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If Wishes Were Horses

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The shuttle bus lurched to a halt kicking up a dusty haze from the heat scorched earth beneath it's tires. It's occupants were a group of young girls on a field trip hosted by the local veterinary organization for those interested in applying as assistants in the county's medical outreach program. The county of Forest nestled in the state of Nebraska was so spread out that farmers were on a waiting list for the local vets to visit to provide the routine inoculations and medical checkups of their animals.

The outreach program was designed to train potential assistants in helping to provide the basic services of health care for the animals that the veterinarians couldn't attend to in a timely fashion. Jen and Heather had both just graduated college and were excited at the prospect of starting a new career working as vet assistants.

The girls broke up into three groups, each paired up in teams to work together with one of the local vets in giving a series of injections and taking blood samples from the horses on the Cooper Ranch. Jen and Heather were working with Dr. Susan Blake this afternoon. As the trio headed off to one of the barns the other girls in the group spread out to go about their own tasks with their respective vets.

Jen and Heather chatted with Dr. Blake as they entered the stuffy barn, the air was dry and dusty, filled with the smell of fresh hay, dried leather and the unmistakable scent of horse urine and feces. "Geeez it's pretty ripe in here." Giggled Heather. Dr. Blake smiled and spoke softly to the pair telling them they'd better get use to this if they intended on working with horses and other farm livestock.

Claimed By Ben

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I'm a 24 year old woman, and for the past 2 years, married to Lee, a wonderful man who is 2 years older than me. I had known him from high school. He is a truck driver and owns a couple of trucks that cause him to to be gone for anywhere between a week and a month at a time. I asked him to put a driver in to the second truck too, but he insisted we couldn't afford it and he felt better taking care of the new truck him self rather than a careless driver. At this time I felt that I was reaching new heights in my sexuality...my "prime" if you will, I seemed to crave cock daily, and i started looking at other men, wondering what they would feel like. Lee, was was giving it to me when he was home as much as he could, which was not even near how much cock I wanted or even needed.

I masturbated quite often with the help of my trusty dildo, but it was not the same as being fucked by a real hot hard cock.

Lee has a nice cock about 7 1/2" inches long and quite big around and when he is hot he is very, very hot and we would fuck for an hour or so and I would always climax more than once. I have had sex with other men, some who were larger than Lee, ( I certainly enjoyed the bigger ones) but they didn't have the qualities Lee has as a husband..

About 5 months after we married I finally caved in and went out to a club just to get out for a bit of dancing and just to be in company of people.

Andrea and Taneesha's Adventure

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Taneesha Williams sat fidgeting in the passenger seat of her father's pick-up truck. She and he were speeding down a lonely road out in the country outside their city. At eighteen, Taneesha was a strikingly beautiful young woman. She was not overly tall at five foot seven inches. Her figure was svelte and shapely, her large breasts filling her shirt tightly. As she rode in the truck with her father the nipples of her impressive breasts were poking tautly through that stretched fabric. They were large, each the size of a fat, ripe, juicy Bing cherry. Her tongue flicked excitedly out to lick at the corners of her mouth often. Her eyes were glazed with a barely contained excitement. She was rhythmically clenching and unclenching her thighs unconsciously.

"Are you excited to be finally getting your pet today, sweetie?" said her father, Hank, startling Taneesha out of her reverie. She let out a little gasp she hoped was inaudible.

"I really am, daddy," she answered. "I've been waiting for him sooo long."

"I know you have, sweetie. And I want you to know I'm really proud of you. Your mom and me both. We didn't make you save up half the money for him just to be mean, you know. We wanted him to really mean something to you."

Taneesha smiled inwardly as she answered her dad, "Oh, he does, daddy. More than you could possibly realize."

"I know he does, baby. I knew you'd want him to be close to you. That's why I had the stable built on our lot. Keeping an animal is a big responsibility, you know. Especially a horse. You gotta be keeping him fed and groomed..."

Maxine and Kal with Vanessa

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Max is back...

Yes, it's me. I just wanted to bring you up to speed on what's been happening lately.

Kal has this new thing that he's been doing. Now he knows where I keep the 'Sex-Towel'. Ummmm, yeah. It has even become part of his training regimen. And being the smart and horny young lad that he is, whenever he gets the notion, he'll go find it wherever I've hidden it in the house, and bring it to me. Never underestimate the power of a dog's nose.

Like this afternoon...

Shortly after lunch, I had gone to the club to lift some weights (it was chest and arms day). I love working on my pecs. When they're all pumped up, it makes my 36C breasts push out just a little farther. Stand-up crossover cable flys are my specialty. Usually I'll do them after getting warmed up, and the thing that really turns me on is to work up a good sweat, and feel it trickle down my chin and drop into my cleavage as I lean forward into the final tighten up crossover.

I love getting myself turned on at the club. Somehow it gives me just a little more adrenaline to push out the reps. Today was even better, 'cause I was wearing 'the bra'. Yep, Kal's nursing bra. It was an accident really, I just absent-mindedly grabbed it out of the dryer without looking too closely, and popped it in my workout bag. Didn't notice till I went to put it on in the women's locker room. "Oh shit" I thought, "I really don't want to go braless", 'cause I was planning to spend some time on the stairmaster, and didn't want to bob and weave that much. So I kind of furtively put it on, tugging my nipples through the 1/2" nursing holes, and quickly pulled on my snug gray racer back top. Headlights were definitely on now.. Then I stepped into my shorts and was ready. Almost. One last thing. I squatted down into a deep knee bend, and ran a finger around from the top of my ass cheeks, deep in my crack, all the way up front, into the cleft of my pussy lips. And then stood up. All right! My lips were framed perfectly. God, I looked so hot that I wanted to start fingering myself right then and there, but thought, "Later, I've got a big dog at home waiting for me".

Pony Fantasy

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Donna loved horses, and often dreamed of riding them far away from her home in the small village. She was from a poor family, one of the countless thousands kept under the feudal thumb of King Edward III of England, and often dreamed of white horses which would whisk her away to a palace along the coast of her imagination.

She told her mother once about her dreams, and the frightened woman warned her daughter furiously about the fairy-folk, and how they would steal children away who weren't too careful! Donna wasn't too concerned, however - after all, what frightened and angered her mother must be very exciting indeed. And there were tales of the Black Death in towns not too far away from where they lived, so she had half a mind to find a fairy ring to try and get away from this world of hardship she had known for only 15 summers.

She was growing older, and certain... urges... had made her very close friends with her right hand and some conveniently-sized objects to be found around the house. But there was a definite lack of privacy in the one-room cottage, and her pleasurable moments were limited to times that she could steal away to the forest and be completely alone. In fact, she had found a pool of clean, clear water about a mile or so away in the deep undergrowth, and had even built herself a small shelter there, the sounds of the small waterfall masking the moans of self-pleasure within.