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Samantha's Awakening

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The rain softly pattered on the roof of the cabin as Samantha lay naked in her bed asleep, as Kratz her beloved dog lay fast asleep at the bedside. A bolt of lightning suddenly awakened Samantha. As she sat up in of bed she noticed Kratz had awoken and was now glaring outside into the darkness. Samantha comforted him and let him jump onto the bed. Samantha had let Kratz sleep in her bed for many years and was used to the bold musky smell of her dog and had actually grown quite fond of it.

About an hour later neither Kratz nor Samantha had fallen asleep so she decided to get up and make both of them something to drink. As she got out of bed Kratz could see her beautifully naked body glowing in the moonlight, Samantha rarely wore clothes around the house as she lived in a cabin about a mile from anyone. Samantha walked softly into the kitchen and without turning on a light heated up some milk for Kratz and made herself a hot chocolate.

On the way back to the bed Samantha slipped and het her head on the floor. Because Kratz and Samantha were so close he knew she had gotten hurt. Kratz came running out of the bedroom to see what happened. He saw his beloved master on the floor knocked out cold.

He tenderly licked her trying to awake her to no avail.

Eventually Kratz got very restless and started licking all over Samantha. On her forehead, neck, stomach, and finally he came to her bare pussy. The moment he licked her pussy he got a response the more he licked Samantha's love hole the more moaning he heard.

The Anal Lab

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Shane had his face, buried in his wife's ass. He heard her moaning as his wet tongue, licked up and down her crack. She really moaned, as he curled, his tongue and slipped it up her asshole. Lorie, his wife, just loved a tongue up her ass, or almost anything else for that matter. It was a shame that his cock was so thick. It was hard for her to take it up her ass. Luckily Shane loved to lick her asshole out. He listened to her moan, "Oh yes... oh honey.. lick my ass out!"

Her words really fuelled his fire, as he stuck his tongue, as far in her ass as he could. He tasted the bitter erotic flavor of his wife's ass. You see... Shane was on the submissive side, when it came to sex. And Lorie, would not have it, any other way. Her hand was rubbing her wet pussy as Shane licked out her ass. He heard her say, "Oh baby... please fuck my ass... get the butt buddy!"

Shane smiled to himself...knowing that the buddy was a jelly like anal beads type of toy. It started with smaller ones...and ended with the larger almost two inch around ones at the other end.

Shane watched as his wife's lubed asshole swallowed the beads... one by one. He heard her moans of pleasure, as the beads disappeared into her ass. Her red hair was swishing back and forth as she shook, her head with pleasure. Shane watched as the last few beads stretched her asshole open. It was then he started to fuck her ass, slowly. Her moans, her sighs as he fucked her asshole as she was on all fours on the bed. Lorie teased, "Honey... your going to suck those beads after you take them from my ass!"

Anne's New Pet

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Chapter 1: Anne's Introduction to Rooster

Anne and Calvin were what's called "empty nesters". The two kids had finished college and moved away to start their own lives in another city. Anne, a beautiful and sexy middle aged woman still enjoyed sex and having multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, time and distance did not allow her and Calvin to relax and enjoy each other as they would like or once did.

Calvin and Anne had been married close to thirty years and neither had strayed outside the marriage boundary, however, Calvin had talked to Anne about her getting it on with a younger man; this had only been sexual fantasy talk between the two of them when they were being intimate. Trust in their relationship was very important and realizing a fantasy would only serve to compromise their trust.

Life seemed to be status quo between Anne and Calvin. They were both professionals and had plenty of money, they traveled for work and pleasure and enjoyed each others company and found sex OK. Calvin thought Anne needed more in the sex department as he was no longer a twenty year old and could not have the same erection that he once did. Calvin was not much into chemically induced boners and herein lies his dilemma.

Watching Anne climax was always a treat for Calvin and Anne seemed to like it as well, and no matter how much they talked about Anne getting it on with a younger man this was only talk and not likely to be a forthcoming happening. Calvin did talk Anne into showing off her pussy occasionally when they went to the shoe store. Anne, who had shaved her pubic hair for many years, would dress in one of her summer dresses, without panties of course, and off they would go to the shoe store. Calvin had scoped out small low volume stores with young male clerks; preferably young black men.

Beth's First Horse Experience

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I'd go as far as to say that in the office were I work they consider me to be a bit of a boring, daddies girl type.

My name is Beth and I'm 24 years old now. I've been to university and have ended up with a good job in the centre of Leeds in northern England. I'm a consultant in something so boring I won't go into.

I would describe myself as 5'7 tall, I keep very fit at the gym I attend most evenings after work and am about eight and a half stone. I know I've always been good looking and have long blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. I'm lucky to have long legs and true to form, guys can't take their eyes off my chest because although slim, I am 32E in the bra department.

Now to my story and it stems from me becoming very good friends with one of the older consultants in my office. She lives with her husband and young family, slightly into the country side with a lovely stone built cottage in a place called Ilkley.

She always goes on about the fact that she has a horse and that she had recently bought a pony for her daughter. Under normal circumstances her elderly parents would be happy to watch the house and look after the horses. This time it was a whole family holiday and so she approached me with a view to house and horse sitting.

At first it seemed like a bit of a pain, until I remembered the lovely country cottage with on suite rooms and easy transit into my office by train. It made time from my one room apartment look appealing. I have ridden just a couple times before as a girl and as my colleague left me full instructions for their care and feeding, I agreed to spend ten days at her house.

Shadowed Lands

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From the house, the grasslands seemed to go forever. Stretching into the domain of the tigers who inhibited the highlands. Hours would pass in seconds while I looked out with blind eyes, occasionally pulling the real world back into focus when thought seemed to disappear. As the sun rode high in the sky, the world around me would close its eyes, putting life on hold for a mid-afternoon snooze, other than the occasional chatter of the monkeys in the nearest clump of trees, silence ruled.

I had noticed him come last night, as the sun was setting, I could see him moving in and out of the long shadows that made the border of his world and mine. Seeing one, even from that great a distance, and in such poor light is something that warms my heart to think of, one doesn't get many chances like this, seeing a wild tiger in his own habitat. I knew that there was at least one male in the area, I guessed that he must have finally decided to introduce himself.

He must have been young, for he seemed as curious of me as I was of him, showing no fear, but caution, towards something he had never seen before. It made me think how innocent he was, and for a moment the thought crossed my mind that if a farmer came across this curious cat, all hell would break loose. I thought of scaring him off, but he had already moved, and I didn't know where to. As the mosquitoes began to bite, I went inside, thinking of him.