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Leah Pays Her Debt. Part 3

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Leah shifted her weight from foot to foot as she stood before William. Leah's appearance had upset the casino owner and he was on the telephone chastising Vanessa vehemently regarding the condition of his property. Leah was a sight. The black paint was streaked and around her cunt and ass it was completely gone. Combined with the paint, Leah was covered in sperm that had dried to her body. Her shaved head was almost completely white from the cum that had been left to dry there. Leah's lips were swollen, cracked, and bruised from the abuse her mouth had suffered.

As she stood, Leah was unable to put her legs together due to the swelling of her labia. Both cunt lips were four times their normal size and her clit stuck out between them like a small penis. As Leah stood, legs parted, cum continued to drip from her cunt and asshole onto the floor just like a leaking faucet. Leah was barely able to stand, her head hung down, and she sobbed softly to herself as she awaited her release.

William slammed the phone down on the receiver and looked at his property. He yelled at Leah to put her legs together, but Leah did not move. William was disgusted at the mess Leah presented and referred to her as "Messygirl." He tried to think of his options. He had already sold the bitch to the three men and did not want to return the money. But he also knew this was not the property they had bought, and would not accept Leah in this shape. William picked up the telephone and made two calls.


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It had been six months since my female German Shepherd had passed on. I could hardly believe six months flew by - to be honest - I can only really remember the last month.

Betty, the Shepherd, had been my lover since her second heat. I never intended on becoming her lover - my god - a dog? That was disgusting!

Well, it started when as I said during her second heat. She was already slated to go to the vets to be spayed but her cycle kicked in the 2nd time before she went under for the operation. Finding out the hard way that she could not be fixed until her heat had passed, I decided to ride out the hormonal dance her body was going through.

Well, unlike the first time, this time around in heat I could swear she was hitting on me. I would look deep into her eyes and she would mine. Sometimes it would seem like she was flirting by moving her tail off to the side and just standing there. One time, I swear to you this is true, I think she stopped on purpose so I could run into her.

Well, it all came to a head one night when I was coming out of the shower after a long weekend days work in the garden and she just galloped over to me and stuck her nose in my crotch. The cold-wet nose made me jump.

I was about to say "no!" or "stop" when I felt he tongue on the tip of my penis. To my surprise, I got hard. She took her tongue and continued to bathe my dick in her saliva. Within moments of full erection, she was licking from base of shaft to tip of my cock head. I started to stroke her head as she performed. She went on for another few seconds and stopped. I was shocked, I had not come yet.

My Dog Takes a Lover

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Chris and I go way back. Hell we grew up together, shared our discoveries about sex with each other, jerked each other off, hell, once we even traded blowjobs just to see what one felt like. So yes, we were close. I've never known Chris to lie and so when he called asking to meet for a beer and a story, I took my digital voice recorder along. I'd learned long ago that if Chris had a story it'd be good enough to want to save.

Chris and I met up at a local watering hole with a very liberally applied happy hour and proceeded to soak up some suds. He and I caught up on current events then began to reminisce about the past. Finally Chris said,

"Did I ever tell you about Roni's kinky side?" (Roni was Chris's ex, divorced almost 30 years ago).

I reached into my pocket and casually took out the recorder, turned it on and placed it between us on the bar. Chris rolled his eyes and continued.

"You remember that mutt I had that loved to lick our butt-holes while we beat off right?"

I grinned and nodded remembering how that raspy tongue used to blow our loads like fire hoses; then the dog would lick up all the semen like it was his reward. It sure saved a lot of tissues.

"Well, about the third time I brought Roni up to my room for sex I didn't realize he was sleeping in the bottom of my closet on a pile of dirty clothes. Roni and I were hard at it. We'd gotten each other off orally first and I now had her on her hands and knees on the floor, pounding my cock into her from behind. She had her hips cocked back and I was riding her low in the saddle, my knees real wide to drop my cock so it would drag back and forth across her clit as we fucked. So she starts moaning and groaning and begging me to fuck her harder. I grabbed her hips and really started pounding into her pussy hard and fast.

Abby's K9 Lust

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To begin with, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a middle aged lady who has a strong sex drive. I am married and my husband gives me plenty of cock, but I still crave more. I am overweight and shy when it comes to finding a man. I have a rather large ass and love a hard cock.

My breasts are very large and I love to masturbate, a lots! I love to read the stories on the internet as I play with myself, sometimes letting my husband read the stories too. The stories I like best are the ones concerning K9s. I had fantasized so often about me taking a K9 but never tried it until recently. I knew my husband would never go for it as I kept it secret.

I was reading a story on Kristen Archives about a lady who was fucking a dog and as I read it, my hand was playing with my pussy as I rubbed it, not wearing any panties and my short dress up high. I was so wet as I fantasized about me being on my hands and knees as I took that doggie cock. My fat pussy was on fire as I rubbed my clit between my two fingers.

I glanced out my back door and saw a large, black lab in my backyard. I knew it was the next door neighbor's dog from the size of him. He was a big dog and usually stayed in their fenced in yard. He had gotten out some how and was in my yard. As I got up and went to the door, I felt my wet pussy stirring from the masturbating I had been doing.

I called the dog over to me as he wagged his tail. I opened my door and coaxed him inside where I went to call the neighbor to tell them he was loose. The phone rang and the answering machine picked up as there was no answer and I left a message that I had him at my house.

Alodie's Dog Revelation

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Alodie is just like any other 18 year old girl you might meet. Perhaps prettier than most, she had a pretty that's quickly developing into sexiness as she develops. Her small nose, bright skin, and raven black hair made the boys her age really want into her pants. Not that she would let them though. Having been on a few dates, she was rather repulsed by the total immaturity of the boys. Her C-cup breasts were almost always being stared at by the boys, who were awful at hiding their watchful gaze.

Above all else, she loved her dog. When they got him, they named him Dan. He's the largest Doberman she's ever seen, though Alodie's sure there are larger ones out there. Alodie has had sexual drive for years. She first started masturbating at 9, and had her first orgasm as 11. Sadly, she accidentally lost her virginity the day she tried using a dildo she found under her mom's bed. It hurt like anything she'd ever felt before, but that soon turned to pleasure as she could now use her vagina without further guilt.

Two weeks ago, her dog walked in while she was masturbating with her hand. He had been around while she masturbated herself to orgasm many times before, so she was used to his presence, and was not bothered by it. That day had been a little different, though. She was half way to orgasm when suddenly she felt his wet tongue on her nether-lips. In three laps he made her orgasm. Never before had she thought about a dog sexually, but now she couldn't get it off her mind.