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Beth's Second Horse Experience

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Hello and welcome to the second installment of my story. To wrap up last time, it's fair to say that I had bruises down my ribs for 2 weeks from Milo's attention! Because I remain single in the relationship department, I have used my first experience as something of a fantasy on the lonely nights when I've masturbated.

I would also add that when my friend and her family returned, I decided to inform her that everything had been just fine. I chose not to tell them I had masturbated her huge stallion to orgasm before her daughters pony fucked me to orgasm in the doggy style and emptied his huge bollocks in my womb....

It is a long time since it all happened and I am now 26, sporting shoulder length, straight, blonde hair. I still attend the gym most evenings and have increased weight to 8 stone 8, but as my bra size has increased to 32EE; I think I know were the weight is.

I have to say that when I was sat at my desk at work and my friend approached me, I had to hide my blushes as she asked for my help again. My mind raced as I answered her, "of course I'd be happy to look after the boys again over the half term holidays". God, it was a full week of trying to control my urges!

So the week arrived and on the Monday I was sat at work having arranged to stop at the house in Ilkley from that evening. True to form I had been thinking of Milo and the Stallion the whole weekend and despite my best attempts, was in quite a state of arousal. Lunchtime came and I went out of the office to get a sandwich, attempting to calm down a little. I was literally buzzing with excitement as I walked into the centre of Leeds and as I passed a well known chemist chain I stopped and walked in.

In the Valley

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The two lions walked listlessly through the evening; the sun had only recently set, and the air was still warm with humidity from a full day of the sun's attack against the savanna. They followed an unmarked trail, a male and female, both adults, the male in the lead. His broad muscles rippled beneath his skin as he moved, as did hers.

The male's eyes scoured the valley's floor carefully as he stepped from the green hillside. His mane was well on its way to being full grown, and he flagged his tail behind him teasingly to the lanky female that followed. He had never been this close to a lioness in her season before, and by the way she had nuzzled his crotch and chin, it was obvious what she wanted.

Her scent was overwhelming. She was gorgeous: a long, broad tail...deep green eyes; and the scent of her heat made him want to mount her right then and there. She came close and began to sniff at his shoulder and groom him. Gods, that smell was crazy, like pure need given form between her taught legs.

His paws went to her sides, and he began to lick at her muzzle caringly. She purred in compliance and ducked her head down to his stomach in her grooming. Her lips played along his side until she came to his massive, feline shaft, hanging like a red rod down from between his two dangling balls. Her muzzle pressed up against his crotch and she started to lick his cock. Her rough tongue sent shivers of pleasure through his body, and he struggled to maintain balance.

Goldie and the Bears

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Not many people know about it, but there's actually an area in our western states that's mainly devoted to parkland. Not because of it's desirability as parkland, but due to the rather strange inhabitants. It was discovered during the late 40's that fallout from the Los Alamos A-Bomb test had, due to freak weather conditions, concentrated in this area and caused strange mutations among the animal life therein. The mutations being in the form of anthropomorphic wildlife, yes; intelligent animals that behave like humans.

Although most people don't realized it, there is evidence of these creatures out in public. What I'm speaking is everyone's favorite fire safety bear; Smokey. Although only portrayed in drawings, Smokey actually exists.

But we're not here to discuss Smokey. The purpose of this narrative is to examine the curious case of a young college student named Goldie, and her adventures with some of the inhabitants of this mysterious area. But first a little background.

Not much is known about what actually goes on in this area, what little information had been obtained seems to suggest that these intelligent animals have progressed greatly in so short a time, easily adapting to modern technology. Communities have developed and each species seems to be better able to coexist with other species than their human counterparts.

The specific focus of this is a small community of bears. The bears seem to have progressed well socially, even deeming it only proper to wear clothing, but not technologically. The principal actors from this community is a family appropriately name Bear. The head of household is (oddly enough a cousin of Smokey) named Buzz Bear. Buzz is not as nearly successful as his famous relative ( in fact he's best described as a loud mouthed, slob), being some what of a "regular bear" Buzz was not very interested in any constructive activity, but in how much card playing and drinking he can get away with. Buzz is married to Ursula, a fine, upstanding, but very plain she-bear; who's matronly figure is quite well known around the community. A stranger pair never existed, but unfortunately she was the only wife Buzz could find. Their union is "blessed" with Buzz's namesake, a post puberty deliquent affectionately called Junior. The apple not falling far from the tree, Junior is as big a Jerk as his dad.

Caught by Rebel

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I am 25 years old blonde and I have been told by numerous boys that I have a good figure my tits are 36c and firm with big nipples that I like to pull and pinch until they are hard and stand out, I keep my pussy shaved as it feels more sensual when being touched when there is no hair to get in the way.

I live alone now as I threw out my live in boyfriend because I caught him in bed with my "I thought" best friend. The only company I now have is Rebel my 3 year old black Great Dane. It sounds daft but I talk to him like he is human, telling him all my troubles and problems, and the funny thing is he seems to understand and just sits there listening looking at me with his big dark eyes.

The night I am going to tell you about changed my way of looking at things and the way I think.

I got home as normal at 5:30 and before I took my coat off got Rebel and took him for a walk in the local park, if I was on my own I wouldn't do this, but I felt perfectly safe when I was with Rebel because he was very protective towards me.

When I got home I fed Rebel got out a microwave meal and put it in the microwave to heat up, whilst it was cooking I went and got a quick shower, when I was soaping myself I rubbed the soap into my tits and nipples loving the sensual feeling it gave me. I slid my hands down my stomach and parting my legs gave my pussy a good soaping paying special attention to my clit. I put a finger up into my pussy and started to finger myself.

New Bitch

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Sarah was a quiet, uneventful girl with a quiet, uneventful life until one night her life changed dramatically and irrevocably.

She had always liked dogs, but had never thought of them as anything more than pets, never anything else, that is why the events that occurred changed here life so dramatically. She was driving home from work and she was passing through the derelict area of town when the car started to make very nasty terminal sounds.

"Oh no, what's wrong?" she thought to herself as the now useless car ground to a halt at the side of the road, she stepped from the car opened the bonnet and pretended to know something about the smoking, steaming mess that she saw.

"Oh well, time to phone the Automobile Association" she murmured to herself clambering over the front seat to retrieve her mobile phone. She dialed the number, the phone died, Low battery the phone beeped at here.

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed. "What am I going to do now?"

She locked up the car, smoothed down her ruffled skirt and began to walk to the nearest Payphone

She had been walking for about five minutes when it started to rain, not heavy rain but drizzle that gets you very wet very quickly, within two minutes she was soaked to the skin, her white blouse plastered against her skin, and her hair plastered to her head.

"I need to find some shelter" she thought and began to run into the nearest building she could find an old warehouse with broken windows and holes in the roof.