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Cindy and the Wolf

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...The Wolf was growling that smothered growl of lust she'd heard before. The girl remembered watching animals fucking in the yard, even though her father tried to keep her from seeing it. She remembered watching a bitch standing in the center of the clearing, her tongue hanging out, her eyes glazed while dog after dog mounted her, bit her neck and pumped his thighs up and down. It was that same sort of growling she heard then that she was listening to now.

Cindy was babbling with excitement. She held the Wolf's head down so he lapped her cuntslit open. She sat up, looking down at what was happening, then let go of his head and pushed her arms over her head. Ohhh, it was so incredibly wonderful to give herself over completely to this animal. She didn't have to do anything except lay back and let him do all the work! There was no pain, no beating, no whips, no belts, just that hot, wet friction of his tongue going over her pussy!

"What....?" Cindy suddenly cried out. The big animal had pulled back and was biting her lightly on the bulging right tendon. The sensation of his sharp front fangs sinking gently into her flesh and biting at the tense muscle was strangely exciting.

But what was he getting at? "Back over, baby. On all fours," The Mountain Man ordered, making a circular motion with his fingers. Cindy shuddered, pulling herself up off the bed and folding one leg over the other, rolling onto her belly once more. She knew what was going to happen. Looking back, the girl saw the Wolf's long, knobby red boner pressing hard against his flat, muscular black belly. Fighting back some tears of shame, Cindy wobbled on all fours again, dropping her head and closing her eyes. She could feel the big animal coming up to her again, sniffing at her pussy, licking her asscheeks again, slicking down a few of her cuntal hairs with his broad tongue before backing up and getting ready to mount her.

Fucking the Family Dog

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I've always been rather fastidious about cleanliness; I guess that's why I washed the bitch's cunt opening. I mean fucking a female Doberman was one thing, but fucking her all dirty and grungy was quite another.

I poured warm soapy water over my young bitch's body and scrubbed her fine chocolate colored fur, making sure to massage the soapy water into her sexual areas. She seemed to like it when I rubbed the soapy cloth across her bitch-hole; she'd shiver and whined for me each time I made contact.

We were both naked and wet as I began to dry her. My stiff teenage dick was rubbing against her damp fur and I was getting so aroused that there was no way I was going to back out of it now.

The thought of screwing my Doberman bitch came to me when I read some of those porno stories at ZS. They were about woman screwing their dogs. All kinds of situations were described, and I soon realized that those types of stories made me so horny that I'd blow my wad before finishing even a short story.

My folks had bought this Dobby about six months ago and she was a sweet pup. Clean athletic lines and bright intelligent eyes. And when she went into heat last week and I watched the neighbor's dog fuck her in our back yard, well... the thought blazed through my mind like a falling star, 'Why couldn't I use her to get myself off.'

I'll admit that I'm no stud-muffin. At 18 I was still skinny as a rail and had that computer-geek whitefish complexion that you get from sitting in front of your computer all day playing video games and working on programs.

KC - The Fantasy Begins

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As I awake, I crawl from my bed half asleep and stumble toward the window. I notice the sun shining and what looks to be the beginning of a beautiful Saturday.

I have no plans for the day and love to go with the flow of where the day will take me. I head for the shower and as I get the water ready, I can feel my body aching for some loving. It's been two weeks since my last encounter with anyone, and I know that perhaps later that day I will go online to see whom I can seek out. I have several playmates that are within the vicinity that are always up for some fun. I wash my body carefully and shave my legs, armpits and last my pussy. Feeling the razor glide over my puffy pussy lips deepens the ache deep within me. I put down the razor and with the water beading over my skin I lean back against the shower wall and gently rub my clit. With the first touch my pussy throbs. I moan softly as I start to rub my clit faster, feeling the warmth of the water as it slides over my skin. I close my eyes and let the feeling of lust envelope me, my thoughts heading into forbidden areas.

I imagine myself walking through a park in the early morning hours when the sun is just starting to peek over the horizon. Heading down a long, lonely path that is engulfed with trees. I wear a long skirt as is my wont. The softness of the fabric touches my legs and the soft blouse that compliments the skirt flowing softly in the breeze. I lift my face to the sky letting the sun warm my skin as it peeks through the trees. I know it's a bit dangerous to be alone in this stretch of woods, but I can not help myself. Being raised on a farm I've always enjoyed the woods. Hearing the sounds of mother nature as the squirrels scampered among the trees, or along the ground looking for their next meal. My mind was filled with the wonder of nature. Unknowingly I have been watched entering the lonely path and tempting those who I would next encounter.

First Time for Everything

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Catherine was a rather pretty woman, 5'4", auburn hair down to her shoulders, and having nice sized breasts. She stared for a while at her naked body before getting dressed and leaving the bathroom. Her dog Aspin was lying on the floor at the foot of her bed, still snoozing. He was a German Shepherd with dark fur and a section of hair that ran down his back that was longer than the rest of his fur. His ears perked up as Catherine walked near him and he lifted his head. His tail patted the floor repeatedly and he quickly stood up. Catherine petted his head and asked him, "Want to go out boy?"

His tail immediately started to wag faster in his eagerness to go outside. She smiled and told him to wait while she got something to eat, and he followed her into the kitchen. She poured herself a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. She ate it as fast as she could and then when she finished she retrieved the leash from the doorknob and attached it to Aspin's collar. He licked her hands and her face in excitement and she smiled. He was the only person she never grew angry with, unlike most of her past relationships with men. She decided to call it quits for a while on looking for men; they were just big problems that she could tack onto her life list.

She opened the door and a warm breeze greeted her. The sun was shining brightly and there wasn't even a cloud in the sky. It was a pleasant seventy-eight degrees outside and quite comfortable. Aspin tugged on the leash, making her follow after in his eagerness to go to the bathroom. He went immediately to his favorite bush and urinated there, and then he dragged her down the street a little further before going to the bathroom again. Mrs. Schwartz was out walking too and they stopped to say hello to her.

In the Garden

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I am a married bi woman, 50 years old now but when I was 19 my husband was assigned to a year in Turkey (he was in the Army). I spent that year on his parent's farm in central MO. They had several dogs and Rag Tag, the dominant male was always sticking his nose in my ass and pussy smelling me.

His dad just laughed but didn't pull or push him away. His mom told me to just yell at him and he would stop bothering me! She also told me while doing laundry one time that if I could wipe my butt just a little better, Rag Tag might not be so interested in me!

My mother in-law shared that thought with me while she was holding a pair of my soiled white panties. As she was talking she opened them up to reveal a very large poop streak that I made in them. We would end up talk in more detail in years to come about my messy panties, a conversation that would tell me a lot more about my mother in law and her childhood abuse!

I tried to follow her advise but Rag Tag was very persistent about smell me, especially with sticking his nose against my butt hole. I found that time after time he would smell and lick my butt cheeks. He would really go wild after I would go poop. A couple of times I will admit that I didn't wipe after pooping and then just stood and turned my butt towards Rag Tag.

He would shove his nose into my butt checks and then would push his tongue deeper against my dirty butt hole. It did feel really good, so good that I started to let me lick my dirty butt hole each time after I would go poop. He also went wild when I would get my period. Seemed my bloody pussy was a treat for him and he would lick and lick. I remember having mixed thoughts about what I was doing but couldn't get myself to stop making myself available to Rag Tag each evening when I was getting ready for my shower.