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A Case Of Puppy Love

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When David and I moved from the city to far out in the country, his fears of me being alone on those nights he had to work late, or the times he had to travel began to make him feel uneasy about our decision to move. He tried to get me to agree to a purchase of a gun, and for me to take shooting lessons, but that was entirely out of the question. Still his fears lingered and he did convince me to allow him to get a dog for my protection.

The first place we checked out was the animal shelter. I figured if we were going to get a dog, why not save one from being put to sleep. David was quick to check out the very large vicious looking breeds, while I was more into the smaller loving looking kind. When I spotted a small cuddly bundle of fur, my heart opened and that little thing crawled right in. I knew she wasn't all that big, but maybe she would learn to bark really mean and scare the boogey man away.

One look and David surprisingly agreed with my selection. Two things I didn't know when I picked her out was, first she was a he, and secondly he was Rottwiler that would grow to be large, quite large in fact.

My first decision concerning the dog was just what to name her, I mean him. Since I always loved the name Robby that name shot into my head. So for the next three days I constantly called our new addition by his new name until he finally realized just what I was getting at.

Dog Cum

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Well, I am sitting here thoroughly drained! I just finished cumming about 8 times.

It started out with me watching Sally giving head to Robby, and Kathy sucking off Chris. The guys were sitting watching football on TV and the girls decided that they wanted to get their attention. I had been out in the back yard feeding the dog, Thor, and walked in to see both girls sitting at the guys' feet with their cocks in their mouths. Nice sight!

I probably told you that we go around the house nude a lot and it turns out everyone was that way this Sunday morning except I had put a light robe on to go outside. I watched from the doorway as my two girlfriends brought the guys to orgasm by sucking their cocks and alternately massaging their balls. I had opened my robe and started rubbing my pussy with one hand while I caressed a nipple with the other. I decided that I would like to have a nice hard cock to suck on too, but we were one cock short! :(

After the girls had made each guy cum in their mouths, they kept sucking to keep them hard and then jumped up on their cocks to get a nice morning fuck. I thought to myself that I could probably have a little fun with Thor while they were busy and wouldn't have to worry about anyone seeing. They don't know about the dog sex as far as I know, unless they have found some of the tapes Chris has taken of me.

I slipped back out and took Thor into the garage. He could smell my rich aroma of pussy juice since I had just had three fingers up my cunt, and he was soon growing a hard on and whimpering. He was hot for his girl! We have this old recliner in the garage.

A Dog's Perspective

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Bruce heard the jingle of his lead. He cocked an ear to see if it had been an accidental brush by one of the people causing it to jiggle or if it was the promise of a walk. Nobody came through the door to the living room and he didn't hear the lead again. Assuming it had been an accident, Bruce laid his head back down on his paws and resumed watching the baby crawling around the carpeted floor.

He was bored. The black box in the corner with a silvery screen that showed sometimes, other animals, sometimes other dogs, but never with any smell other than of heated electrical wires, was flickering to its self with the volume turned down. Bruce kept an eye on the child.

It had recently developed a liking for his fur; pulling it painfully any time he was careless enough to get too close. For a small puppy sized infant, its grip was amazingly strong. He had lost a fair amount of the precious coat to the sticky fingers of the human puppy. The child seemed to be content at the moment, stuffing a plastic toy into its mouth and gurgling in the back of its throat.

Bruce's ears pricked up again. He had heard the lead again and also his masters voice calling to him to come. Bruce didn't understand the noises that these human partners made. They have an infinite number of unintelligible sounds, but occasionally, some were directed at him.

Usually, Bruce could get an idea of what was required from the inflections. Popular ones involved him sitting at the edge of a blacktopped trail that had mechanical metal projectiles hurtling along them. He knew that these forms of transportation were dangerous and should be avoided at all costs unless you were in one.

Fantasy Come True

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While I have been into dog sex for many years, I had not been able to make my fantasy of horse fucking true until I started dating a guy who played polo and owned a string of ponies.

One day while we were at this stables grooming his horses, we both started to get horny after talking about the size of one his young stallion's cock. I could not believe the size of the horse erection and would have made a move on the horse if my boyfriend had not been there. My boyfriend came up behind me as I brushed the horse and rubbed his erection between my ass cheeks as he reached around to unzip my jeans.

He pulled them down and I stepped out of them as I pulled my t-shirt over my head, standing there, naked except for my boots, making him look at me. He got undressed in no time and grabbed me, sucking my lips and thrusting his tongue into my wet mouth as I leaned back against the horse. The horse shifted a little, then stayed still, supporting me as my boyfriend ground his cock into my smooth pussy mound and reached around me to knead my ass cheeks and slip a finger into my asshole.

I knelt down to take my guy's hard cock into my mouth and felt the velvety softness of the horse erection against my shoulder. The touch made me so hot I almost sucked my boyfriend's dick off! My guy spotted the huge horse cock and took one of my hands and wrapped it around the animal tool and moved my hand up and down. I looked up at him and he smiled, and said "Go on, it's only fair".


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Jane has been in charge of the Bonobo enclosure for a couple of month, and she was enchanted with them.

She has come here from ** where she had been in the staff of the local zoo, working with the Chimpanzees. She liked these lively and curious apes but their irascibility and mischief making especially of the hot tempered males- was a pain in the ass. You had always had to be on your guard never turn your back to them or else. She had heard of course, like everybody else, about the love apes Bonobos and when she has received this offer she grabbed it.

There were quite a bunch of them - three adult females Sara, Lea which was suckling a cub, and Pam, two young ones- Sahara and Lolita and two adult males - Bono, Omar and the young Bob.

It was indeed unbelievable how amicable and warm natured they were. After only a couple of weeks they have started to hug her, to pet her, especially the females. They were indeed always hugging and petting each other, and, true to their reputation, they were having sex at all possible combinations: female /female was the most common but also male/female, male /male and even group sex.

She recalled also the words of Tracy, whom she replaced: "It will probably make you uneasy at first and horny, but there is a compensation, I had had the best sex experience of my life since I've started working with them."

"It had also knocked you up," mused Jane, looking on the big pregnant belly that Tracy had been carrying.