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David and Goliath

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I waited quietly on the bed, my nervousness evident by the irregularity of my breathing. I tried to peek beneath the blindfold covering my eyes, but all I could see were two small slivers of light and my own cheekbones.

The door groaned as David swung it open and then pushed it closed again. I heard a dog's rapid panting and surmised that David had let his Doberman, Goliath, into the room. Goliath was a beautiful dog with an almost all-black coat, shiny and smooth. He had tan patches on his muzzle and around his eyes, and his underbelly was tan with a small hint of white. He was a large dog, weighing almost 110 pounds, but unlike the biblical Goliath, he was a gentle giant.

It was unusual for Goliath to be present during our sex. David often enjoyed spanking me with his hand or sometimes a leather strap, and on the one occasion when Goliath was present, it was obvious that this confused him. Goliath had known me for a long time and was protective toward me, and he had whined as David's hand descended on my bare bottom. Out of concern for Goliath's feelings and David's lack of appreciation for a duet of Goliath's whimpers and my moans, Goliath was banned from the bedroom during sex.

I remained silent, biting down on my tongue to keep the obvious question from escaping. "Spread your legs, Christy," David instructed. I was sitting on the corner of the bed, my legs dangling over the edge. I spread them wide, displaying my shorn pink pussy with the gold labial rings. "Now be still, no matter what happens. Do you understand?" I nodded. "Just relax and enjoy yourself."

My 20th Birthday

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My husband/master, Pete, has 2 Chesapeakes, Germanicus and Tiberius. The first time that he let them fuck me was 3 and half years ago on my 20th birthday. I had been acting bitchy all morning because I wanted him to take me out that night, but Pete had just gotten back from 3 weeks on the road the night before and wanted to relax for a couple of days. Pete doesn't put up with me at all when I get like that. Before I even knew what was happening, he had pulled me out of the house, and I found myself naked, on my knees and forearms, in the back yard. With a 2 foot chain attached to my new dog collar, (actually it was just new to me...it was one of the dogs' old ones that he found in the barn), and the other end locked to a steel stake, I couldn't even sit up, let alone stand.

Then he called up his brother Tony, their cousins, Steve and Jed, and 4 of their friends; Corky (who owns The Bucket, this bar where they all like to hang), Dan, Byron, and Dennis. And of course Corky had to bring along all the guys that were in the bar at the time, so he could close it down for a couple of hours. In all, there were 16 guys there.

They spent most of the afternoon playing cards and drinking beer on the back porch. Whenever they would feel like it, one or more of them would cum out to the oak tree where I was, pull the handle of my paddle out of my pussy, (or ass, it depended on where the last guy had left it), give me a few birthday spanks, and fuck me.

Angie's First

zoophilia bestiality hetero sex


To start this story off I am going to tell you about myself first. I am 35 years old and have a good physical body as I do heavy construction. I weigh about 220 pounds with very large arms and a broad chest, blonde wavy hair and most times I have a smile.

I live in a trailer because I move about from city to city and sometimes it is hard to find lodging. I also have a male rottweiler dog that weighed 90 lb. the last time I had him to the Vet for his shots. His name was Rotty and I had gotten him out of a dog pound because my trailer had been broken into and I lost a lot of things.

I had just moved here and found a place where I could park my trailer and after getting everything in place I went to a bar a few blocks way for a beer.

The bar was crowded but I found a place at the end of the bar where I could stand and watch the people drinkng. I drank the first beer rather quickly and ordered another and then saw a woman come in who looked out of place in here as she was dressed in a ladies buisiness suit with a bright red blouse. I noticed the bartender handed her a drink that she never ordered and saw her thank him with a big smile.

The bar seemed to empty quickly as most were going home for supper. I saw the lady setting by herself at a table in the rear and I needed to go to the biffey which was near her table. I went and got my radiator drained and as I passed her table I stopped and ask her if she wanted some company or if she just wanted to be alone.

Quiet Night In

zoophilia bestiality couple


The wife and myself where spending a quiet night in, Lynn went and had a shower, when she came down she was wearing a black mini skirt and a loose fitting blouse Lynn said that she would get us a drink whilst l went and got a shower, she also said that Tom a friend of ours had dropped off some blue DVDs and she would pick one whilst I was upstairs.

I quickly went for a shower knowing that if Lynn was going to watch a blue movie I was in for a good night, after my shower I put on some boxers a pair of jeans and polo shirt and went downstairs.

When I went into the room Lynn said that I had better take Rebel our Alsatian for a quick walk before we settled down, because I might not have the energy later when she had finished with me, so of course I took Rebel for a walk wondering what she had planned, when I got back Rebel went to his bed in the lounge and relaxed its a good life been a dog.

Lynn sat on the sofa and said that she had picked a DVD so if I would turn the lights down a bit we would start, she said that she had no idea what was on the DVD as none of them had labels on, she hit play and we sat back to watch what came on, the film started with a good looking young woman walking down the beach with a Alsatian dog, I said what the hell is this? laughing Lynn said shut up and get us both another drink watch the film and lets see what happens, so been the good husband I got us another drink.

Tempting Amanda

zoophilia bestiality monster sex fantasy


There was something in the room with me.

I couldn't see it, but somehow, in a way I can't explain, I could feel it. Could sense its intelligence, its age. Its hunger.

Hunger for me.

I should have been terrified, but I wasn't. A little frightened, yes, a tingling sort of fear that danced along my nerves. But even as I quivered, my nipples hardened. There was something so erotic about the presence, about the way I could feel it looking at me as I lay in the tangled sheets of my bed. I knew, knew it was staring at my breasts through the lace of my cream teddy, at the dark shadow of my pussy between my spread legs.

I wanted to see it, see who it was, watch it watching me, so I tried to sit up - and found I couldn't. My body wouldn't respond at all, just lay frozen on the cool sheets. I couldn't even lift my head. Growing frantic, I rolled my eyes toward the foot of the bed, sensing...

There. A shadowed triangular head with pointed ears and a long muzzle, rearing just over the foot of my bed. It pulled its lips back, and long teeth shone. The mattress gave with its weight as it leaped between my spread legs. And I saw what it was.

A wolf.

I tried to scream as its furry head lowered toward my belly, but I couldn't make a sound, couldn't move at all. Breath gusted against my crotch, a tongue swiping a single sampling lick. As I watched in helpless panic, the wolf hunkerd down and began to lick at the silk covering my cunt. Long, slow licks. Something gleamed at me - ice white wolf eyes watching me watch him, watching as if he knew my fear ... and enjoyed it.