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Linda and Drake

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I guess this story really began more than 25 years ago. I am a 42 year old, happily married woman. I do not consider myself as BI sexual, although I have experienced that. I am also not "in love" with my dog. I do have sex with him. Sex with a dog is simply another avenue for me. A very erotic avenue. I said that this began more than 25 years ago because that was when my first experience with a dog began. As a teen I masturbated a lot. More than most of the girls I knew would admit to anyway. My father had a German shorthaired pointer named Max. One day, when I was home alone and playing with myself, Max came over to me and licked me. I was shocked, but God I did love the feeling. From that day on I got old Max to be my helper and it was not long before I let him mount me. That went on for about two years. I am not sure how or when or why it stopped. But for years I never thought about doing anything with a dog.

My husband is a hunter and about 6 years ago he just had to have a dog. He bought Drake, a good-sized black lab. I think Labrador retrievers are, in general, a very affectionate breed. Drake is not an exception.

I feed Drake every morning and my husband cleans the kennel at night when he get home. I guess the person who gives a dog food and water and a little affection is like a dog God. He's always happy to see me in the morning. One day, about three years ago, when I went out to feed him I just had a robe on. When I opened the gate he stuck his nose in to my crotch. Later that morning, as I drank my coffee, I let my mind wander to thoughts of Max. All I could think about that morning was Drake and by lunchtime I decided to bring him in to the house.

Taking a Shortcut

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I'm the last person I thought would ever have a story like this to write, but here I am.

A little about myself and my life. I'm 37, married mother of 2 boys 14 and 11. I keep in very good shape by jogging and daily exercise and can still turn heads if I've a mind to. My hair color is brunette, hazel eyes and am 36(b cup), 26, 37. 5'7" tall.

Our married life was typical of many in our age group. We had gotten so busy we had little time for each other and over time got used to it. Our sex life consisted of my husband occasionally relieving himself (on me) and falling asleep almost right after sex leaving me frustrated, but I thought this was normal.

Needless to say sex was infrequent and I had no desire to start anything and avoided when I could. We went on a camping trip where my life turned upside down and has not been the same since! We have a nice Class A motor home so that may not be considered as camping by some of you diehards.

My husband had hired a fishing guide and took the boys fishing for the day. My plan was to jog my 3 miles, come back, shower and settle in with a good book. The hiking trails are wonderful in this area and I loved to go jogging here. I had finished my jog and was walking it off, cooling down.

I decided to cut through some heavier woods on a smaller trail in an area where you might run into only an occasional tent camper. It was the middle of the week and it was pretty deserted.

My Journey

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Graduation day finally arrived. I was eighteen and now free to do as I pleased. For me, this was getting on a bus and seeing the country. I had the whole summer in front of me to explore, meet people and do whatever moved me, before I started college.

I am a five-foot four inch brunette, one hundred and twenty pounds, a 34C with a killer ass I am told. I had worked my whole senior year in high school, saved a lot of money and was now going to spend it as I saw fit. I boarded the bus at eight fifteen in the evening. It was almost empty as there were only seven people on the bus.

As I went to find a seat, I saw a hand waving to me from the back of the bus and attached to this hand was a very striking blond in her early twenties. I thought it would be a good thing to have company for a while so I walked to the back of the bus. I put my overnight bag in the rack over the seat and sat down next to her. She had a very impressive rack and beautiful legs. She was wearing shorts, a cut off tee top and I noticed right away, you could see her camel toe. Her shorts were so tight that they looked painted on.

We made our introductions. Her name was Danni and when she asked, I explained the purpose of my trip. She told me she was on her way home after visiting her grandmom. We talked for a while and she said I looked tired, so why don't I put my head on her shoulder. It seemed like a good idea to me, so I did. She started to run her fingers up and down my arm and this felt so good that I let out a low moan.

Lost in Love

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It was a wet and gloomy Sunday morning in KL when my sweet gal started to stir beside me. We always enjoy our morning romps and my hard throbbing dick was awake with expectations so this morning was not going to be very different, at least that was what I thought.

She was a pure Asian beauty, not the usual skinny type but with a well-proportioned shape, her lumps and bumps in all the right places just the way I liked them and a set of boobs that were firm and tight and made to be eaten, she loves her nipples to be sucked and licked until she begs for me stop and wants me to start working on other important parts of her body, and best of all we were engaged and ready to spend the rest of our lives together doing what we do best on a Sunday morning.

As I lick her soft nipples to errection, she stirs with a smile on her face, which slowly spreads and with the sweet smell of her body, she has me hard and waiting, and with the start of a small glistening drip appearing at the head of my throbbing member. (7" for those that are interested in size) I stop and she drifts off back to sleep and I then proceed again with my soft touches and licks which starts her dreams off, if only I could read her mind while she is in that state it would be so exciting to make her cum in her sleep pretending to be her secret lover... she has always had a secret desire for another gal to lick her nipples and pussy... I struggle to hold back my animal urges to jump her bones and make powerful love to her, but this is our Sunday morning ritual to be soft and caring and hold and cuddle each other for extended periods of time and finish with sensual gentle lovemaking... .we have other times to growl and grunt with each other... .as I continue to tease and excite her but trying not to wake up, she starts to slowly move and gyrate with my touches and as the moisture between her legs start to glisten in the gloomy morning light my taste buds start to scream for me to eat her lovely pink pussy, gently lapping at her lips they start to fill with a pulsing surge and her hole slowly opens up to the new day and my active tongue, her hood slides back and as I increase my pressure the small bud of all her pleasures awakes, so does she, with that shit eating grin upon her face... "oh hunny I love you so much please make me cum"... what's a man meant to do? As she slowly relaxes and her breathing returns to normal we lie in each other's arms smiling with confidence that our trust of each other's love is so strong that we will have every Sunday morning together for the rest of our lives.

A Horse for Sara

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My name is Sara and I live out of town on a small farm. There is just my husband and I, along with a young black man who works in the stable areas. I am a little on the heavy side at 220 pounds but am big boned. Despite my weight problem, I am very sexual. I have a very plump pussy which I keep well trimmed. I have a wide ass and like anal sex every once in a while. I love sex in any form and masturbate quite a lot. Usually when my husband is out working.

My husband works on the farm all day and I am alone most every day except when the stable boy is around. I have been fucking Jim, our stable boy, for several years and really love his big black cock. He knows what I like and he likes to please me. A good fucking is what I get from him whenever I want it.

We had gotten a big Lab for a watch dog to have around the farm. Like I said before, I love to masturbate and it was during one of my sessions that I discovered his doggie cock. I was laying there playing with my wet pussy as he came into the room. He must have smelled my scent because he hopped up onto my bed and put his head between my thighs.

I was surprised as he started to lick me! I felt his hot tongue on my wet pussy as I lay back and enjoyed him. He lapped at my fountain for a few minutes until I started to cum. I guess the noise I was making frightened him off me.

From then on, I would call him into the bedroom with me as I masturbated. He would lick me and make me cum. I loved to feel his rough tongue on my slit and went wild as it lapped around my clit. I would hold my lips apart for him as he licked on me. Then one day I noticed his big red cock was growing larger as he licked me. He was pretty big and I knew then that I would have to try letting him fuck me with that doggie cock.