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Dog Days

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Vicki, Barbara and Marie were 3 hot Polish sisters from the East who lived north of Philadelphia in the hard coal area. Vicki and Barbara were married and were in their 40's. Marie was single and lived alone in a small rural area. Barb and Vickie were two very sexy women who loved to fuck and suck frequently. Although, they complained to their husbands about the nightly love feasts they covertly looked forward to them. Both girls had acquired a relish for sperm and loved some gentle anal action.

Marie, who had numerous boy friends over the years, at thirty lived by herself. She did realize her own carnal appetite and found various ways to relieve herself when in between male companions. One of her favorite friends was a long black vibrating dildo that she used for her enjoyment most nights. The long black rider as she called it went on many trips with her. Still she loved the feel of a nice firm cock in her mouth. Sometimes she would soak the lengthy black rider in hot water before using it to heighten the feeling.

Vickie was the mother of 4 children, but retained her beautiful figure composed of a fine ass, shapely thighs and a pair of small but knockout breasts. The kids were all old enough to be very active and kept annoying her to get them a pet. Luckily, Marie raised and trained black labs to be seeing eye dogs and usually has one or two around the house. Thus Vickie decided to see if Marie had any likely candidates.


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Laura awoke to find Martin already up and out of bed. Sleepily, she crawled out of bed and padded down the hall toward the living room. Martin stood in the kitchen, putting the water on for her morning cup of tea. Stepping up behind him, she slid her arms around his waist, and lay her head against his back.

"Morning, baby," Martin said. "Sleep well?"

"Mmmm, like a rock," she replied. "I didn't even feel you get out of bed."

Martin turned his body within her grasp, until he faced his wife. Her naked breasts pressed against his T-shirt-covered chest, savoring his warmth. He reached behind her, cupping her firm buttocks in his hands.

"Ready for your day to begin?"

Laura's eyes met his. She remembered the discussion they'd had the night before. This was to be a day of excitement. It was to be a day for nothing but physical pleasure for both of them. Martin was to be in control. She was to remain naked, keeping herself available to his every whim.

Laura trusted her husband completely. He was not the type to degrade or humiliate her in any way. She knew he would not ask her to do anything she was against. Martin being in control simply took responsibility away from her. It was a way of getting her to try new things, a way of removing apprehension and lowering inhibitions. She knew he wouldn't force her into anything, but he would ask her to do a few things she might not otherwise do.

Happy Hour

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It was finally Friday, and the end of a long week. Most of the people in the office were talking about going out for drinks after work. We went to the same little bar we usually go to, and I had a couple drinks, and we sat and laughed and talked about life in general. I was really feeling the alcohol, and was ready to go home, change, and go out on the town.

I went home, and immediately my dog Samson came to greet me. He was awesome, and provided alot of companionship. He's a Great Dane, and I'd had him about 2 years at that time. I called my friends, and Julie had a date, and Amber was going to the her lake house for the weekend. I was stuck. I could've called Thomas to go out, but I didn't want to deal with a man today. I wanted to hang out with the girls. I made myself a drink out of the bottle I had in the kitchen, and went through the house taking my suit and heels off as I went. By the time I made it to my bedroom, I just had my panties and stockings on. I sat down on the bed, and took them off, and just threw them to the side. It was FRIDAY finally!! Anyone who works a Monday through Friday job can appreciate Friday. It's like you can exhale, and just relax for two days.

I sipped on my drink, and made my way to the bathroom. I turned on the shower, and let the steam roll out and fill the room. It was so relaxing. My body was starting to unwind from the long week. I sat my drink down, and almost unconsciously started rubbing my tits, and pinching my nipples. I moaned, and I could feel a tingle in my pussy. I let my hand slide down my stomach, and over my neatly trimmed pussy mound. I slid my finger easily past my outer pussy lips, and I slid my finger up and down my wet slit. I was amazed at how fast my pussy got wet. I took my finger out of my wet snatch, and put it to my full lips and sucked it slowly into my mouth. I love the taste of my own pussy. It's very erotic to taste myself. I envied Samson for being able to lick his own dick. I finally snapped out of my erotic fog, and got into the shower. The hot water relaxed me even more, and I decided I would just stay in tonight. I needed to make my pussy cum anyway, why not make a night of it.

A Day at the Zoo

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"Up," said my Master, coldly. He was obviously very angry with me. This was never good. He dragged me by the dog collar around my neck from the small closet that passed for my bedroom.

"You will be punished," he continued, "for your behavior last evening." Last evening, I thought, what could I have possibly done to piss him off last evening. "I have never been so embarrassed by a slave of mine, and I will teach you, today, why I will never be embarrassed again." Ouch, he grabbed my nipple and pinched, hard. "You may speak, slave."

"What have I done to displease you, Master," I asked meekly. I was careful to look down as I asked this question. He grabbed my chin roughly and looked into my eyes. "You do not know, slave?" His eyes were dangerous. I wished to hell I knew so I could tell him. With tears in my eyes, I shook my head no.

"Well, slave, last night when my friends were here, I saw you looking at Madame Dominique with LUST." He slapped me in my face as he said this. I opened my mouth as if to answer, but I had not been given permission to speak. He glared at me, grabbed my already sore nipple, and twisted as hard as he could. "Will you deny it, slave?" "Will you look at your Master and lie to his face?" It would be futile to do so, so I shook my head.

He took me to the torture area leading me by my collar, walking quickly. Arms stretched above me head, he attached the manacles to my hands, and then to my feel so I was standing very uncomfortably, chained, naked, and frightened.

Wishes Come True

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I stumbled into my apartment, carrying a bag of groceries in one arm, my portfolio under my other arm, trying to hold my laptop case, my backpack on my back, and juggling my keys. I was hot and tired and exhausted. It was first semester midterms, in my first year of college, and I was ready to quit school and join a convent. It had to be better than putting up with all this crap! And I probably had a better chance of finding a girlfriend. My social life was down to zero! I thought college was supposed to be fun! Not... work!

The phone was ringing too. So I dropped everything. Because phones rule our lives, don't you know! And ran... Hey, it could have been that girl in my Anthropology class, asking me if I needed a study buddy for the weekend. Lord knows I'd flashed her enough. I'd done everything but take an ad out in the campus newspaper. But that's what you do when you're a 19 year old lesbian still in the closet. Well, not totally, I promised myself that after the tests I'd have to chat her up. The worst that could happen was she'd laugh in my face, tell everyone I was gay, and make me feel so foolish that I'd quit school and join a convent.

Why did all of my thought processes go there? I shook my head and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi, Rachael?" It was a woman's voice, an older woman though, like... Grandma older.

"Yes, I am."

"Oh, hi Dearie. I'm just calling to let you know that your wish has been approved and it should be coming true in a week or two."