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My Rotty Encounter

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I am a 30-year-old male who has was always into bestiality even though I'd never done it.

I like to drive around at night looking for places to chill and relax. One night while I was driving I park at a repair shop to relax a while I heard barking come from somewhere in the distance. I continued to relax there for a while after about a hours rest I had gotten tired of this dogs barking.

I drove in the direction of the dog's bark, down a dirt path that lead to a small grayish building. I drove around it but I couldn't see the back where the dog was barking.

Finally I drove around back and left my headlights as I got out of my car. I slowly went over to the barking dog and when I got within petting distance I slowly put my hand to it. The dog realized I was not going to hurt it, then I moved up next to this big dog (I am only 5'3) the dog probably weighed more than me.

I got down on my knees and started to rub the dog's belly and I found that he was an unfixed male. I quickly thought to myself, 'Wow is this the chance I had been waiting for?'

I return to my car to get my clothes undone when he tried to grab me but had gotten my jacket sleeve he finally let go though I did get a little jumpy I still went to my car to get undone.

I was finally undressed I was a little cold but with all my excitement I barely noticed. I took a little Vaseline and smeared it on my rectum hoping it would become a male dog's pussy tonight. I slowly walked up to him hoping he did not attack me or anything. I then walked up to the spot where my car headlights shined the most. I got on my knees and started to rub his belly.

A Lesson in Humility

zoophilia bestiality domination


She entered the room and threw her briefcase and keys to the bar removing her shoes. As she stretched her body taut in an effort to release the tensions of the day. Her fingers rose to the golden clip that bound her silky chestnut curls, when suddenly she was startled by a hauntingly familiar voice.

"Did you have a good day my slave?"

Her heart seemed to stop as his voice sent hot waves of pleasure running through her. It was her master's voice. She closed her eyes... drinking in the safeness his voice brought to her soul. When next she opened her eyes... he stood before her... his presence a thick wall around her ... a solid fortress replacing the walls she'd built around herself with his own. She craved his touch... the need to feel it upon her near to overwhelming. Slowly his arms rose and he cradled her face in his strong hands looking deeply into his slave's eyes... as if searching her soul. She closed her eyes again... anticipating his kiss... his hot breath caressing her skin... enticing a moan from her full red lips... when suddenly he drew her head back with a jerk as his husky voice broke into her illicit thoughts.

"It is a shame..." he said harshly. "When one forgets... then one must be punished. Her belly tightened with fear and suddenly she remembered what she had forgotten. Her instructions. She'd been so happy to see him... it had been so long... that they'd completely slipped her mind. He tilted her chin upwards with a single finger... causing her soft hazel eyes to meet his hard blue ones.

Trish's Story. Part 2

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After Pip my Alsatian Collie cross had fucked me. I was in a very difficult position; in my mind l knew what had happened was wrong. But also I knew that I had never cum so much in my life as l had when Pip was fucking me. I called my friend Jacky and asked her to come round. She said that she was busy at the moment, but would come round later. I asked her to come for tea. She agreed, and as she wasn't doing anything could she stay the night. Of course I agreed.

I got changed and drove into town, whilst shopping I kept thinking that every time anyone looked at me, that they new my secret. Daft isn't it, the only one that new was Pip, and he wasn't going to tell anyone was he.

I also felt very guilty, I had finished with Paul because of some photo's he had of women having sex with dogs. And then I went and did what I had called him a pervert for. And he was just looking at some photos.

I knew I owed Paul an apology, but I wasn't ready to see him as I would have to explain why I had changed my mind. And at the moment that would have been too awkward.

So as normal when I have something on my mind I do some shopping, spending money always seems to give me a clear mind to think.

I arrived home at 4-30, went in the kitchen and prepared a meal for Jacky and me. Pip came into the kitchen, but he just came up to me for me to stroke his head. I don't know what l expected, I maybe thought he would put his nose to my pussy, after what happened last night.

Time To Tell My Story

zoophilia bestiality reluctance 1st


Well, its been a long time. I figure its finally time to tell my stories once again. I'm in my twenties, I graduated from college with a degree in veterinary science. I live on a ranch in the foothills above my town and run an animal rescue shelter. It's sad how many animals need homes around here.

My stories began because of the love I have for my animals, and the love they have for me. You might say it's not a traditional owner/pet relationship, but, I'm not their owner, I'm their friend, and they are my friends. Its a very mutual relationship.

I'm a very sexual person. I'm very open to new things and very open about my sexuality, if someone asks. I have sex with animals. I do not force them or take advantage of them, in fact, most of the time it's been the other way around. After the first time I was taken by my dog, Charlie, I experienced shame and guilt, and I was disgusted with myself for actually liking it. But I grew, and I learned that just because its not an act that is accepted by our society today, that is no reason to hate yourself for liking it. Let me tell you a bit about my first time, so maybe you will understand.

I had just moved into the ranch. My dog Charlie was the only animal I owned... the rest of the animals at the ranch were already there since the rescue had been run from this location for some time now.

Charlie is a wonderful dog. Loyal, playful... he'd just turned a year old and he'd sure been a horny little thing. He's a chocolate lab, a BIG chocolate lab, even for a puppy. He'd been humping everything, and I had to constantly tell him no... I felt so bad, I mean I know how it is just needing some release and no one to help you out with it. But he was still an animal. I didn't want to fix him because I needed a good guard dog, a good dominant dog that wasn't afraid of anything, well, anything except me.

A Case Of Puppy Love

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When David and I moved from the city to far out in the country, his fears of me being alone on those nights he had to work late, or the times he had to travel began to make him feel uneasy about our decision to move. He tried to get me to agree to a purchase of a gun, and for me to take shooting lessons, but that was entirely out of the question. Still his fears lingered and he did convince me to allow him to get a dog for my protection.

The first place we checked out was the animal shelter. I figured if we were going to get a dog, why not save one from being put to sleep. David was quick to check out the very large vicious looking breeds, while I was more into the smaller loving looking kind. When I spotted a small cuddly bundle of fur, my heart opened and that little thing crawled right in. I knew she wasn't all that big, but maybe she would learn to bark really mean and scare the boogey man away.

One look and David surprisingly agreed with my selection. Two things I didn't know when I picked her out was, first she was a he, and secondly he was Rottwiler that would grow to be large, quite large in fact.

My first decision concerning the dog was just what to name her, I mean him. Since I always loved the name Robby that name shot into my head. So for the next three days I constantly called our new addition by his new name until he finally realized just what I was getting at.