching her thighs unconsciously.

"Are you excited to be finally getting your pet today, sweetie?" said her father, Hank, startling Taneesha out of her reverie. She let out a little gasp she hoped was inaudible.

"I really am, daddy," she answered. "I've been waiting for him sooo long."

"I know you have, sweetie. And I want you to know I'm really proud of you. Your mom and me both. We didn't make you save up half the money for him just to be mean, you know. We wanted him to really mean something to you."

Taneesha smiled inwardly as she answered her dad, "Oh, he does, daddy. More than you could possibly realize."

"I know he does, baby. I knew you'd want him to be close to you. That's why I had the stable built on our lot. Keeping an animal is a big responsibility, you know. Especially a horse. You gotta be keeping him fed and groomed..."

Gryphon's Tryst

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It was a chilly day, though not uncommonly so for a day in mid-autumn. A cold breeze whipped through Rozura's feathers as she flapped away from her clan, and her disgrace. It was less than a week since she had been exiled from her clan for cheating on her partner, and already she was feeling the aching urge to be fulfilled sexually.

Hundreds of acres of trees flowed endlessly below the gryphon's body, boring her to the point where she was half-dozing, letting her subconscious mind take over the basic navigation. If she strayed off course, then her brain would put her back on track without her having to be fully awake.

After a few more hours of flight thirst crept up on Rozura, forcing her to become fully conscious, enabling her to search out a source of fresh water. Scanning the terrain below her, she espied a large lake nestled in the heart of the forest. "Perfect," she thought to herself.

It was on the verge of sunset when she backwinged to land elegantly by the side of the lake. Even with her very sharp gryphon's eyes, she could barely make out the far shore. She looked around for any danger, out of habit, despite the fact that few animals found it worth their while to attack an angry gryphon, and noted the presence of a small lean-to about twenty metres away. Peering closely, Roz could make out silvery strands of cobwebs over the entrance, indicating that the shed hadn't been used in quite some time. Satisfied, Roz bent down to drink, lapping up the icy water until she had slaked her thirst.

Lucy Learns a Lot

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Lucy arrived a little late for her babysitting job. It was her first time sitting for Elaine who didn't seem all that much older than Lucy was herself. Elaine was beautifully suntanned, had a lovely figure and, when Lucy looked at her it made Lucy feel strangely excited. When she arrived, Elaine was rushing around making last minute arrangements.

'Nicky's in bed upstairs fast asleep - I don't think she'll be any trouble. There's food and coke in the fridge - you could watch the television, or read those magazines over there. Just make yourself at home. Big Boy is in my bedroom there. He'll look after you...' She smiled in a strange way. 'If you like dogs, you can let him in here with you - but don't let him misbehave...'

Again she looked at the girl with a strange look in her eye. 'Unless you want him to, of course,' she added with a smile. 'It's up to you, my sweet. How old are you, by the way?'


'You look a bit pale. Are you feeling all right?'

'I've just had my first...you know.'

'Oh, so you're a woman now, are you? Still, I don't know, I mean about Big Boy.... Hell, why not, if you want to? ' She laughed. 'You are pretty, aren't you?' She threw her arms around Lucy embracing her tightly. Her mother never embraced her like this. Lucy could feel Elaine's soft breasts pressing against her, her lower stomach pushed hard against hers. She didn't want Elaine to let go of her. She looked up at her. Elaine was looking down at her fondly. She wanted Elaine to kiss her. She thought she was going to, then Elaine broke away and disappeared out of the door.