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In the Valley

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The two lions walked listlessly through the evening; the sun had only recently set, and the air was still warm with humidity from a full day of the sun's attack against the savanna. They followed an unmarked trail, a male and female, both adults, the male in the lead. His broad muscles rippled beneath his skin as he moved, as did hers.

The male's eyes scoured the valley's floor carefully as he stepped from the green hillside. His mane was well on its way to being full grown, and he flagged his tail behind him teasingly to the lanky female that followed. He had never been this close to a lioness in her season before, and by the way she had nuzzled his crotch and chin, it was obvious what she wanted.

Her scent was overwhelming. She was gorgeous: a long, broad tail...deep green eyes; and the scent of her heat made him want to mount her right then and there. She came close and began to sniff at his shoulder and groom him. Gods, that smell was crazy, like pure need given form between her taught legs.

His paws went to her sides, and he began to lick at her muzzle caringly. She purred in compliance and ducked her head down to his stomach in her grooming. Her lips played along his side until she came to his massive, feline shaft, hanging like a red rod down from between his two dangling balls. Her muzzle pressed up against his crotch and she started to lick his cock. Her rough tongue sent shivers of pleasure through his body, and he struggled to maintain balance.

Animal Instincts

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Katherine checked the rearview mirror for a traffic cop as she sped up to beat the red light. Running late, as usual, with a showing 15 minutes and 5 miles away. At the edge of town she pushed the speedometer to 65 and crossed her fingers.

The man had called less than an hour ago and asked to see the large farmhouse listing. Normally Katherine would have had to schedule him a showing for the next day, but the owners were gone for a few days, with just a neighbor coming in feed the dog.

Pulling into the lane, Katherine was relieved that she had beaten her client there. Moses, the family's farm dog, came trotting out from the side of the house when he heard her car. The largest canine Katherine had ever seen, the big friendly dog regularly tagged along as she escorted buyers through the barns. Katherine barely had time to greet the shaggy monster when she heard a car coming down the lane.

Short and sweet. The buyers weren't interested, and were soon on their way, leaving Katherine to go through the house turning off lights and checking that doors were locked. It was late, nearly dark, and Katherine was tired. Having no place else she had to be, she found herself moving slowly through the house and pausing to look out the window. Moses was sitting waiting for her, anxious for some company with his family away. Katherine had caught herself looking at the beast the several times she had visited this house. She knew he was a male only because the owners had told her. His long curly hair and big tail had obscurred any evidence of his sex. Katherine watched him wiggle in excitement when he saw her, and deciding she had lost her mind completely, she opened the door and invited him in.


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Martin and Laura had, quite by accident, discovered a website whose subject was humans having sex with animals. They had downloaded several video files, and spent countless hours in front of the computer watching women being mounted by their dogs. This had fueled several torrid lovemaking sessions, as they both fantasied about the possibility of Laura having sex with an animal.

While Laura admitted that she mainly fantasized about having sex with a pony or donkey, the thought of being taken by a dog excited her as well. As they had no horses, ponies, or donkeys, she began to think about sex with their own dog, Woody.

Woody was Martin and Laura's 2-year-old Black Labrador Retriever. They had inherited Woody from a friend who was moving out of state, and just couldn't keep him. They had always liked Woody. Martin often played with the Lab on many of their visits. He was loveable, playful, and very friendly with new people. The couple had gladly accepted him into their home.

Martin looked over at Laura as they reclined on their bed. His hand was slowly petting her pussy as she lay back, eyes closed. His middle finger traced slowly up and down her engorged clitoris, occasionally slipping down and dipping into her drenched pussy.

Laura's head reeled at the feeling. She was also digesting the question Martin had just posed to her. Was she ready to try it? She thought about it, fantasizing about it as she did. Did she really want to feel Woody bury his cock inside her? Did she really want him to slip his knot deep inside her?

Ghost - Dog of the North

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My dad was a New Zealander, proud and tough, my mother was a NA Inuit - I guess that's why I have hybrid vigor, and the strength and stamina it takes to survive in this land... My long dark hair offset my pretty features and athletic figure, as I gazed at myself in the mirror - a pretty but petite young girl of 19 years I really had little time for anything else but survival, and most men I had met had not really interested me yet. It was a very cold morning - the water bucket against the wall of my room in our humble cabin had a thin skin of ice - "allapa" it was cold! I readied my gear for a trip out to check my "subsistence trapping" lines and see if I could bag an elk or a moose - the frozen meat I brought back would keep us going for a month or more. My dad, a good bush pilot, was gone most of the time but my parents trusted my survival skills and did not really worry when I was out on a hunt alone for weeks at a time.

Dad said, "Fawn, I have a dog for you, he's an Inuit dog and knows how to take care of himself."

"I don't really need one," I replied, "I work faster alone."

"I know," he said, "but the bears are worse now than ever, the climate is getting warmer and the Polar and Grizzly bears are moving south."

"OK, I'll have a look at him outside," I replied. Stepping out the door into the cold dry air towards my pack sled I gasped to catch a breath - then I saw him standing against a snow bank. "He's to nice looking for a native dog," I thought, "most of them are black and ugly looking." One third wolf, I suspected, he was white and black with pale gray-blue eyes - and he stared right through me. Due to the loveless code of the north, these dogs are not treated as pets, or even given names, they sleep outside on the ice and eat frozen seal meat or unborn baby seals - if they are lucky enough to get them.

Taking My Girlfriend's Virginity

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I met my girlfriend about three years ago, but we have been dating for only about two months now. She is 22 years old, two years older then myself, and has a very curvy body. Some guys would say she's chubby, but she has an ass and tits to die for. Her name is Jen, and she is a virgin.

As I said, we've been dating for two months, and the furthest we've gone was her jerking me off and me sucking and playing with her magnificent tits. I sensed that she was still not ready to go all the way, so I decided to be patient, because I care about her.

One night, when we were at her apartment making out on the couch, she started raise her top trying to give me free access to her tits, which was nothing new to me. I was surprised however, when she did not try to push my hand away when I put it under her skirt. I was rubbing her inner thighs and playing with her pussy through her panties, not believing what was happening. I knew I wanted to go further, and started to pull her panties down, which were very wet.

Within seconds, I was naked and she only had her skirt on, which was pulled up as I was stroking her pussy and sucking her tits and she was jerking me off. I wanted to get on top of her and make love to her then, but I did not want to scare her or make her uncomfortable. I heard her dog Jako walk by a few times, but I didn't care, since I was busy with stroking her pussy. Jako is a 2 year old male Golden Lab.