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Firsts - A True Story

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When I was 20 years old, I was pretty much naive to much that went on in the world of sex. I was still a virgin, and other than my best friend Terri, had never even seen another person naked or talked in detail about sex. I had been terribly shy as far back as I could remember, and my shyness was always mistaken for "non-interest" when I would go out on dates. When I moved to just east of Atlanta, I was determined to break out of my shell at least somewhat.

Terri however was outspoken, free-spirited, and confident. From the first time I met her, she made me envious with her gift of words. She was only 16 when we met, yet it seemed her knowledge of the world (especially in sexual matters) seemed to intrigue my yearnings as she spoke of her adventures. We would stay up until late in the night, and I would listen to her stories as if I was in a trance. On occasion, we would have a stay over when she wasn't out on a date. She would change clothes right in front of me, getting butt naked and not thinking anything about it. I remember the 1st time she stripped down to her panties in front of me, she was telling me a story about her recent date. I was staring at her breasts so intently that I didn't hear what she was saying. When she realized what my reaction was, she couldn't believe I was that shy. From then on, she would tease me by catching me off guard, and flashing me or mooning me. It was all in fun, but she didn't know just how wet I would get watching her, and how I only wished I could muster up the nerve to approach her. I would usually go home and masturbate while thinking of her. She was 19 when I moved the 144 miles from our little town, and we kept in touch by calling each other at least once a week.

Viagra Dog

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I'm 45 but my husband is 15 years older. He has retired and we live on a farm in upstate New York. Our sex life was always good, but lately he has slowed down and even had some performance problems. He has a prescription for Viagra which works well for him.

An hour after taking it, he always gets a good hard-on. I still go down on him, but he won't do it to me anymore, not that I blame him. It's because now that I've started "the change" my periods are irregular and I'm often spotting. This has turned him off to putting his tongue down there. Oral sex is something that I really miss, I used to get my best orgasms that way. Anyway that's how this whole thing started.

One day when my husband had gone to town, I was out by the pool. I was wearing my white bikini. I'm no kid anymore but I've kept my figure pretty good. My breasts are large and although they sag a little, my husband says that just makes them sexier.

I felt a wetness and noticed that I had spotted through my bikini bottom. I knew I should get them off and in the wash before the stain set. I headed for the laundry room in the basement. On the way I ran into Rocky. He's our Rottweiller.

He walked right up and stuck his nose in my crotch - something he had never done before. "Well," I said, "Hello to you, too. I can see that a little blood doesn't bother you like it does some males."

As I continued on to the laundry room, he followed closely behind.. When I got to the basement I took off my bottoms and started to run water over the stain. I was leaning over the tub. At this point Rocky again stuck his nose in my crotch, only now I didn't have anything on from the waist down. His tongue licked between my legs.

Sin-fully pleased

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The first thing you should know is that I have what many of my friends would call a "BayWatch" body. I am 5'8" tall, I workout, and I am graced with a firm body and except for my long sun bleached auburn hair, there is not another hair on my body - that includes my public area. I really enjoy being smooth and curved. I have wonderful orgasms and when I cream or just get excited my labials puff up and become coated with my juices. You see I have always had what some might call a problem with always being moist. And my juices are so lubricating oil companies could only dream of patenting its slipperiness. I absolutely love how easily it allows my fingers to dive into my mounds and coat my clitoris for a thorough molesting. If you girls know what I mean {smile}. I love sexy lingerie, masturbation and being and feeling wet. I can actually squeeze my vaginal muscles and feel my labial 'lips' sliding against each other as they pucker.

But my biggest secret is that I fantasize about finding new exciting lingerie - I think I am an addict; and I dream about being mounted and pumped by big dogs with massive penises. Ok, I would consider other well-endowed animals if I knew more about animal anatomy. I think a horse, pony or donkey would be too big. But the thought of a massive penis stretching me, sliding deep inside me and blasting me to overflowing with seemingly gallons of cum just makes me dizzy.

Britney Spears and her Dog

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Britney knew that she was on her way to major fame and fortune, her debut single, "Oh Baby Baby" had shot to the top of music charts all round the world, she was already playing shows to large crowds and now she was about to make her biggest step yet toward being a top sex symbol.

She was nervous as hell about the surgery. Her press agent had put out the story that she had injured her knee and was going to hospital to have it repaired, but the truth, as everyone would soon be aware, was that she was having cosmetic surgery to increase her young 36B bust to a sexy 38C. She'd showered but that hadn't relaxed her, and now as she packed her stuff for two days at the hospital she was more nervous than ever.

She moved around her room folding a few clothes, wearing just her towelling robe, her long hair tied back in a long wet pony-tail down her back. The stereo was on, she was listening to some old Janet Jackson tapes, singing along, trying to take her mind off the hospital... "Nasty... Nasty Girl... Dum-de-dum..." She whispered away to herself.

She moved over to her book shelf and crouched down to select a couple of novels to read in hospital... She selected her favourite first, "The Hobbit", she loved fantasy and still hadn't really grown out of it... She leaned forward to select another book and jumped with shock as she felt something cold and wet touch her butt... She spun round and was most relieved to see that it was her dog, Goofy.

A Big Dog For Us

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Amy and I had been lovers for the past two years, ever since I had gotten a divorce and she had moved in with me. I am an older woman at 42 and Amy is only 28. I am a plump lady with thick thighs and a rather large ass. I have big breasts and I keep my pussy well trimmed, so I can se my thick, puffy lips as my mound is puffy and so rounded. I think I have a lovely pussy. I stay horny a lot of the time and love to masturbate. Nothing excites me more than to lay there and play with my pussy.

Being one that does not go out a lots, I stay at home and have no regular boy friend to please me. I enjoy myself and do not like men around me very much.

It began as I needed to rent out a room in my house to help pay the bills. Amy was the one I had chosen as she answered the small ad I had in the local paper. After she moved in, I became attracted to her and she to me. We were sitting in my living room one night as we watched TV.

I am a little on the heavy side and was laying on the sofa as Amy sat next to me in a recliner. I was feeling horny that night as the picture we were watching was about two women. My pussy began to itch so I dropped my hand down inside my house coat to touch it, hoping see wouldn't see me. My pussy had grown wet and it needed to be played with as I slowly rubbed on it, trying to be still so she couldn't see what I was doing.

It started to feel so good to me that I closed my eyes as I gently rubbed my enlarged clit. I was not expecting it when I felt Amy place her hand over mine.