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The Gate

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Robert stepped through the wide doorway and into the Gateroom. It was smaller than he thought it would be, but as he looked around, he realized the room was merely dwarfed by the mass of the machine that filled the far end. There were about 50 people in his group, and the mechanical mountain that was the Gate Control overshadowed them all.

Shifting his pack, he found his eyes drawn ever back to the large stainless steel ring that would, when the machine came to life, open to a view not of the innards of a machine, but to the vistas of a new world. Absently, he reached down and scratched the ears of the large dog next to him. It had taken some doing to get the Gate council to allow Lady Stardancer to join him, as the general rule had always been humans only, with the exception of occasional farm animals. But in the end, he had won out, and Star was by his side as always. He noticed the occasional glances from the other group members and smiled inwardly. Stardancer had held his fascination since she was a puppy he had found in a shelter. Standing almost to his waist at the shoulder, long, silky hair cascaded down from an intelligent face, almost like a collie's, but without the over-sharp muzzle. Tulip shaped ears and the mottled blacks, browns, and whites also told of her collie ancestry. She looked up at him affectionately and he rubbed under her chin.

It was his love for Stardancer, and his attraction to all animals that brought him, or rather drove him, to the gate. Running from a world that could not accept even love among its own kind, much less between two different species. He had scrimped and saved for the outrageous price of a trip through the gate, a chance at a world away from humans and their attempts to force their 'moral' codes onto him, unwilling to understand or believe his love. In the pack that each member of his group carried was all the equipment necessary to set up a new life, including seeds for food. The pack was huge, with small suspensor units in the bottom to make it cartable. All this was backed by an extensive survival training course given to each person going through the gate. He had found a suitable stud for Stardancer, and the vet confirmed that she was pregnant, in a few months he would have a nice little house built, and Stardancer and her pups to keep him company. It was a dream that had kept him working and saving.

KC - The Fantasy Begins

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As I awake, I crawl from my bed half asleep and stumble toward the window. I notice the sun shining and what looks to be the beginning of a beautiful Saturday.

I have no plans for the day and love to go with the flow of where the day will take me. I head for the shower and as I get the water ready, I can feel my body aching for some loving. It's been two weeks since my last encounter with anyone, and I know that perhaps later that day I will go online to see whom I can seek out. I have several playmates that are within the vicinity that are always up for some fun. I wash my body carefully and shave my legs, armpits and last my pussy. Feeling the razor glide over my puffy pussy lips deepens the ache deep within me. I put down the razor and with the water beading over my skin I lean back against the shower wall and gently rub my clit. With the first touch my pussy throbs. I moan softly as I start to rub my clit faster, feeling the warmth of the water as it slides over my skin. I close my eyes and let the feeling of lust envelope me, my thoughts heading into forbidden areas.

I imagine myself walking through a park in the early morning hours when the sun is just starting to peek over the horizon. Heading down a long, lonely path that is engulfed with trees. I wear a long skirt as is my wont. The softness of the fabric touches my legs and the soft blouse that compliments the skirt flowing softly in the breeze. I lift my face to the sky letting the sun warm my skin as it peeks through the trees. I know it's a bit dangerous to be alone in this stretch of woods, but I can not help myself. Being raised on a farm I've always enjoyed the woods. Hearing the sounds of mother nature as the squirrels scampered among the trees, or along the ground looking for their next meal. My mind was filled with the wonder of nature. Unknowingly I have been watched entering the lonely path and tempting those who I would next encounter.

Vanessa Loves Horses

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Vanessa was a stunning brunette of 28 with long hair (to her waist) and brilliant green eyes that flashed fire if I went beyond what she was prepared for. I always took that look as a signal to back off and build her up a little more before going ahead with whatever it was I wanted her to do. Her body can only be described as "perfect". She tended to think of her shape as "too hippy", but it seemed just right to me. At five feet, one, and 105 pounds,she was certainly petite and her 34- 22-35 figure made her look like a miniature centerfold. In fact, she often got modeling proposals from local agencies and photographers and took a few jobs modeling sports clothes and swimsuits. I always got a big kick out of seeing her in an ad or catalog when I didn't expect it. Her breasts were full without being too big for her small body and her vagina was as tight as it could be and still allow entry, at least when I first met her.

Our story starts with Vanessa's obsession with sex and animals. Ever since she had sex with her dog Red, and me, she has been obsessed with animal sex. To satisfy my little fire ball, I finally managed to locate a man who ran a small farm (alone) and convince him to rent me his barnyard for some "research" while he was out tending his fields. He went out to work the fields at about seven in the morning, returned to the house for lunch from noon until one (precisely) and went back to the fields until six. I took the "real" Vanessa there one afternoon for a picnic and she explored the possibili- ties with a ram, a goat and a huge (in more ways than one) Labrador Retriever. By this time, she had, had sex in every way imaginable with the animals while I taped everything for her growing collection. She told me about how different each animal's cum tasted and felt and how hard the ram felt in her ass when he pushed all the way in.

A Dogs Life With Trish

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My name is Pip I am a seven year old Alsatian/Collie dog. My owner is a 30 year old girl called Trish. She has beautiful long blonde hair and long shapely legs and a figure that by the way men look at her must be great as well, I have been with her since I was three months old, I love her very much and would never hurt her. We live in a rough neighbourhood and on a couple of occasions I have to get nasty with a couple of men to stop Trish getting hurt.

Most people treat dogs as dumb animals, but we understand everything you say, we are also very good at understanding peoples moods, and I can tell when Trish is feeling sick, upset or when she is happy.

My favourite time is when Trish gets my lead out and takes me for a walk. Trish takes me in the local park where she lets me off the lead to have a run. Tonight when this happened I smelt in the air that lovely smell of a bitch in heat. I followed my nose and sure enough there was a beautiful collie, I ran up to greet her, we met and I gave her a lick on the nose, she was responsive to this and licked me back.

I ran round her sniffing as I went, when I got near her tail that lovely smell was at its strongest, putting my nose to her pussy I smelt her arousal, it was a gorgeous aroma, and my cock twitched with desire. I reached out with my tongue and licked the collie's cunt. She didn't move so I carried on licking, pushing my long tongue all the way in so I could taste this lovely juice that was coming out of her hole. My cock had come out of my sheath about three inches due to my arousal.


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After a hard day at the office, Cherine wasn't in the mood for her usual "gentlemen callers" tonight. She hoped that she could simply go home, take a nice hot bubble-bath, and wane her vice- presidential tensions at a gourmet home-delivered meal. But tonight there was a slight detour from the normal state of affairs. Her friend had called late in the day, pleading with Cherine to take her beloved "puppy" in for the night, because she had an out-of town emergency, and was worried about her "Cappie" being all alone. "Oh well", Cherine mused. What trouble could a small puppy cause?

Cherine arrived at her house with some expectation of what was inside waiting to greet her - probably a perky little dachshund or terrier of some sort. Upon opening the door, she was met with a bit of shocking evidence that "Cappie" wasn't all that little nor even close to a "puppy." Quietly lying on the floor of her living room rug, was a basic, full-grown Great Dane of about seventy-or-so pounds. She closed the door and went over to make friends with the new roommate for the evening. The big canine just rolled over and allowed Cherine to pat his tummy. Obviously, though of great size, this beast was going to be pretty easy to charm. She noticed a tag on his collar that was stamped "El Kapitan." Hmmph! "Cappie indeed, Cherine thought. Nonetheless, this night would be no problem. At least that's what she thought.