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A Lesson in Humility

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She entered the room and threw her briefcase and keys to the bar removing her shoes. As she stretched her body taut in an effort to release the tensions of the day. Her fingers rose to the golden clip that bound her silky chestnut curls, when suddenly she was startled by a hauntingly familiar voice.

"Did you have a good day my slave?"

Her heart seemed to stop as his voice sent hot waves of pleasure running through her. It was her master's voice. She closed her eyes... drinking in the safeness his voice brought to her soul. When next she opened her eyes... he stood before her... his presence a thick wall around her ... a solid fortress replacing the walls she'd built around herself with his own. She craved his touch... the need to feel it upon her near to overwhelming. Slowly his arms rose and he cradled her face in his strong hands looking deeply into his slave's eyes... as if searching her soul. She closed her eyes again... anticipating his kiss... his hot breath caressing her skin... enticing a moan from her full red lips... when suddenly he drew her head back with a jerk as his husky voice broke into her illicit thoughts.

"It is a shame..." he said harshly. "When one forgets... then one must be punished. Her belly tightened with fear and suddenly she remembered what she had forgotten. Her instructions. She'd been so happy to see him... it had been so long... that they'd completely slipped her mind. He tilted her chin upwards with a single finger... causing her soft hazel eyes to meet his hard blue ones.

Living The College Life, Can A Party Girl Go To Far?

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First off, I wanted to tell you a little about my college life so far.

I'm enrolled in college in Michigan. I live in Lansing, but I wont tell you what college I go to just in case. I'm in my Sophomore year, and am enjoying a very active social and sexual life. I've slowly became use to my surroundings and am comfortable with my sexuality here, acting like I was at home in Japan. I'm living off campus, I needed a little freedom that the dorms wouldn't allow...

I'm working on getting a teaching degree, either for me to teach Japanese here in the US, or to teach English in Japan. I'm not sure which to do just yet. Both countries have there ups and downs, so that's a decision Ill have to decide on when the time comes.

I party, a lot. At first I wasn't into it to much, I was shy at them and all. My room mate Crissy got me into the party scene, and I got here into some things too. Crissy and I share an apartment, its a bit far from campus, but it provides us a nice place to have to our selves. Its quite and not full of other college students.

Now for the main focus of the story.

Part one

My first few party were pretty simple. It was usually a small gathering of friends of Crissy, and I was there to get to know them. My English was pretty good, so I was able to hold converse with the people there. We talked and joked around, they always had booze there. I was able to hold my drinks very well, the beer here cant hold a candle to some of the things I drank in Japan.

Alright so I was wrong

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As she came down the lawn she was giggling like a schoolgirl, her husband heard her and turned his head to watch her. His lovely wife headed his way; in each hand she held a glass of orange.

He looked at her as she skipped over the grass, she was really lovely, they had been married four years now but they had decided to wait until they were in their thirties before children, build a secure future and all that.

He laughed as she skipped and span balancing the drinks, her little beach robe opened showing her skimpy bikini and her lovely nubile body, "What's got in to you?" he cried.

She put the glasses on the garden table and straddled him, squashing him down in to the lounger, "What's got in to me, you soon, I hope, god I'm horny," she was panting. He couldn't help but notice the erect nipples pointing up under the bikini top.

He struggled to say, "What's brought this on?" she continued to grind her hips in to his crutch.

She smiled down at him then licked his face, "I've just given the delivery man a hard on he won't forget."

He smiled up at her and shook his head, "Naughty Tanya, what have you been up to?"

She carried on rubbing herself on him, "Well you know Mr Russell?" Rickie nodded, "Well I was just getting the juice from the fridge when he called with the groceries, I could see him looking at my legs, so when I bent to get the money from my purse I pulled my robe up a bit giving him an eyeful of my ass, I'd pulled the G-string up my bum crack, wasn't I wicked?"

My Initiation into DogLove

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It was a cool breezy August night. I was walking with my best friend, RUSTY. We were enjoying a relaxing stroll in this beautiful park, situated not too far from where we lived. The pathway paralleled a flowing stream, and I could feel the mist which the wind gently blew against my face. I slowly started to wander, knowing my companion would guide me, this made me feel secure and at ease. Not a worry in view, just enjoying the moment. I could feel my nipples getting a little bit hard because of the soft breeze blowing against my breasts.

It's been almost four years since my husband Frank had passed away. I started daydreaming about some of the good times we had shared together, the pleasant moments we had cherished the three of us. Remembering how we used to take similar walks along the same trail, then stop and let RUSTY roam free and run to his heart's content. Frank had got RUSTY as a present for my thirty-first birthday, he wanted to make sure I wasn't lonely when he went away on his extended business trips. Frank was a few years older than I and wanted to make me feel secure when he left me alone. If he only knew how true that was now. My relationship with RUSTY has blossomed in the last little while.

I'll always remember the first time RUSTY and I became closer. It was about nine months ago. I was glad it was Friday, it had seemed like such a long week, and I was feeling a bit melancholic. I was just coming out of the shower, after a long exhausting day at the office. I was in the bedroom getting dressed when my panties fell from my hands and dropped to the floor, as I bent over to pick them up, out of nowhere RUSTY appeared behind me. As a dog naturally does, he started sniffing at my private parts, trying to get more of that sweet curious scent that was intriguing him. What was this wonderful smell he was getting from my still damp but very clean pussy? At first my initial reaction was to push him away. I told him "Shoo, shoo RUSTY." I guess his instincts were stronger than him cause he kept on persisting. Gently nudging his head with my right hand, I motioned for him to stop. Then he backed away responding to his mistress' command, albeit however hesitantly. While RUSTY quietly sat at the bedroom door, I continued to get the rest of my things from the dresser. Looking in the mirror I saw RUSTY's face, as I was slipping my bra on. He looked so disappointed, his canine frown was almost human-like in its expression of emotion, it struck me cause I thought I had hurt his feelings. Then I started to think how wonderful RUSTY had really been to me. How his loving attention, tenderness and almost constant companionship had help me through my grief and pain. The weeks and months following Frank's departure had been quite difficult. RUSTY's playfulness, frisky, frolicsome, fun- loving attitude and outlook on life had somehow buoyed me back from the brink of depression.

Lucky Dog

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Jeremy always went into the woods when he wanted to jerk off. They started at the edge of his back yard and went back for miles. It was great because the deep forest gave him privacy from his parents and his sister Francine--who were always walking in on him at home. He'd learned from a few embarrassing confrontations and a hundred more near-misses that it was a BAD idea to jerk off in the house. Besides, he never knew what to do with the sperm, afterwards. When he was outside it didn't matter.

He lived in a small Eastern-Ontario town and the land around his house was the Canadian Shield--all trees, rocks, and sudden steep cliffs. After weeks of casual searching he'd found a private spot surrounded by walls of rock on all sides. It was protected from above by the green canopy of a grove of birch trees which grew in the centre and to get into it he had to crawl through a thick wall of brush. The place was perfect and he called it his den--like a bear's den. As far as Jeremy was concerned it was totally hidden, totally safe, and he was the only one who knew about it.

Today Jeremy had been fishing with his dog Jackie back at the lake. Early on Jackie got bored and wandered off into the woods. Jeremy didn't think anything of it: Jackie was a big German Shepherd and knew enough not to get into any trouble. He'd go home if he felt like it, or he'd come back. It didn't matter.