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Shadow and the Housewife

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I had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a dog. It wasn't an obsession just more or less curiosity brought on by some of the stories I have heard and read.

One afternoon while my husband was at work and the kids were at school. I was relaxing watching my soaps eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, when I heard a scratching noise at my front door. The neighbors German Shepherd was loose again and searching for something to eat. He often came to my door begging for a bone or some scrap of leftovers I'd usually give him.

I opened the door and there was Shadow wagging his tail looking up at me waiting for me to open the door and let him in. Shadow was a large dog, in fact one of the largest German Shepherds I have ever seen. But he was very friendly and totally harmless to the people who feed him when he went begging for food.

I opened the door and let him in, he followed me to the kitchen where he knew I would give him some treat to munch on. I wasn't sure what was left from the night before, so there I was bent over looking through the fridge for Shadow's lunch when I felt his noise making its way up my inter thigh sniffing the left over sex in my pussy from the night before. All I was wearing was my husbands long sleeve white shirt, I had no panties on to protect my exposed bottom from the huge dog sniffing wet pussy.

I wasn't sure what to do, if I moved to fast it might startle him and who knows what he would have done. There I was, frozen in my tracks waiting for Shadow to loose interest in me. His nose went higher and higher until I felt it touch the cheeks of my exposed ass. I heard a loud slurp as his tongue made contact with the crack of my ass sliding up my crack to the top. WOW, what a feeling, warm, wet and slightly rough. I spread my legs apart to give him access to my pussy with left over cum in it. He applied another long stroke to my bare bottom, this time making contact my pussy and spreading my lips apart as his tongue made its way up the crack of my ass passing over my sensitive ass hole sending tingling sensations throughout my body.


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This is a true story that happened to me six months ago.

I was reading a story in an adult magazine about this girl that was eaten out and fucked by a German Shepherd dog. Now to some of you, this probably sounds gross. However, this chick was turned on and I wanted to read more stories like it. Well I never found any. I am sure that there is a mag out there that has lots of stories like it, just haven't found it yet.

Anyway, one day I was talking to my friend Terry and the subject came up. She had never read such a story before. Since we were at my house, I got the magazine out and let her read it. She did not get as turned on as I did, but said that she could watch someone do that and get horny. She also said that she doubted that she would get horny enough to do it with the animal. I told her that it made me very horny and that I didn't think I could do it, but I did want to read about other people doing it with animals.

Well, that subject was dropped, we continued to talk about other things while drinking wine. After two bottles we got very tipsy and started talking about sex. The next thing we knew, we were naked and in the pool, having a great time. Well, I have had sex we women before, but never with Terry. I didn't know how she felt, and never asked. Well I noticed her staring at my 38-26-36 body. I got out of the pool and posed. I said, "What do you think?" She said that I had a great body and a nice pair of tits. With that, I jumped into the pool grabbed her head and shoved it between my tits and said, well if you like them so much why don't you suck them. I was ready for her to protest, but instead she said okay, and suck my tits so gently. She said to me, I have wanted you for the longest time but didn't think you would. We dried off and went into my bedroom and made love for three hours. When she left to go home, she invited me over the next day to "Play around some more."


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Laura awoke to find Martin already up and out of bed. Sleepily, she crawled out of bed and padded down the hall toward the living room. Martin stood in the kitchen, putting the water on for her morning cup of tea. Stepping up behind him, she slid her arms around his waist, and lay her head against his back.

"Morning, baby," Martin said. "Sleep well?"

"Mmmm, like a rock," she replied. "I didn't even feel you get out of bed."

Martin turned his body within her grasp, until he faced his wife. Her naked breasts pressed against his T-shirt-covered chest, savoring his warmth. He reached behind her, cupping her firm buttocks in his hands.

"Ready for your day to begin?"

Laura's eyes met his. She remembered the discussion they'd had the night before. This was to be a day of excitement. It was to be a day for nothing but physical pleasure for both of them. Martin was to be in control. She was to remain naked, keeping herself available to his every whim.

Laura trusted her husband completely. He was not the type to degrade or humiliate her in any way. She knew he would not ask her to do anything she was against. Martin being in control simply took responsibility away from her. It was a way of getting her to try new things, a way of removing apprehension and lowering inhibitions. She knew he wouldn't force her into anything, but he would ask her to do a few things she might not otherwise do.

Janice and Richard's First Time

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Richard and Janice had always had a great love for animals. They owned a large farm with several varieties of them from dogs to cow and horses. They even had a few goats and sheep. It was nothing spectacular but they were happy.

Janice had been gone for several days visiting her sick mother in Colorado when Richard decided that he needed to fuck. He didn't have the heart to cheat on Janice though. This left him with a serious dilemma. It was then Cassie, their beautiful black lab came into the picture. She had been outside romping in the summery breeze most of the day. He always let her out to play a lot more before she came into heat so she wouldn't be so upset being locked up later.

Richard had just taken a shower and shaved. He kept himself well groomed at all times. Shaving always aroused him for some reason. It was then he began to think of Cassie in a whole new light. She was laying in the bedroom floor when he came out of the shower. His cock was hard as steel. He had saw a few sites on the net that had bestiality pics and both him and Janice had been intrigued but neither of them had thought they could go through with it.

He called the dog over and told her to stay as she stood before him. She was a very obedient one, always had been. He walked around and looked at her before he gently lifted her tail. He looked down at her little cunt and wondered. His fingers traced around the hole before slipping inside and probing her a bit. She didn't seem to mind it at all as she panted. He got down and knelt behind her. His mind was racing. Was he actually going to stick his dick in this dog's pussy. His hormones got the better of him. He put the head of his cock to her pussy and slowly sunk inside?

Surprise for the Wife

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Being laid off work allows a man to think of a lot of things. Gradually, it turns to sex and things the Internet has to offer. After reading about bestiality and doggy fucking, I decided to find an alternative way to get myself and my wife off regardless is she like it or not.

We have a large dog that that stayed outside in the backyard. Many times the wife and I would make light- hearted jokes about his big penis. The first thing was to educate myself regarding what Rover could do and could not do. Since this was an experiment and I had plenty of time on my hands, I decided to be the guinea pig.

After having several beers and a couple of slugs of whiskey, I brought the dog into the bedroom. Removing my clothing and getting underneath the dog, I started to masturbate him with slow moving motion. I notice that my cock was getting excited with anticipation, and decided to stick him in my mouth. The dog was very receptive as I sucked his cock very slowly.

I realized I had a raging hard on and tried to remove the dog's cock from my mouth. The dog had nothing to do with it and started hunching my mouth with vigor. Finally, I was able to pull away from the dog resting against the end of the bed. The dog was shivering with excitement. Without hesitation, the dog came over and tried humping my leg when I decided to try to get his nine-inch cock in my ass.

Positioning myself, I managed to get his cock at my asses doorway. I was so horny and the dog was so wet and big, it slid in with hardly any trouble. At first there was pain, but pleasure started filling my bowls. I could feel his cock sliding in and out of my ass. All of a sudden the dogs cock exploded filling me up with his jism.