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In the Valley

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The two lions walked listlessly through the evening; the sun had only recently set, and the air was still warm with humidity from a full day of the sun's attack against the savanna. They followed an unmarked trail, a male and female, both adults, the male in the lead. His broad muscles rippled beneath his skin as he moved, as did hers.

The male's eyes scoured the valley's floor carefully as he stepped from the green hillside. His mane was well on its way to being full grown, and he flagged his tail behind him teasingly to the lanky female that followed. He had never been this close to a lioness in her season before, and by the way she had nuzzled his crotch and chin, it was obvious what she wanted.

Her scent was overwhelming. She was gorgeous: a long, broad tail...deep green eyes; and the scent of her heat made him want to mount her right then and there. She came close and began to sniff at his shoulder and groom him. Gods, that smell was crazy, like pure need given form between her taught legs.

His paws went to her sides, and he began to lick at her muzzle caringly. She purred in compliance and ducked her head down to his stomach in her grooming. Her lips played along his side until she came to his massive, feline shaft, hanging like a red rod down from between his two dangling balls. Her muzzle pressed up against his crotch and she started to lick his cock. Her rough tongue sent shivers of pleasure through his body, and he struggled to maintain balance.

Andrea and Taneesha's Adventure

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Taneesha Williams sat fidgeting in the passenger seat of her father's pick-up truck. She and he were speeding down a lonely road out in the country outside their city. At eighteen, Taneesha was a strikingly beautiful young woman. She was not overly tall at five foot seven inches. Her figure was svelte and shapely, her large breasts filling her shirt tightly. As she rode in the truck with her father the nipples of her impressive breasts were poking tautly through that stretched fabric. They were large, each the size of a fat, ripe, juicy Bing cherry. Her tongue flicked excitedly out to lick at the corners of her mouth often. Her eyes were glazed with a barely contained excitement. She was rhythmically clenching and unclenching her thighs unconsciously.

"Are you excited to be finally getting your pet today, sweetie?" said her father, Hank, startling Taneesha out of her reverie. She let out a little gasp she hoped was inaudible.

"I really am, daddy," she answered. "I've been waiting for him sooo long."

"I know you have, sweetie. And I want you to know I'm really proud of you. Your mom and me both. We didn't make you save up half the money for him just to be mean, you know. We wanted him to really mean something to you."

Taneesha smiled inwardly as she answered her dad, "Oh, he does, daddy. More than you could possibly realize."

"I know he does, baby. I knew you'd want him to be close to you. That's why I had the stable built on our lot. Keeping an animal is a big responsibility, you know. Especially a horse. You gotta be keeping him fed and groomed..."

My Wife and the Dane

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Last week my wife and I had a real wild experience that I thought I should tell you about. I've been interested in women having sex with dogs for several years. It started when I read a story in an adult magazine several years ago about a woman having sex with a dog. I had never even contemplated the idea, but it really turned me on, and the more I looked into it, the more concrete it became for me as a fantasy. Anyhow, a few years ago I married a beautiful brunette named Kayran. Her sexual appetite is as unusual as her name, and we've tried all kinds of stuff, including group sex, sex toys, swapping, etc...and as of last week, dog sex.

Last Friday a friend of mine left town and asked us to feed his dog and look after his home. He has a nice place with a hot tub and a heated pool, so we were really looking foreword to staying the night. Friday evening we went over with our swimsuits and changed into them in the bathhouse near the pool. I fed his big friendly Great Dane while Kayran started changing. After the dog was fed, I went in the bathhouse to change into my own suit.

Kayran made it back out to the pool area quicker than I did, and I heard her yell, so I quickly pulled on my trunks and ran out to see what was the matter. Well, let me tell you, what I saw gave me a stiffy in an instant... She was standing there with her long legs spread and my friend's Great Dane licking her between the legs. The look on her face was half surprise and half arousal. She had yelled in surprise, but looked over when I ran out and asked me what we should do about "this" and pointed to the dog's head between her legs. Well, I know my wife, and I could tell she was interested in something kinky, so I told her to pull her suit off and see what the dog would do. She pulled it off, pulling one long beautiful leg through at a time and nearly fell over as the dog really went at her slit while she hopped on one leg trying to balance herself and pull the other leg through... She had to put her hand on the dog's big black shoulders to catch her balance, and he just pressed his face in closer, licking long licks across and sometimes up into her with his huge pink tongue. Branson, (the Dane), never missed a lick. It was only a moment before Kayran really started to moan and thrust her quim into the dog's face. She moaned and between gasps huskily told me she had to lay down because her knees were getting weak and she wasn't sure she could cum standing up. I laid a bunch of beach towels on the ground and she quickly lay prone and spread her legs to give the dog continued access. Wow, was I turned on. I could tell how aroused she was by how open and engorged her labia were. She was sopping wet, and the dog just kept lapping like he knew how to please her. When she finally came, I think it was the hardest I've ever seen her cum.

The Strap-on!

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I enter the room quietly, as I dont want to let you know yet that I am there. The room is dark apart from the light your computer gives off. You are sat in your trousers in a chair and I can see you typing with someone online.

I move closer to you, so I can see what you are doing. Your web cam is turned on and pointed at your crotch, and on the screen you are watching a young girl over her web cam. She is so far only showing her face. I cant help smiling. The girl you are showing yourself of to, will probably get a shock once I join in the game.

You start typing again and then undo your zipper. I feel excitement rising up in me. I let my hand run over the soft fabric of my long shirt, the only thing I am wearing. I can feel my rock hard nipples and start playing with them. You pull your boxers down and release your cock. You arent fully hard yet and I decide to watch how long it will take her to get you there.

You start typing again and I would love to know what you are saying, but know that if I move out of the shadow you will notice me. Her reply comes in and she points her cam a little lower to show you her small boobs. Your cock starts hardening. Her cam goes back up to her blushing face.

I open a few buttons on my shirt and touch my naked nipples. They are sensitive to my touch and I shiver lightly. Your hand goes down to your cock and you start stroking yourself as you go on writing with the young girl. I let you go on with her for a little while.

Dog Days

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Vicki, Barbara and Marie were 3 hot Polish sisters from the East who lived north of Philadelphia in the hard coal area. Vicki and Barbara were married and were in their 40's. Marie was single and lived alone in a small rural area. Barb and Vickie were two very sexy women who loved to fuck and suck frequently. Although, they complained to their husbands about the nightly love feasts they covertly looked forward to them. Both girls had acquired a relish for sperm and loved some gentle anal action.

Marie, who had numerous boy friends over the years, at thirty lived by herself. She did realize her own carnal appetite and found various ways to relieve herself when in between male companions. One of her favorite friends was a long black vibrating dildo that she used for her enjoyment most nights. The long black rider as she called it went on many trips with her. Still she loved the feel of a nice firm cock in her mouth. Sometimes she would soak the lengthy black rider in hot water before using it to heighten the feeling.

Vickie was the mother of 4 children, but retained her beautiful figure composed of a fine ass, shapely thighs and a pair of small but knockout breasts. The kids were all old enough to be very active and kept annoying her to get them a pet. Luckily, Marie raised and trained black labs to be seeing eye dogs and usually has one or two around the house. Thus Vickie decided to see if Marie had any likely candidates.